Artful Lodging – Las Ventanas al Paraíso

A sense of place is primary at a hotel or resort. A sense of personal ownership adds an interesting aspect at any property.

As its name implies, Las Ventanas al Paraíso, a Rosewood Resort, is a window to Paradise. The turquoise waters and expansive white sandy beach provide a refuge during the winter, lovely all year around; however, I prefer to beach it when the cold rains descend.

Practice pod characteristics: whales winter where it is warm, an intelligent habit to cultivate.

The striking white architecture glimpsed from the beach, reminds me of White Towns of Andalusi in the villages of Southern Spain. I love the sense of isolation provided by long corridors between the various buildings, the property stretches and curves connected by these restful corridors and courtyards, many displaying a diverse and playful art collection of owner Ty Warner.

Landscaping is authentic and reflects the desert origins, spare but sophisticated, architectural and appropriate. I love the sand etchings, retraced every morning at dawn. Men in white linen going about their craft as the sun rises; small sparrows circling above, drawn to my terrace chirping for breakfast granola. Brilliant bougainvillea is most appropriate and striking against the white walls – truly perfect in this environment.

One exceptional service example from Pamela, my go to expert for guest services. Clients were visiting in a few days and the private beach cabanas were booked. I requested they create a cabana within one of the large palapas – she responded and designed a private beach shelter for my clients – furniture and hammocks, toys for the kiddos, a plethora of beach amenities necessary to keep a family content and protected from the all day rays of sun. And of course, the requisite Beach Butler for refreshments. I always encourage learning a few words and Cerveza, por favor, is easily mastered. As is Gracias!

Ty Warner has populated the resort with a spectacular collection of his own art. I love this personal touch at resorts, an owner who is truly invested in his property and sharing with guests. Apparently he enjoys visiting and placing the pieces throughout the resort. Art that covers a broad spectrum: sculpture, paintings and pottery. A small gallery also sells local art and handiwork.

Las Ventanas is an authentic escape in every sense of the word.






Barbara Berger At MAD NY



Summer Offerings New York – Don’t miss the fashion jewelry exhibit of  Barbara Berger at the Museum of Arts & Design.

A jewelry collection of a woman who can purchase the finest gems, but has an extensive collection of costume jewelry. Featuring over 450 pieces of fashion jewelry by designers such as Miriam Haskell, Marcel Boucher, Balenciaga, Kenneth Jay Lane, and Gripoix, this exhibition is an eye-opening assortment of necklaces, bracelets, and earrings, many of them one-of-a-kind, drawn from her world-renowned collection.

The exhibition is accompanied by a major publication published by Assouline: Fashion Jewelry – I’ve spent hours drooling over the exquisite pages and will make a pilgrimage to NY before summer slips away.

Iradj Moini has captured my attention more than a few times. Stunners, one of his necklaces is a guaranteed distraction from a bad hair day!