Dreamy Dubai

Dubai is a vibrant city, a modern metropolis sitting on a golden sandy coastline in the Arabian Gulf where warm seas meet acres of tawny sandy deserts. Be drawn in by the high-rise oasis of elegant hotels and chic shopping, linger for the culture, history, souks and an escape to the desert or farther afield to Oman or other areas of the Emirates.

Spend a few days to explore the most interesting city cultural attractions, including: bustling exotic souks overflowing with spices, gold, tantalizing textiles, striking tile-covered mosques, unspoiled beaches, abra rides (water taxi) in the harbor, visits to stables to see fine Arabian horses (horse breeding is a national passion) and don’t miss a jaunt to the camel races!

Reserve a night for an excursion to the desert for camel safaris, memorable dining in Bedouin tents, and luxury 4WD tours in vintage Land Rovers through the rolling sand dunes of the Arabian Desert and don’t forget to request private falconry lessons. Cruise leisurely in your Rover or dash through the dunes for a sunset cocktail and an evening of traditional music and dancing in a desert pavilion. Camel stew and Arabic coffee? After enjoying a camel ride through the dunes under a black sky splashed with glittering stars, I had to say no to the camel stew, despite the tempting aromatic sauce.

Take to the skies in Seawings seaplanes to see the massive innovative architecture and man made islands from a sky perch.

The Burj’s 124th-floor observation deck offers panoramic views of the bustling city below.

Experience Dubai’s burgeoning art and design scene housed in converted traditional and industrial buildings.

Dubai is also a renowned shopping destination, with legendary luxury malls filled with exclusive fashion boutiques, indoor skiing, and the Dubai Aquarium.

Sleep at the fashionable Armani Hotel in the tallest world tower Burj Khalifa.

Or continue down the road to Sheik Zayed Road and bask at the beach at The Palm, one of three man made islands built to expand the coastline. One & Only Palm has a chic outpost on the water with villas on the sand.

Or slip in for an exclusive stay at the beyond glamorous Burj Al Arab Jumeriah Hotel.

The Four Seasons offers an iconic spa, pool butlers and a dynamic view from their sky bar.

As each of us has a different fingerprint, there is a perfect hotel and experience for everyone in Dubai.

Dubai is an ideal stopover en route to many other destinations, including Africa and India – especially since there is now an Emirates flight from SFO.

Despite the comparisons to glitzy Las Vegas or the cosmopolitan Miami, Dubai still retains a solid Middle Eastern atmosphere. Traditional Arabian customs are prevalent and the locals still practice their daily customs amid the wide eyed tourists.

Much to enjoy!

Seawings – Private Charter Must Do Dubai

Escape the busy pace of city life and experience the charm and tranquility of traditional Omani hospitality. Rejuvenate the senses at the traditional Omani-style Style Six Senses Zighy Bay resort, remotely located on a secluded bay in Musandam Peninsula. The five-star resort is flanked by spectacular mountains on one side and a stretch of perfect Zighy Bay beach sands on the other.

Upon arrival at the Dubai International Airport, the premium meet-and-greet ‘Marhaba Service’ will escort you through airport formalities. Put your mind at ease and be privy to fast track airport clearance and swift assistance with baggage. A private car will then transport you to the Dubai Creek Golf and Yacht Club, located in the heart of Dubai.

Embark on a Seawings seaplane flight from Dubai Creek that once served as a minor port. Taking off from water, view traditional boats or ‘abras’ as they gracefully sail across the Creek. If you are lucky, you may just spot a few pretty pink flamingos, wading at the nearby wildlife sanctuary!

Take in breathtaking views of the UAE coastline and landmarks. Fly over the famous Hajjar Mountains and the deep blue waters of the enchanting Indian Ocean before landing at a village on the East Coast. Enjoy a scenic drive through the Dibba Fishing Port and the sensational coastline.

Seawings offers private sightseeing excursions to many other destinations besides the Six Senses. Escape to Abu Dhabi.  Take off  from one of the regions most luxurious experiences, the air tour from Dubai to Abu Dhabi offers memorable views over all the capital’s landmarks.

Depart from the historic Dubai Creek and marvel at the views of Dubai’s iconic architecture. With a private viewing window,  gaze down on Burj Khalifa, the Palm Jumeirah, and the towering skyscrapers that complete the city’s skyline. Then the urban landscape filters out, transformed into a seductive expanse of dusty desert. Admire the desert’s mirage and appreciate the ancient roots of the land, including majestic views over distant sand dunes.

The seaplane dramatically skirts along the Arabian Gulf, meaning sublime ocean views from the luxurious on-board seats. It’s not just a Dubai aerial tour, it’s an aerial tour that incorporates the dream of the two cities before flying along the Arabian Gulf. This Abu Dhabi excursion provides a stunning 45 minutes in the air, culminating in an Abu Dhabi air tour that showcases monuments like the Emirates Palace and Sheikh Zayed Mosque from the sky. After touching down you also enjoy inclusive complimentary access to Ferrari World.

Must Do in Dubai!