Hotels, Villas, Yachts, Private Jets

We value substance, style and quality over conspicuous consumption, luxury is more about the ability to realize one’s own passion.


We scrutinize hotels and generally only recommend properties we have personally visited. Hotel staff will graciously welcome our clients as we work with key personnel, assuring the absolute best experience for each traveler. Five-star luxury or romantic charming estancias in the mountains or vineyards. We love it all!

Yacht Charter

Our yacht broker has met the captain and the crew, has inspected the linens and the china. This team is intimately aware of each charter, as they have spent over two decades in only the finest yacht charter domain.


Villas and private residences; we are able to offer an extensive array of private homes all over the world. Household staff, masseuse, yoga instructors, and surf instructors, fireworks after sunset?  All can be included in your stay. The essence of private travel is its personal touches, a concept which is included in every aspect of an itinerary, including guides and special entertainment in each venue. Once your destination is confirmed, we provide comprehensive shopping and dining recommendations.

Private jets

Avoid the hassles of large airports, scheduled flights and the interminable wait time in an airport. We have jet charter relationships in the states and all over the world for inter-country transport. Private, secure and hassle free; travel on your schedule! Need a heli to buzz out of New York City to an exclusive countryside golf club, we work with only the best!