Thoughts on Travel – Living The Dream

What exactly are we looking for when we travel? What contributes to the joy of travel and what is the best method of achieving the perfect trip?

Ponder a few suggestions when you are sourcing through websites and brochures for your next enticing Journey. We ask many questions, trying to define interests and passions, your ‘must haves’ on each adventure. Share your preferences and dislikes. Added information will increase the depth of your experiences if we are aware of your passions. Do fill out the long client questionnaire!

Living the dream: Don’t wait until the last minute- exclusive locations, for example: hiking in Machu Picchu and Grand Canyon rafting, limited visitors are allowed; hiking passes are allocated in Machu Picchu – Grand Canyon park service also limits rafting passengers, buying out a boat is almost impossible; an early start can guarantee success.

Manage your expectations. Know what you would like to take away from an experience.

Do know timing is everything. Some experiences are only available at certain times of the year. The Palio in Sienna occurs twice in the summer, visiting Scotland is wonderful, and in September, the hills are purple with heather. No, is not in our vocabulary, however, the private window seats at the Palio are few!

Maintain a flexible schedule. Add a day to your itinerary or reserve a few hours each day for the unexpected. Major museums may close unexpectedly; a delightful bistro lunch may absorb an afternoon, leave time to wander in a newly discovered area.

Be respectful. Don’t take photos unless you ask, never take photos of military or police without permission.

Don’t just wing it. Travelers who do their homework are likely to enjoy a better experience. We send clients a book and a suggested reading list on an area the moment we begin to design a trip. Read, rent films, it will add layers to your experience. Learn a few phrases of the local language.

Don’t forget that in locations like Africa, life doesn’t operate as you are accustomed to at home. Pack your best face, your patience, your humor and an enormous sense of adventure.