Boqueria Memories

In preparation for a talk, I spent a few hours pulling photos for the presentation from my travels over the last year.  I was so enthralled with the food photos from the Boqueria in Barcelona, I wanted to share them. Summer travel is on the horizon!Boqueria Barcelona






Exclusive Kenya

Our Kenya bound summer travelers besides enjoying the great migration, truly one of the most exciting spectacles of nature, will also relish several exclusive opportunities during their safari.

After a few days of tracking and sitting in the midst of millions of animals moving along the spectacular open plains of the Mara, a private flight will take the family to the northern frontier of Namunyak (meaning ‘a place of peace’) Wildlife Conservation Trust. Situated in the fabled pristine wilderness of the Mathews Mountains of Northern Kenya, the local communities including about 12,000 Samburu people own the land. The proud Samburu people, a group of semi-nomadic herders employ a strong tolerance for the wildlife that co-exist alongside their cattle. The savannah plains and lush mountain slopes are home to thousands of elephant, leopard, reticulated giraffe, wild dog and kudu. You won’t see another camp for nearly one million acres.

Lodge At the luxurious camp, besides day and evening bush drives, our clients will view a rarely seen ancient Samburu ritual. Each morning, the local Samburu Warriors practice an age-old tradition; the semi arid conditions and lack of water require them to dig deep ditches near their wells to obtain drinking water for their livestock. Singing melodic songs as they dig, their livestock, including camels, are drawn by the familiar song to the wells.

Digging unclothed, this practice has been repeated for generations; eventually the trenches may reach the depth of six men before they achieve water that is hoisted up bucket by bucket. When the melody changes, it is another herd’s turn for water. Very few people see this happening, truly a magical experience to hear and witness, the Samburu prohibit photography but are happy to have visitors observe this ancient ritual.

Imagine the rhythmic chant wafting from the wells, dust in the air, as the livestock bedecked in bells meander to the well for water.

Our clients will also hike from camp through a beautiful deep green forest with the Samburu Warriors for a private overnight stay in a Fly Camp. Camels carry the equipment on the two and a half hour Journey led by their herdsmen so guests can enjoy the hike and rare flora and fauna, looking for wild dogs, and the rare Colobus and De Brazza monkeys. Once you reach camp, enjoy an escorted walking safari with your Samburu guide.

Fly CampEnjoy drinks and a private candle lit dinner around the campfire. Sleep under the stars in a mosquito-netting tent in the middle of a dry riverbed, stargazing in the clear sky and listening to the sounds of the wild.

Intimate experiences in the bush for the very few intrepid travelers.