Auberge du Soleil Earth Month

This is late, but the message is an everyday reminder to preserve Mother Earth.  Earth Day has passed, gentle prompts to love the earth and be in the moment. Wishes shared by local students and guests of Auberge du Soleil. A generous gift planted on April 25.

Auberge Sustainability program

Auberge Sustainability Program

Pasta, Pasta at Palazzo Margherita, Bernalda Italy

Foodie Alert! A recent unexpected invitation from an anonymous friend landed me at the palatial Palazzo Margherita in the village of Bernalda, Italy last week. The Palazzo is owned by Francis Ford Coppola; an intimate group was invited to visit and provide perspective on the property. A full blog post soon on the phenomenal Palazzo and the surrounding areas; however, one particular pasta dish left us all begging for more! I’m in a desperate search to find the particular Peperoni di Senise. I brought home a small sample, but must  resource more.

Talented Chef Tommaso Lacanfora indulged us numerous times when we shouted more Pasta, more Pasta! One guest, who will remain unnamed, manged to down three primo pasta portions, followed by a superbo secundo barbeque course!

I’ve discovered a local Sicilian food writer who offered to share seeds with me next summer, although it seems like a long wait for this sensational dish….

recipeRecipeChef TommasoPasta photo and recipe courtesy of Palazzo Margherita.