Mexico Si Si!

My recent visit to Mexico City has inspired me. Travel warnings have not always discouraged me- Kenyan difficulties in cities did not encompass the bush, a greater threat here was disobeying rules of the land: don’t venture to your outside soaking tub after dark or be eaten by a lion. I always obey the rules in Africa!

Mexico sounds wildly dangerous in the everyday news, as in any area, if you use your innate common sense and caution, I believe you will be fine and very comfortable in Mexico. We encourage you to visit; in the expert care of our guides you will truly enjoy a superb, luxurious peek of city life and rich culture.  Mexico City murals of Diego Rivera in the Palacio Nacional are riveting; the blue house of Frida Kahlo is definitely worth a visit as well as the very contemporary home she and Diego shared in Mexico City.
Only 25 miles away, the nearby pyramids of Teotihuacán make up the most visited and well-known archaeological site in North America, it’s popular with good reason. The larger of the pyramids, the Pyramid of the Sun, is the third tallest in the world, and the site is one of the most accessible sites in the hemisphere where visitors can see structures that date to the start of the first millennium.
Culinary expeditions, Baja adventures: see amazing marine life living in the oceans and lagoons of the Baja California Sur area. Explore the waters by snorkeling, kayaking, boating- and experience the joys of face-to-face encounters with whale-sharks, dolphins, reef fish, and gray whales. The white-sanded beaches and colonial towns are perfect places to explore and relax. Villas are available for family holidays, with or without staff
Begin with a weekend escape to the beautiful, historical Mexico City for cultural and dining experiences. Use your days to explore the treasures of the city and experience the culture this area has to offer, while spending your nights in a luxurious hotel, there are several five star properties. From visiting the National Palace in the Zocalo to witnessing a Mexican Lucha Libre Show, this trip is thrilling and will convince you to explore more of Mexico.
One of our long time clients recently organized a company off site retreat in Mexico City;  my land team facilitated dinners, sight seeing and security – his response: Mexico Journey – an incredible week. It was everything I could have hoped for.
Visita Ahora! 

Morocco in NY – At The Met

A slice of 14th Century Moroccan life in the Metropolitan Museum is nearing completion. Not since the 1980’s has the museum underwritten a courtyard of this nature. Under wraps since December, fourteen craftsmen from Morocco have been building a medieval Maghrebi-Andalusian-style courtyard, which will feature the museums vast holdings of Islamic art.  The master craftsmen from Fez are specialists in the ancient mosaic tile work known as zellij. Imagine these craftsmen living in New York, working some days in their jabador tunics and crimson fezzes, recreating an ancient courtyard based on specific historical details and artistry, the goal of looking as authentic to Moroccan eyes as to those of scholars. This work is not even done in Morocco any longer, as it is too too expensive.