Gwen Books founded Lifestyle Management in 2004. Travel is all about making a dream come true; whether it is the dream of adventure, relaxation or education. We’ve been creating lasting memories for our exclusive clients and their families for over sixteen years.

Our corporate clients also contact us to organize their personal experiences for their off-site meetings all over the world. One of our long time CEO clients reached out with a request to entertain 25 members of his executive team while contracting for their films in India. If you have visited the chaotic streets of Old Delhi, imagine a dawn bike ride with stops for snacks in the colorful market, a fascinating two-hour ride through the Old City. Among three days of exclusive activities for his team, we also provided a private cooking class in the home of a renowned chef, who has spoken at TED and is a cookbook author.

Our bespoke luxury travel service puts the ultimate touch on Journeys designing distinctive experiences of a lifetime, unique and authentic Legacy Travel. Making a trip as luxurious as possible is not generally the way to the travelers’ heart, we provide a seamless collaboration in which the client is very involved in the process or not at all involved. The essence of private travel is its personal touches, a concept which is included in every aspect of an itinerary, including hotels, guides, and restaurants; we offer exclusive behind the scenes visits unavailable to most travelers. Flawless travel is guaranteed as we own every aspect of a client’s Journey.

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Blog posts on this site describe every hotel I’ve stayed in, more gourmet meals than I care to remember and my participation in indigenous customs and rituals in obscure corners of the world. Travel creates a teaching environment, we learn, we are challenged; I find travel the absolute essential antidote to everyday routines. Fresh vistas, foreign languages, interesting foods, curious customs, and people in indigenous dress – seeing places I’ve never seen before. A pleasing adventure of searching new locales for client travel, the pursuit never gets old.

“To get away from one’s working environment is, in a sense, to get away from one’s self; and this is often the chief advantage of travel and change.” ~Charles Horton Cooley