VIP VVIP – Rock Star Airport Services

Travel in commercial airports is not kind to travelers, however, there are methods to avoid lines and crowds. Escape the Terminal Trudge, our VIP or VVIP Airport Service can be reserved at a long list of global airports. CDG and several other airports offer the James Bond BMW Tarmac Transfer – I’ve enjoyed, and it’s thrilling! If you travel first class on AF or Emirates, it includes this VIP arrival service.

Seven Weeks in Africa

David Lewis, a leading British neuropsychologist from Mind Lab, an independent London research consultancy, reports the impact or airport travel can be severe. The results of a survey done at Heathrow Airport were shocking. Dr Lewis, who coined the phrase “road rage” 25 years ago, found that a “growing frustration with the overall state of the airline industry was a major culprit of air rage.” 

How do mere mortals avoid airport stress? Our clients are addicted to VIP Airport Services all around the world.  If Covid taught us anything, avoiding throngs and teeming airports is at the top of the list. Airports are practically the only place left with mask rules. I am slightly addicted to the service as are many of our clients, many use our team to manage a gate transfer. My recent seven week Journey in Africa utilized our teams in Istanbul for an arrival transfer through passport control and to the lounge and then to gate. The plane took longer to taxi from tarmac to gate than it did for my buggy transfer, Istanbul airport is huge, it would have been over a complicated mile walk to lounge. I also used them at check in, as I knew my bags were ‘over packed’, the young VIP kid helped me sort and redistribute the bags, this is when I hand over all my remaining foreign currency as a gratuity! He also helped me find a currency exchange at Nairobi airport.

Staying in an airport hotel for a few hours or overnight, our VIP team will deliver you to the hotel door and meet you again for your return to the gate or check in. A few clients have enjoyed this service recently in Spain and Dubai. Nothing more challenging than a 1 am arrival, collect your bags and navigate to another terminal to an airport hotel on your own.

Istanbul VIP

VVIP SERVICES – Airport Arrival, clients are greeted at the aircraft door, tarmac transfer by car to a private VIP Lounge. Passport and customs carried out by a dedicated security officer. Complimentary refreshments, baggage retrieval and deliver to your car or a separate baggage car. AVOID the terminal completely.

Airport Departure. – Greeter at curb to assist with check in and transfer to VIP private lounge. Guests are greeted at the VIP lounge’s private entrance. Assistance with baggage check-in, tarmac transfer by car to the aircraft.

VVIP Flight Connection. Clients are greeted at the aircraft, tarmac transfer by car to private VIP lounge. Passport and customs check carried out by a dedicated security officer. Tarmac transfer to next flight.

Meet & Greet Arrival. Clients are met at the aircraft, priority access to passport and customs, baggage retrieval and escort to car to destination.

Meet & Greet Departure. Curbside car pick up and luggage retrieval. Assistance with VAT if necessary. Baggage check-in, priority access to passport and custom check. Escort to airline VIP lounge or gate for pre-boarding.

Meet & Greet Connection. Clients are greeted at the aircraft and escorted to the gate of the connecting flights. Priority access to passport and customs checks. Escort to airline VIP lounge or gate for pre-boarding.

Car services to and from airports can be added as well. Separate luggage cars can be added. Each airport has specific rules, we can add VVIP or VIP Services all around the world.

I’ve enjoyed the VVIP Rock Star Experience at CDG, cruising around the tarmac and avoiding the terminals is truly a VVIP Experience.

Don’t want to even deal with luggage?- Use our preferred Luggage Shipping firm!

Highly Recommend our VIP Team!

Step up to Speed! Las Vegas F1 – November 2024

We are deeply invested in SPEED. Get Closer to the Team! What is better than Elvis in Vegas? F1Grand Prix Racing! Las Vegas Takes Motor Sports to Another Level of Entertainment!

F1 Speed  Intense Level, we can offer our clients an amazing package, hotels and rare on track options. Formula 1 makes its return to the sports and entertainment capital of the world on November 21- 23, 2024 for an unforgettable race cutting through the neon heart of the city on the Las Vegas Strip.

The Las Vegas Grand Prix’s 3.8-mile track will weave past world-famous landmarks, casinos and hotels as drivers push their luck to breaking points at speeds of up to 212 mph.

Besides the general access tickets – Another reason to Speed with Our Team: Very few hospitality packages have been released for this race. However, we have an allocation of 10x Red Bull F1 Team Paddock Club passes in Vegas. ( Extra fees)

Location – for any clients who are based on the West Coast, this race is easy access.

Details for this package are as follows:

2024 Las Vegas Grand Prix – Oracle Red Bull Racing F1 Team Paddock Club Hospitality:

The Las Vegas Grand Prix brings the Paddock Club to life in a bigger, bolder, ‘Vegas-Style’ way unlike anything Formula 1 has seen before. Enjoy the epitome of Las Vegas hospitality from the best seats in the house. The Formula 1 Paddock Club sits on a newly purchased 39- acre parcel of land adjacent to Las Vegas Boulevard, serving as the central point of the Las Vegas Strip Circuit, and offering access right to the heart of the Grand Prix. Guests will enjoy:

– 5-Day Ticket, Wednesday – Sunday 

– All-inclusive Food & Beverage Menu

– Premier Seating 

– Access to Opening Ceremony (Wed) & Recovery Brunch (Sun)

– Pit lane walkabout(s) at specially allotted times (Thu/Fri/Sat)

– Commemorative Ticket Box 

– Dedicated Service Manager 

– Concierge Services 

Guests of the F1 Teams will also enjoy:

– Team garage tour: Exclusive behind the scenes look at the team’s garage and cars from inside the garage

– Driver Q&A: On Friday & Saturday before and after the racing with the opportunity to ask those burning questions and grab autographs

– Team merchandise: Great F1 merchandise to commemorate the weekend

– Exclusivity: Normally only available to team members & sponsors, we can offer the above due to our unrivalled experience working within F1

Pricing: Oracle Red Bull Racing F1Team Paddock Club Hospitality (Wed/Thu/Fri/Sat/Sun) Reach Out for VIP VIP Options!

Add on package: We also have access to various hotels located along the strip: The Venetian, Bellagio, Caesars Palace, Paris Las Vegas, Planet Hollywood etc.

The circuit has specially built walkways, so really easy to access Paddock Club from any of these properties. There’s also a dedicated Paddock Club shuttle service which runs from a few of the hotels. 

Get on the Pole Position, these won’t last!