Luxury Travel Services


Travel in elegant style. Travel confident that your entire experience is the most important aspect of the adventure. Lifestyle Management adventures are luxurious, hand crafted, tailor made journeys.

The essence of private travel is its personal touches, a concept which is included in every aspect of an itinerary, including hotels, experienced guides and restaurants. Whatever your travel pursuit, be it an African safari in the bush, a grand tour of enchanting Italian villas, a private yachting experience, a family excursion exploring exclusive ‘behind the scenes’ London, or climbing obscure pre-classic Mayan pyramids in the last virgin rain forest in Guatemala, we can make it happen. No matter where you dream to travel, our wide-ranging partnerships and expertise insure the perfect trip. Our hand selected ‘on the ground’ partnerships provide a local contact for all your needs.

Lifestyle Management Journeys are crafted with meticulous attention to detail, employing superior resources world-wide, offering truly unparalleled experiences. Take comfort and confidence that your needs are being looked after by a lifestyle management professional.


If you prefer to have your entire trip organized and presented to you, all you need do is have your bags packed for our driver to escort you to the airport.

Some travelers like the adventure of do-it-yourself traveling. We are comfortable working with you on an itinerary, and can suggest a detailed trip defined by your parameters and time constraints. Each day can be completely scheduled or left open for personal exploration. We can coordinate your trip with your favorite hotels or we can suggest the finest, and create a customized itinerary for any location – a trip that is seamless and stimulating.

If you prefer more involvement with the process, we can work together on each step of the journey, from discussing the décor of a private dinner to organizing exclusive tours to suit your interests.

Travel, is all about making a dream come true. Whether it is the dream of adventure, relaxation or education.