Words of Wisdom – Fly Fishing

Properly Presented Dry Flys Will Catch Fish...after a few hours on Rock Creek with my fishing guide, Riley Fitting, he uttered the prophetic phrase. I was successful in catching two large trout and one baby trout, however it was due to his assistance…as in his shouting: Hook It!

I grew up fishing, my father had three daughters and it didn’t deter him from teaching us one of his favorite pastimes. Not as much fly fishing as baiting with a worm or lure and dropping in a lake or stream. I’ve only recently realized seeing fish in a creek or following the fly downstream is a challenge for my aging eyes. I spent a half day fly fishing at The Brando Island and neither Teihotu or I caught a fish, and I never even saw them in the gin clear sea.

Riley was beyond patient saying my enthusiasm and passion outweighed my rusty skills. Daddy always had a bin on board and you donated cash every time you farmed a fish – you let one get away – I mentioned it to Riley and added the penalty for hooking a branch in the brush behind us…he ended the day with a little extra cash! However, to my relief, he hooked a tree on one of his last casts, so I felt slightly redeemed.

I love the grace and motion of fly fishing and landing a fat trout is still a thrill; as is the sheer beauty of being one with nature and letting all worldly cares ebb and float away. The fly was soaked more than a few times, maybe Riley should have started our session with his mantra…in any event, it was a delightful reminder of my childhood and a few hours of serenity on the water. Thank you Riley, spend your cash well!

Riley Fitting The Art of Fly Fishing

Riley Fitting The Art of Fly Fishing

The Ranch at Rock Creek- Forbes Five Star Lodge


More Arrivals Four Seasons – Bora Bora

Enchantment began on the wooden power boat  as I enjoyed the cool breeze and surf splashing as we sped across the gorgeous aqua seas to the Four Seasons Bora Bora- what a gorgeous beginning to my stay! Really, I was giddy on arrival seeing a flank of managers and hotel staff prepared for my boat docking! Four Seasons Bora BoraAdore: a chilled hibiscus fruit cocktail to welcome me as my wobbly sea legs land me on deck. I’ve never met such a gregarious group, but I guess living in paradise might produce such a carefree and glorious welcome!

Four Seasons Bora Bora

Welcome To The Four SeasonsFour Seasons Bora Bora was  Home for a few idyllic days!Humble Home at Four Seasons Bora Bora!