Custom Journeys

Extraordinary Journeys

Luxury today is having the time to spend with family and friends sharing unique experiences and new cultures.

We spend time understanding your travel goals and design what we describe as Legacy Travel… Making a trip as luxurious as possible is not generally the way to the travelers’ heart. Adding value, creating lasting memories is intrinsic in what we offer our clients. We listen and create experiences from a discussion – anyone can go online and look at cities and countries, we design and choreograph fun extraordinary Journeys – no trip is identical because people aren’t. We provide experiences that the average travelers don’t know exist, designing each trip as a three-act play. Each Journey should contain depth and scope, magical moments, surprises.

Our travel clients are often amazed to learn that one hundred percent of what we do is not reflected in our website or blog entries but instead consists of customized Journeys, location services, and a wide range of tourism consulting. We have hand selected associates all over the world to assist us on the ground in many areas of the world. Most of them have more than 12+ years of experience in their fields and many have reliably racked up an impressive record of travel firsts. Many of our guides have published books in their chosen field and all are well versed and passionate about their special place in the world of travel. Our efforts and persistence in resourcing the best enable us to routinely pull off complex and difficult travel logistics.

We like working with non-profits who support rebuilding UNESCO sites, our clients visit exclusive locations and make a donation; we can also offer select travel with the archeologist on a project. Make a difference and volunteer, immerse your family in a language program, our global network includes many foundations.

We provide custom service – including, but not limited to: booking flights, professional visa assistance, private jet charter, transfers and complete customization of your Journey with additional excursions, dining and bespoke touches specifically for you. We’ve explored the market souks, slept in countless hotel beds, spent days with guides from numerous firms evaluating who best identifies with our client demographic, know the hotel GM’s, dined in the streets and the Michelin star restaurants. We intimately know the landscape.

We have a remarkable network of villa specialists around the world, with exclusive access to private listings. To assure our client safety and satisfaction, we do not utilize online rental websites and only work with accredited local brokers who visit and maintain their properties to assure quality. Private gardens and homes are accessible to our clients – dying to have an opera performance at your exclusive villa; sprint the twisty roads around the Italian lakes in a Ferrari, we are happy to grant every wish.

We are a fee-based consultancy; an initial consultation fee begins the process of designing each Journey. To guarantee the seamlessness and superiority for which Lifestyle Management is recognized, we must control all workings of an itinerary, from flight and hotel booking to touring and concierge services. While we do offer personalized recommendations, these services are only offered as part of a fully curated itinerary.