Off The Grid Learning Lessons

One of my first escapes completely off the grid- no cell, scarcely any wifi for 14 days, actually blissful and a learning experience. I’m the one always telling my clients to connect with their adventure, enjoy and absorb each unique environment, learn the local language and be in the moment. I paid attention and learned a bit. New adventures on the horizon, but a few lessons from the road.

Do learn at least 20 words or phrases of the native language, especially menu items. Ice Cream is yummy, but not for every meal.

Pack your bags a week early and each day, remove one item..if you can’t carry your bag to the front door, how will you load it into a small foreign car trunk? The airlines are diligent on over weight bags…I cannot tell you how many travelers had their bags strewn open at check in…re-stuffing into an extra bag – even in business class. Each country has baggage rules, they may not make sense, but tolerance to over packing is limited…leave room to shop! An almost full bag makes a comfy place to wait for the driver; and yes, I can lift it!

Pirate taxis operate in most foreign countries – avoid if possible. In many cities, these taxis load up with passengers and drop off at random locations, your destination might be the last. Negotiate fees before you accept the ride – especially if the taxi lacks a meter. A wild ride may ensue, leaving you blocks away from your destination unless you have established a fee.

Layers- an unexpected cold front in a tropical environment results in a bag lady look if you didn’t pack a sweater…wearing all your clothes to stay warm is not fashionable! However, sleeping in all your clothes is not that bad if your tropical third world hotel lacks blankets… a cashmere pashmina is the perfect plane blankie and a fabulous sleeping scarf in a sudden cold snap in the tropics.

An unexpected chilly day- my evening sweater sees daylight

The loo, bagno, toilette – many countries still have no concept regarding ‘the seat’…be prepared, carry tissue or baby wipes and small change for the attendant, she makes her living in this little room.

He said he had never played Scrabble…


A back up plan for days when foul weather eliminates the once beckoning beach…a journal, always a book to read and maybe portable Scrabble. In this case, Spanish words were allowed and my waiter soundly won!

Orange is the New Black


Orange and purple – the new black…heed my advice, these layers did not work! I’m certain his wife abandoned him or didn’t see the attire before boarding the tour bus!

Orange is the new…
More coming soon from the road….

Shaman Limpia – New Year Beginnings

How many occasions have you met a half-naked Shaman on a plaza? Did you resist his blessings or incantations?

I began the New Year with a traditional Aztec Limpia (cleansing) ritual. I highly recommend the ancient soul healing cleansing; banish negative energy, send the evil spirits packing. Restore balance and harmony; ready to embrace a healthy, happy, loving and fulfilling New Year.