International Chef Dinner and Mayan Experience

Chef’s of The World. June 23, 2017. Eight PM at Hacienda San Lorenzo Aké, Mérida, Yucatán. Host Chefs: René Redzepi – Noma- Denmark. Roberto Solís – Néctar- Mérida.

The richness of Yucatán culture from the mastery of the best chefs in the world.

​The Main Event
Eighteen international chefs will meet in Yucatán to immerse in the most essential of the Mayan culture as an inspiration to create a dish that will become part of one of the nine course dinner where gastronomy, visual and scenic arts and music will join together, framed by the beautiful Mayan ruins of Aké.

Two hundred guests will delight in the magic and meet with the 18 chefs around the ruins to unveil the essence of the Mayan culture in flavor, images and ritualistic sounds. Gastronomy is the real voice of a culture, origin and identity. Enjoy rituals that penetrate the roots of a culture, each measure revealing in each detail – a story told through the senses.,h_268,al_c,usm_0.66_1.00_0.01/a57be1_e34a8902d90348a2802b3eac18fc9acc~mv2_d_2000_2000_s_2.png

Enjoy the deep Journey inside the magic of the flavors and essences of the Mayan Culture. The cost of dinner includes: Meet and greet with the chefs.
Premium drinks and bar, wine selection and champagne. Musical shows and rituals where the evolution of the Mayan culture will be reflected around the dinner.

Join after dinner in the Hokol Vuh party at the end of the dinner in the old hanaquén of the hacienda. Hokol Vuh is a unique experience in the history of contemporary gastronomy, conjugating the mastery and the vision of the most recognized chefs in the world with the cultural, gastronomic and spiritual richness of the Mayan culture. A sensory trip that will let the internationally recognized chefs experience their essence, culminating in a great dinner where they will interpret their own essence, in an authentic tribute to the Mayan culture.

Guest Chef’s

Albert Adrià – Enigma, Spain.

Elena Reygadas – Rosetta, México

Rosío Sánchez – Hija de Sánchez, México

Vladimir Mukhin – White Rabbit, Russia.

Ana Roš – Hiša Franko, Slovenia.

Carlo Mirarchi – Blanca, USA.

Jair Tellez – Merotoro, México.

Jorge Vallejo – Quintonil, México.

Enrique Olvera – Pujol&Cosme, México/NY.

Matt Orlando – Amass, USA.

René Redzepi – Noma, Denmark.

Roberto Solís – Néctar, México.

Alejandro Ruiz – Casa Oaxaca, México.

Ben Shewry – Attica, New Zeland.

Christian Puglisi – Relæ, Italy.

David Kinch – Manresa, USA.

Blaine Wetzel – The Willows Inn, USA.

Esben Holmboe Bang – Maaemo, Denmark.

20% of the income generated by the dinner value will be given to the non profit organization Transformation, Art & Education (TAE), by merging our efforts with them will take education and development tools to the ones that are the origin and essence of our culture.

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Chable Resort – Day One

First day peek Chable Resort in Merida. Initially, the weather chart noting temps of 90’s and 70% humidity cast a dark cloud; however, with a plunge pool, siestas and cooling breezes, I am quite comfortable at Chable Resort!
Soothing repetitive cooing from the pigeons and doves (Mucuy in Maya), and the  jungle filled tropical bird song of cardinals and chattering black birds, provide for a very wild, yet civilized stay, all is muy Bueno at Chable!
Chable Resort was built upon the skeleton of an ancient Hacienda; the main building, small chapel, engine house and various other out buildings were once a successful Hacienda owned by a hemp Patron. Imagine these beautiful buildings spread across acres of vast expanses of lawn, magnificent massive trees, flowering fragrant shrubs – all brimming with wild birds. The old cultivated fields of hemp producing agriculture are now a tangle of wild jungle dotted with white block and glass villas, each a secluded oasis – this is not your typical Mexico!
Photos of the ancient buildings – modern glass and stone villas coming…and on the spa, divine cuisine, off property excursions to Mayan ruins…the perfect juxtaposition of ancient cultures, modern amenities and comfort, traditional shamanic healing spa located on the banks of a massive cenote.

Hacienda Veranda perfect location to enjoy a chilled cocktail

Cigar Bar

Enter through the ancient estate walls to the Presidential Villa