Hotel Hopping London – Dorchester Collection


The Dorchester Collection in London offer the best of both worlds, classic and contemporary. In London, The Dorchester in the heart of Mayfair is the preferred hotel of British Society, exuding a 1930’s glamour with a bit of a contemporary edge. Olde England style and elegance, exceptional service, many of the rooms overlook Hyde Park.

Beautifully designed rooms and suites plus several options for excellent dining: Alain Ducasse, China Tang, the Grill and The Promenade. China Tang, Conceived by Sir David Tang, the founder of China Clubs in Hong Kong, Peking and Singapore, as well as the life-style brand, “Shanghai Tang”, China Tang offers some of the best and most authentic Cantonese food outside China. The rave reviews won by the food have been matched by the sumptuous interior, which is designed to evoke a romantic sense of the art deco of the Thirties. Step down into this world and you are transported to a classic China Club, I loved it!
The Grill- oh so British!


China Tang, art deco thirties
The Promenade and The Grill are exceptionally British in decor and dining, each a classic inherently exuding charm and luxury. Alain Ducasse, a separate piece will be forthcoming.
Directly across the garden square is 45 Park Lane, where art meets contemporary style. An art deco gem, opened in 2011 together with Wolfgang Puck’s first European venture CUT at 45 Park Lane. Luxurious and contemporary interiors by New York based designer, Thierry Despont, provide a club-like feel. The chic hotel offers London’s
in-crowd and the most seasoned of jet setters a smart but discreet hotel from which to enjoy London. Each of the spacious 45 rooms and suites offer views of Hyde Park, as does a spectacular Penthouse Suite featuring a spacious balcony with panoramic views over Hyde Park and Mayfair.

Bar 45- jazzy, hip elegant!

From its sleek, iconic architecture to its cosmopolitan interiors, 45 Park Lane is a distinctly modern hotel with a genuine sense of vitality. Bar 45, a dynamic space buzzing with life and light and features a black granite bar with a striking back lit amber glass front and boasts the largest selection of American wines in the UK. A bar menu of ‘Rough CUTS’ by Wolfgang Puck includes Mini Kobe Sliders, the bar is a hopping lively space- excellent jazz and a sophisticated clientele.The interior of the hotel celebrates the unique creative energy of London, with striking contemporary artworks displayed throughout the public areas and in every room and suite. The collection includes paintings and unique prints by such luminaries as Sir Peter Blake, Christian Furr, Brendan Neiland, Bruce McClean, and Damien Hirst.

The walls of CUT at 45 Park Lane are decorated with limited edition diamond dust screen-prints from Hirst’s Psalms series, with their kaleidoscopic butterfly festooned compositions providing a feast for the eye…So there you have it:  Dorchester Collection London, something for everyone; I loved the styling at 45 Park Lane plus I enjoyed crossing the square for an authentic captivating classic London panache at The Dorchester- stay at both!

December Doomsday and the Mayan Prophecy Playa Perfection – Punta Mita!

No one knows exactly what will take place on Dec 21, 2012, the day that the Mayan calendar ends, there is a lot of hype regarding what might happen.If the world as we know it, is coming to an end, honor the ancient knowledge of the Mayan spirits and enjoy your last Thanksgiving or December Holiday in Mexico! One particular location we love is Bahía de Banderas in the state of Nayarit… easy flight to Puerta Vallarta and a short 45 minute drive to the coast. We offer several five star properties and private villas; all are nestled in a captivating setting on one of the world’s most alluring beaches on the Pacific coast of Mexico, surrounded by white sands, pristine waters and lush tropical flora; the ambiance is as extraordinary as it is comfortable. Punta Mita is located along the same latitude as the Hawaiian Islands thus offering comfortable temperatures year round, enveloping guests with gentle sea breezes through balmy days and nights. The average summer temperature is 85 degrees; 75 degrees during winter months.
Hotel suites with dedicated butler- might as well end life in gracious style!
At Punta Mita, even the ordinary feels extraordinary.
Activities Take a safari through Punta Mita’s lush, tropical landscape where exotic iguanas, tree frogs, armadillos and other indigenous wildlife frolic. Snorkel among natural coral reefs, or stroll along the nine miles of private beaches. Whale watching, swimming with dolphins, hiking, canopy, jungle excursions, fishing, surfing, sailing and golf – paradise! Learn to surf with Lady Gaga’s favorite instructor!Golf: The area of Punta Mita (the name means “gateway to paradise”) located at the Riviera Nayarit is home to discreet enclaves of resorts and private villas, as well as two Jack Nicklaus Signature Golf Courses. Golfers will relish the opportunity to tame the private Jack Nicklaus Signature Course, with eight holes playing right up to the ocean, while the pinnacle third hole offers a natural island green 199 yards offshore, set on the tranquil Pacific Ocean.Guests exploring local seaside villages will find tradition blended with a touch of modernism. Fishing and agriculture are predominant, along with artisan craft works. One of the indigenous peoples of the area, the Huichol, is revered for their brilliantly colorful artwork and crafts, many of which are available in the local marketplaces.


Nearby Excursions Puerto Vallarta: Experience a variety of shops, restaurants and colorful colonial streets in this dynamic city, 45 minutes from Punta Mita. Puerto Vallarta houses the second largest art community in Mexico and is home to dozens of renowned galleries.
Visitors may also experience a taste of local heritage at traditional bullfights, rodeos, fireworks, Mariachi concerts, and annual holiday events.San Sebastián (Huichol Villages): Nestled in the heart of the Sierra Madre Mountains, San Sebastian’s remote location and historic appeal have made it one of Mexico’s last great getaways. Even though this little mountain enclave (elevation 4500 ft.) is not very far from Puerto Vallarta, this half-forgotten former mining town is a world away from typical resorts and ordinary tourist attractions.The Huichol Indians are vital to Punta Mita’s history. Isolated high in the Sierra Madre Mountains behind Punta Mita, they are the most pure pre-Columbian culture in this hemisphere. A tribe of mystics dedicated to the balance of nature, the Huichol Indians have remained unspoiled by civilization. Their ecological wisdom has influenced the continuing journey of Punta Mita as a place of preservation and peace, and their artwork, history and philosophy are celebrated throughout Punta Mita.
The Marietas Islands: Situated at the northern end of Banderas Bay, the Marietas Islands provide a sanctuary for diverse marine and bird life. Whales, dolphins, giant manta ray, tropical fish, and indigenous birds such as blue-footed boobies and red-billed tropic birds form a unique and complex ecosystem in the shelter of these islands.
Primitive History

Punta Mita still bears the powerful mark of its ancestry. Hike up Careyeros Mountain and roam the ruins of celestial observatories nearly 2000 years old. These protected sites are believed to have had great ceremonial significance, as well as having been used for astronomical observations and coastal navigation.
The geographic exclusivity of Punta Mita is a pastiche of four distinct coasts: smooth coral beaches, fairways that touch the sea, small coves and primeval caves carved into cathedral-sized cliffs, and rocky beaches tinged the color of pale shells. Punta Mita is a sanctuary of outdoor activity.


                                             Playa Perfection!