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 In the spirit of Chinese New Year – Celebrate with a brief list of Private Experiences which can be incorporated into a detailed Journey.

Private & Special Experiences

Chinese New Year Celebrations: We can create some wonderful private and special experiences throughout China and these can easily be built into touring itineraries. If you would like any assistance in tailoring these into a Chinese journey please let us know and we will be delighted to assist you in creating a memorable exploration of this stunning destination.

BEIJING – SHANGHAI – HONG KONG: Always Include VIP Arrival Service. You will be met as you exit from the plane and assisted with Immigration Procedures. After clearing Customs you are introduced to our Eastern Journey Guide. BEIJING: Private Access at Chonghua Palace at The Forbidden City We can offer an ‘exclusive access’ visit at the Chonghua Gong (Palace of Double Brilliance), where Emperor Qianlong lived as a young man before his accession to the throne. This area is normally off-limits to the public and offers a stunning and private opportunity to absorb one of the world’s largest former palaces.

BEIJING: A Day of Trekking on The Great Wall of China – Jinshanling 
As an alternative to more main-stream Wall visits, the “Wild Wall” is a much more remote section of China’s fascinating Great Wall and where there are generally very few other visitors. A picnic lunch box is offered as is a 4 hour (or so) trek and which is truly the best way to experience the Great Wall.

BEIJING: Lunch on the Great Wall – Jinshanling Memorable to say the least, enjoy your own private Lunch atop The Great Wall of China.

BEIJING: A Cooking Session with the Beijing Housewives Rather than a glitzy hotel-experience we can privately offer a much earthier and, we believe, more meaningful experience. In a traditional home in the Hutongs our local ‘house-wives’ introduce you to daily life in this city through a couple of local dishes that they would make for their families. An experience of today’s China.

BEIJING – Other Special Experiences  We exclusively work with a number of experts and we can offer a Historian to accompany you on your visit to the Great Wall. While if your forte is contemporary art enjoy a guided visit to the 798 Art District set in a former munitions factory.

SHANGHAI: Jewish Interest Tour We can arrange for our locally based Israeli expert to relive the fascinating history of the part of Shanghai in which the many Jewish Immigrants made their home. Dvir will explain the reasons they arrived, the notable events during their stay and the continuing influence they still have today.

SHANGHAI: A Historian’s Introduction to Shanghai. We work with Patrick Cranley an engaging Local Historian and Writer who specializes in the history of foreign communities who helped make this cosmopolitan city what it is today. Focusing on the area around the Bund and the French Concession, the city’s rich and very colorful history will be brought to life.

SHANGHAI: Motorcycle Tour of Historical Shanghai We can also offer a tour of Shanghai from a motorcycle sidecar. The tour will go through the French Concession, Old Town and the Bund with other locations available on request. This is a fun, exciting and unique view of the city.

XIAN: Special Access at the Warriors Exclusive arrangements arrange for guests to visit the private Lower Viewing Gallery at The Army of Terracotta Warriors while at the Han Dynasty Warriors (dating from 80 years later), we can offer very privileged access into the Curator’s Restoration Room.

XIAN: The Shaanxi Museum’s Treasure House Access to the vaults of the Shaanxi Museum. In the Museum’s Treasure House, normally closed to the public for preservation purposes, you have the opportunity to view their stunning collection of mausoleum frescoes dating from the Tang Dynasty (AD 618 – 907). Closed: Monday’s

XIAN: Join a Kung Fu Lesson Held at the city’s Martial Arts University, this is a wonderful opportunity for all followers of Kung Fu.

HONG KONG: Tea & Calligraphy An absorbing immersion into the tea and calligraphy traditions in Hong Kong. Set in an atmospheric location reminiscent of the old teahouses; you will learn about the different varieties of Chinese teas from our tea master, the history of the utensils, before tasting a couple of perfectly brewed samples with proper tea-drinking etiquette of course! The master is also an expert on Chinese culture and literature and you will also be introduced to the beautiful art of Chinese Calligraphy. He will present the history of how Chinese characters evolved from symbols, teach you some simple words and you will have a chance to produce your own calligraphy for a wonderful memento of Hong Kong.

HONG KONG: Meet a Feng Shui Master We can arrange for a Feng Shui master to introduce this fascinating and important aspect of Chinese life. The belief of balance between elements on Earth has a great influence on Chinese customs and architecture. The Feng Shui Master will explain the ideas behind buildings and locations of landmarks in Hong Kong’s central District including the iconic Bank of China as well as maybe offering some general advice for your own home arrangements.

MEG-WTF-GEN-0286L_MRHONG KONG: Helicopter Flights Various options range for 15 to 60 minute flights over Hong Kong’s amazing city sights and landscapes and which truly offers one of the best ways to experience this vibrant ‘east meets west’ city.

ALL CITIES: RESTAURANT RESERVATIONS We are delighted to offer restaurant reservations and in Beijing we are able to offer the atmospheric private- members China Club. In our land team is known to many of the city’s leading restaurants and whether it is a meal with local flavor, a terrace table overlooking the Bund or even the romantic 2 person private dining room set in a Cupola catered by Jean Gorges Restaurant, we can offer reservations along with transfers from and to your hotel.

If you decide to visit China and I would suggest you avoid the Chinese New Year holidays which usually fall around end of January to early February. The first week of May and first week of October are also big holidays in China so we suggest avoiding these dates as well. If you are planning a visit to Tibet then the whole month of March is normally closed to foreign visitors.

Spring and Autumn remain the most pleasant times to visit China.china





Hong Kong 48 Hours

A recent  client visit while traveling onward to Vietnam, why not stop briefly in Hong Kong to overcome jet lag and gently begin the absorption into a new culture.

ATT-HBR-VPD-0012L_LRThursday (Breakfast & Lunch) – Hong Kong
Your Journey Guide will meet you at the Hotel Lobby and we begin by immersing you in the more traditional side of Hong Kong Island which is where the city and its residents’ roots lie. You will explore the old streets of Western and Central District where the traditional cafes are open for breakfast. You will try a traditional breakfast in a local Dai Pai Dong (street café) and have a famous “pantyhose” milk tea where stockings are used to drain the tea leaves.

We then suggest a visit to one of the city’s Dried Provisions Markets where all types of weird and wonderful dried food is available. Your guides will help explain their different uses in cooking, preparation of tonic soups and even in traditional medicines. We then suggest a visit to the atmospheric Man Mo Temple located on Hollywood Road. No visitors can claim that their journey is complete until they have paid a visit to The Peak and the stunning views over Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbor from the Peak are the highlights for most visitors to this vibrant city.ATT-MKT-TEM-0054_LRAfter a local lunch, your next stop is Aberdeen, an active fishing harbor on the Southern side of Hong Kong Island, where we can offer a ride in the traditional boat called a Sampan (which has become a symbol of Hong Kong over the years) to observe the fishing “junks”. Afterwards, we offer the option of some retail therapy at Stanley Market located in the former colonial outpost.

Friday (Lunch & Afternoon Tea) – Hong Kong
This morning, your Guide will show you around the more local Kowloon district. You will visit the traditional Chinese Nan Lian Gardens and the nearby Chi Lin Nunnery whilst making a stop at the Wong Tai Sin Temple which is popular with locals praying for good health and prosperity. Later, you have time to explore some of local markets in Kowloon starting from the Jade Market which has more than 400 registered stall-owners sell ornaments, necklaces and trinkets made from the revered green stone.ATT-MKT-LDM-0049_LRWe include a traditional Dim Sum Lunch at the local Tim Ho Wan Restaurant (the cheapest Michelin Star Restaurant in the world). In the afternoon, enjoy an experience of local, urban Chinese lifestyles, through Yau Ma Tei and Mong Kok – the heart of the Kowloon Peninsula. Walking through Goldfish Market and Flower Market is an exciting and memorable experience of traditional past times of local people. We suggest a stop at the Mido Café to try some traditional Hong Kong style afternoon tea. After visiting one of the city’s oldest streets, Shanghai Street, you will return to your hotel for the balance of the day at leisure.
Lantau Tour (Lunch):
Today you will make an excursion to visit Lantau Island which is the largest of all the out-lying islands in Hong Kong. The tour begins with the ferry from Central to Mui Wo and this morning, you will visit Tai O Village, a traditional fishing village where time seems to stand still amidst the peaceful surroundings. Next, travel up the rolling hills of Lantau and at the top is the Big Buddha, the largest outdoor Buddha statue in the world. Close-up views come at the cost of 268 steps to the statue. A simple lunch is offered and this afternoon, visit the Po Lin Monastery, an active Buddhist Monastery that is nestled among scenic mountains on the island. Afterwards, take a ride on the Ngong Ping 360 cable car, which offers breathtaking views down to the new town of Tung Chung and from here, you will be transferred back to your hotel in town.
*The Government restricts private vehicle licenses on Lantau Island so today, we will use the clean and efficient public transport system whilst we offer a private transfer from Tung Chung, at the end of the tour, back to your hotel.ATT-CTL-GEN-0171_LREnchanting- quick peek or add another day, we would be happy to delight your senses and add some exclusive opportunities…ATT-HBR-VPD-0012L_LR