Stockholm, Copenhagen, Amsterdam

Besides London, Mallorca, France, Spain and Italy ( always Italy!), we have four families traveling to Stockholm, Copenhagen and Amsterdam. Experience a Nordic world of fjords, castles, glaciers, and the legacy of the Vikings.  Enjoy the rides at Tivoli Gardens, discover the capitals of Copenhagen, Stockholm, and Amsterdam. View the Danish Crown Jewels, royal Viking ships, the warship Vasa, rescued after more than 300 years on the bottom of Stockholm harbor and well-preserved medieval ports. Western Europe’s most prosperous, pristine and progressive corner, many options for historic castles including Kalmar Castle, and Copenhagen’s fun-loving pedestrian center, biking and kayaking, innovative shopping and gourmet dining.

Generally, we aim to balance city and country life as we explore three important cities, it is  important not to move around too much when choosing three cities, so balance is critical, and at the same time provide an adventure without exhausting the family.

Three locations in 2 weeks translates approx 3-5 days in each city. Stockholm (city and archipelago), then Copenhagen (mostly country near the Fredriksborg castle & the Hamlet castle), and Amsterdam, city.

Starting at the top of the globe, arrive Stockholm in Northern Europe, then travel further  south to Copenhagen and then move south towards Amsterdam. Depart Amsterdam to home.

Stockholm will give teens that balance of cool city and country life but the country life part will be set in the Archipelago, very true to Swedish summers, being in the archipelago near to water and nature, they can learn about the relationship between the two countries of Sweden and Denmark.

Stockholm Hotel and a Glamping Option.

City Hotel Grand Hotel and an Archipelago Hotel *Extra option* Island luxury camp style hotel – (This is very unique place in the middle of the Stockholm archipelago you arrive here by boat and stay in luxury tents, with Mille Notte linen and outdoor showers  – 1 night stay would do fine if the family/teens want to ‘camp’ out for some adventure, could be fun, the website does not look like much but it is a very humble style site and hotel).

A combination of city and island life. Here we can organize culture and cool in the city with biking activity and rafting. Stockholm is where innovation is key, the start of many great companies such as Ikea, H&M, Spotify, Skype, many of the world’s music producers and song writers come from Sweden too.  Then in the archipelago, it is a more humble, sailing environment, small town built on an island, hiking and nature can be the focus here.

Copenhagen Hotels Country (here you would be close to the castles which are perfect cycling spots and roads to ride on) Falsled Kro

City – The D’Angleterre

Activity Options – Copenhagen.  Here you will get more of the countryside living among castles type of environment near the water, biking and walking is key and the best place to bike in the world is actually Copenhagen.

A cooking class on how to make smörrebröd could be fun, takes a few hours and the pace is fast. There is time for relaxation and leisure.

Amsterdam Hotels (city only)
Hotel L’Europe Overlooking the River Amstel, Hotel de l’Europe blends classic design—the building dates from 1896—with contemporary amenities in its 111 guestrooms and 42 suites. The recently opened Dutch Masters wing features replicas of paintings found in the Rijksmuseum.

Activity Options – Amsterdam. Lots of things to see in Amsterdam – hours of cool shopping, art museums: Van Gogh and Rijks museum, antiques, the Red Light district, the Anne Frank Museum, biking is very common here, the city life is more rife and alive here.

Stockholm Hotel: The Grand Hotel which includes a gorgeous Nordic Spa (included in rate) – located nicely in the middle of the city overlooking the Royal Palace.

Activity Options – Stockholm (city/countryside/). Great thing about Stockholm, it is a blue and green city, surrounded by parks, water and beautiful islands with lots to do – day trips out to islands and the countryside. Teens will have bikes for their entire stay at the hotels, take it with wherever you may go and whatever transport we may use. If the idea is of interest, we could ask a local Swedish family to host a Swedish Midsummer celebration at their humble summer house where you would be able to join them at their home, making flower garlands and eating local Swedish food over midsummer. You can also go berry or mushroom picking together on an island.

Will mix in nature, sports, fun, activity and culture keeping the whole family in mind with a fun/ relaxed balance. Kayaking or paddle boarding in the lake Mälaren or in the beautiful canals of the Royal island of Djurgården. Create a map of Djurgården and meet up with parents somewhere on the island either for a luxury picnic or lunch in a park. A boat trip into the archipelago for island hopping exploring islands, hiking or little quaint towns for shopping. Kite surfing? We know the place on a small island!  The island of Vaxholm has a fortress which is  interesting, great for exploring by bike or just having lunch.  Shopping in the Bohemian style area SOFO for vintage shopping, cool music stores and cafes, where Greta Garbo lived. The old Town is  lovely and a must, for so many reasons, historical perfect in the day & evenings – some say a little haunted as well. Would be fun doing a ghost walk in the Old Town in the evening – teeny cliché perhaps, but fun. The Royal island of Djurgården – is a great spot for both kayaking and cycling it is the perfect spot for these activities as it is so peaceful with many great paths here; there are lovely cafes and restaurants The Rosendahl’s Garden near the Rosendal Castle is a perfect spot for cycling to for teens and the parents can meet the teens there for lunch. It is an open greenhouse and garden with the freshest of produce and flowers, here you can have lunch or coffees and cakes. On the island of Djurgården there is a theme park called Gröna Lund where there are lots of other teenagers as well, it is very close to the Abba Museum and some other lovely restaurants.

If anyone is into photography, there is a museum dedicated to just photography – Fotografiska Museum.

Day trips to beautiful Swedish palaces around the lake Mälaren for a culture experience and have your bikes ready or kayaks nearby at the same spots while the parents explore further and the teens can adventure on.

An underground art tour, the underground system is great in Sweden and we have had some amazing artists paint the walls of the underground – great photo ops.

Adventurous & different options?  Then perhaps a rooftop tour, you will get harnessed up and taken on a climbing tour on top of a building where you get to learn a bit about Stockholm from above and see all the other rooftops over the city, a different view while the parents can come along or wait for the kids at the café down by the water, watching the stunning views & explore the rest of Riddarholmen island.

Will look into some any summer musical concerts outdoors.

The Vasa Museum is quite amazing to visit and has a great but tragic story about the magnificent ship, I could look into a ‘behind the scenes’ experience where you can touch the remaining findings that were found on the ship in the 1600’s – this is in a special vault under the museum and everyone would need gloves before entering.

Beautiful museums abound in locations where there are great paths for riding bikes etc.
Private guides for all tours + bike guide to start the teens off with their bearings & knowledge.

Sunbathing on the feather islands. Take a boat out to the feather islands a quaint little island with small cafés and bathing spots.

I recommend a sail into the archipelago on a private boat and perhaps a stay for the night out if you like. A Swedish barbecue either on an island called Grinda, where you can cycle as well as just relax, kayak, swim and sauna if you wish.

Interested in novels and films like the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, we can do an exclusive tour, where this movie was written, filmed and inspired by in the book and the movie.

So much – pace yourself or add a few extra days and see it all!



Stockholm in 48 Hours…

What do you do if  your business trip includes a weekend in Stockholm?  We recently designed an authentic experience in Stockholm for a client in just such a predicament. This beautiful city is on the Baltic at the mouth of Lake Malaren, built on 14 islands connected by bridges. On sunny summer days, locals revel in the long days of sunlight, over 12 hours of sunshine! Fall doesn’t quite allow as much time in the sun; in fact, it is downright chilly in October!

Stockholm is a great city to walk while learning the history with our private guide; begin by walking past the Synagogue and learn about it’s significance to history of Stockholm, head towards the Royal Palace to ‘Gamla Stan’ the Old Town, where it all began.

Let us take you on a Journey, starting in the cosmopolitan city center and exploring Stockholm’s magical archipelago which comprises approximately 35,000 islands. With over 10,000 residents, many restaurants, cafés, 50,000 holiday homes, island life is a natural part of Swedish life. Begin with a stroll around the beautiful neighborhoods of Stockholm, stopping for a private art tour and tasting at Absolut. Continue onward to the magnificent Vasa Museum with your guide for a private visit to this historic location.

Continue exploring upwards towards the bohemian SoFo area of the city called Södermalm, where many of the cool creative Stockholmers live; peek into the charming shops and stop for the habitual coffee break: officially fika.

Meander to the point in the city to view Stockholm City Hall, the home of the banquet for the annual Nobel Prize. Explore the streets of Södermalm that inspired Stieg Larsson’s Millennium books such as “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”.

One may think that it is too cold to explore the Swedish Archipelago in autumn; naturally, one might agree, especially when temperatures reach around 8°C. It is most certainly possible and not to be missed. The fall foliage colors in Sweden & Scandinavia are beautiful enough to add to your ‘must see’ list!

Move onward to the harbor and board the luxurious M/Y Rozzo. Meet your Captain and crew, head off to the islands. Your very knowledgeable guide will share the history and culture of Swedish life. You will also learn about the relationship and respect Swedes enjoy with nature and the city.

The yacht will sail into the guest harbor of the island of Grinda where you will grab your baskets and hike through the enchanting forests on the hunt for camouflaged wild berries and mushrooms. The Swedish people enjoy access to all lands under the rule of “Allemansrätten”, which allows the general public to have access to private and publicly owned land for recreation and exercise: The Right to Roam.

Trek back down to your motor yacht, and get ready for a chilling dip or two in the Baltic Sea! A private heated sauna housed on the water in gorgeous tranquil surroundings awaits you. Enjoy the lounge section with some gourmet sauna treats such as Swedish meats, olives and cheeses complimented with a good cold beer or mineral water. Heat up, open up those pores, get the blood flowing, then run outside and dive into the icy Baltic Sea! If you can’t pluck up the courage, your Swedish guide will be right behind you and may even take the first plunge, which will certainly get you going! The most exhilarating and refreshing experience set in a stunning pure environment. Nature at its best!

After the unforgettable ’awakening’ enjoy a traditionally Swedish lunch on the island followed by a vigorous hike while hearing about the history of the island. Your Captain and crew awaits to sail a different route of the archipelago back to Stockholm and if you are still a little hungry, the crew will cook up a few of the mushrooms you picked and prepare it as a snack as you sip on Sweden’s only whiskey, Mackmyra and head for the capital of Sweden, Stockholm.