Amanzoe Greece


Amanzoe, Greece. Arrival Pavillion

Visited but not vetted. As you know, there are certain five-star hotel brands that are continually reliable, truth be told, I’ve rarely been disappointed in an Aman property. One finicky note, a particular beach resort had an un-swimmable beach and the shrubbery needed to fill in for privacy – most luxury travel curators are extremely picky for good reason – they share their findings with their very discerning clients. Thus, why I schlepp a 60-pound suitcase all over the globe, the importance of site inspections and visits are vital to our client happiness.

My recent visit to Greece was overwhelmingly positive, so much so, that I hope to return in spring for a second visit. I enjoyed a day trip to the sold out Amanzoe, the drive is a scenic 2.5-hour drive from Athens or a 40-minute helicopter hop to land on property near Porto Heli, Greece. Some of the most distinctive welcome ceremonies are practiced by the Aman resorts; I’ve been transfixed by prayers and blessings, thrilled by scented towels representing multiple fragrances created by an Aman hotel, they have perfected the welcome. Setting the stage for the remainder of the visit.

Aman junkies will be deliriously happy in the land of myths and legends, amid the rocky rolling Argolid hillsides of the Peloponnese. According to ancient Greek mythology the Peloponnese is where the gods walked the earth. The elegant breathtaking resort, like the Acropolis, is situated on a hilltop surrounded by olive groves, underplanted rows of fragrant lavender, and spectacular views of the deep blue Aegean Sea. Oh, did I mention the soundtrack of the cicada summer symphony?

Amanzoe, Greece

Amanzoe derives from the Sanskrit word for peace, Aman, and the Greek word for life, zoe. You may arrive with goals and purpose to explore the area; be forewarned, you may succumb to the peerless panoramic views, the elegant yet casual, beach club vibe or the stress reducing spa, the largest in the Aman hotel group.

If inclined to tour the area, I would opt for renting a car or at least hiring a driver for one way to appreciate the picturesque views spanning the eastern Peloponnese peninsula. If you desire day trips from the resort, a car is important, or you use a driver for exploration; perhaps once you see the stunning resort, you may not be inclined to leave your luminous pavilion perch or the elegant beach club, I can imagine both scenarios.

The setting and the architecture is majestic, 360-degree views take in the coast, the rocky coves and the shimmering seas. Dotted across the hillside, Amanzoe’s luxurious white Pavilions and Villas are classically inspired and contemporary in attitude. Each guest has their own private marble-edged pavilion sited for maximum privacy. All are restfully tailored with pale whitish walls, natural stone features and accented with native pine, duplicating the ancient hillsides and ruins. Pavilions have various size pools, and the large family Pavilions, 4-6 bedrooms, are enhanced by larger pools, open common areas with screening facilities and full kitchens for your in-house chef, a mini-compound.

Amanzoe, Greece. Four- six bedroom family pavilion

Amanzoe, Greece. Four- six bedroom family pavilion

The pure white structures unabashedly conjure the classic Parthenon, the grounds include numerous water features, olive groves and an amphitheater. Ancient architecture meets modern amenities. The ‘Aman way’, utter devotion and dedication to beautiful settings, tranquility and perfect service is a deliberate nod to the Greek gods.

A James Turrell art installation is featured in a spectacular slightly off property, 1-Bedroom Villa features an immersive art installation entitled ‘Sky Plain’ by world-renowned artist James Turrell. Known as a Skyspace, it takes the form of a cubic structure with a large ceiling aperture, open to the Peloponnese sky above Amanzoe. In addition, the villa comprises a master bedroom, 22-meter private pool, kitchen, extensive shaded terraces and living room.

A James Turrell art installation is featured in a spectacular slightly off property, 1-Bedroom Villa features an immersive art installation entitled ‘Sky Plain’

“Without light, there is no life. Amanzoe means ‘peaceful life’ and I hope those who experience this work will feel a peaceful sense of the power of the light.”

On property: Speedboats for island-hopping excursions, serene private beach club, two swimming pools, gym, yoga studio, tennis courts, boutique, library, amphitheater, heli pad. Beach club is 10 min by Aman shuttle whenever you desire. Beach club pools: two 25-meter lap pools and a sheltered bay to swim in, sandy beach or loungers under the massive umbrellas. Kayaks and simple sailing boats, all complimentary. Kiddy pool. Two hammams, beauty salon, Ancient wellness spa.Pergola sheltered mini pool. Pavilions have plunge for au natural swimmers.

Amanzoe, Greece

Additional infinity edge pool on main property, countryside views with sapphire hued Aegean sparkling on the horizon. The sea is  thought to named after Aegeus, the father of Theseus, who drowned himself in the sea when he thought his son had died on his famous expedition to Crete to defeat the Minotaur. Sea algae is invisible to the eye, but it colors the water green. The water in the Mediterranean does not have enough nutrients to support the growth of sea algae, thus the blue blessing, it stays in its natural color.

The Beach Club has added a few small cabanas which you can rent for the day, so you can stay at the beach without the need to go back to the main resort. A small pool is included, these Cabana rooms can also be reserved for a few nights stay, however, they are basically studio size.

Lunch at The Beach Club, Amanzoe. Greek favorites and the local large red shrimp known as tigania.

Dining: From Nama’s Japanese cuisine to the Restaurant’s Mediterranean fare, Amanzoe places the focus on simple flavors, expertly prepared. Daily deliveries of local bass, bream, grouper and crustacean, as well as locally reared lamb, pork and rabbit, make Amanzoe a champion of produce that is local and seasonal – all served in the airy Restaurant, with its deep-blue sea views, by the pool, at the informal Beach Club. The Beach club has an eclectic menu, including Greek favorites and the local large red shrimp known as tigania.

Amanzoe, surrounded by undulating olive groves and overlooking the turquoise Aegean Sea, is a ten-minute drive from the tavernas and cosmopolitan stirrings of Porto Heli, Greece. The isles of Spetses and Hydra are nearby, as are countless ancient ruins, from millennia-old amphitheaters to Byzantine monasteries.

Visit the ancient farmhouse nearby for breakfast with the owners, visit the bee keeper and take home local honey – the property has a 19-page offering of activities and sightseeing on its site…You won’t run out of activity options if you don’t succumb to the Zen like Amanzoe allure, under the spell of Amanzoe.

Amanzoe, Greece

Sightseeing nearby: the pine tree forest area of Spetses is close by– iconic fishing ports and traditional white washed stucco villages. Accessible via water taxi, the car-free Spetses is known for its sea-faring traditions, neoclassical mansions and horse-drawn carriages. Quaint villages and verdant pine forests can be explored by scooter, quad bike or bicycle.

The wealth of nearby archaeological sites includes the sanctuary of Asklepios at Epidaurus. This vast masterpiece of Greek architecture, dedicated to the gods of Epidaurus, is a UNESCO World Heritage site and home to temples and an amphitheater.

The starkly beautiful Peloponnese landscape suits treks of all kinds. Visit Byzantine chapels and Mycenaean tombs or discover the verdant peninsula of the Bisti Forest at Ermioni – all are within easy reach

Hydra, to the east, is popular with the private and charter yacht peeps. Exploring the hilly island without cars, is best done by foot or donkey or by boat.

Just over an hour inland, don’t miss Epidaurus, an ancient, Unesco-protected amphitheater flanked by a wealth of Hellenic ruins.

For a more back-to-nature day trip, make a stop at Dokos, a rocky outcrop populated primarily by monks and resident sheep-herders. Divers will want to seek out the world’s oldest shipwreck, a cargo vessel from the early Helladic period that lies just off the Dokos coast.

Have you looked at your calendar and blocking out a month in Greece? Let us help you design a visit in the style of a Greek God!

Hotel Closed – Annually, from 1 November to 31 March inclusive.




Private Four Seasons Jet Adventure International Intrigue

Exclusive Experiences – Private Four Seasons Jet Adventure

Journey: International Intrigue February 15 – March 9, 2020 – Bespoke Journey

New offerings with the caveat that these Exclusive Adventures are quickly snapped up! The Four Seasons Private Jet Experience is your gateway to adventures you may never have imagined. All itineraries include extensive options and activities, allowing you to customize your experience to match your own interests. From thrilling cities to remote islands, this inspiring Journey celebrates vibrant cultures around the world.

Journey: International Intrigue, an around-the-world excursion with like-minded travelers to visit some of the most compelling global destinations. A private jet global adventure which unlocks legendary histories, natural splendors and cultural treasures of nine spectacular destinations across four continents. This all-encompassing itinerary includes accommodations, all meals, transportation, and a wide variety of exclusive excursions and activities.

In Kyoto, channel your inner warrior and learn basic fighting moves at a samurai sword lesson. Explore the tropical paradise of the Maldives, where you may opt to enjoy the world-class diving, a local cooking class or a one-of-a-kind nighttime spa treatment. Choose to take in the grandeur of the Serengeti from a variety of perspectives—an up-close look on a personal walking safari with Masai guides, or a panoramic view from a sunrise hot air balloon ride. Your stay in Marrakech could include a private shopping excursion to buy traditional carpets and luxurious fabrics, or a day in the Atlas Mountains for a glimpse into traditional village life. With Four Seasons access, an extraordinary array of options is at your fingertips.

Directly after we confirm, we will begin planning your personal itinerary with the help of our Four Seasons Global Guest Services Manager. On call for travelers before, during and after the trip, their dedicated professionals can accommodate any request and will help us craft your ideal Journey. Choose from a variety of excursions, make private arrangements, or simply relax and enjoy the Four Seasons experience.

From the moment you step aboard the Four Seasons Private Jet, you’re surrounded by comfort and care. Designed, styled and custom-fitted to the highest specifications, the Private Jet features just 52 flatbed seats. Travel in style between nine extraordinary destinations on a Journey spanning natural, cultural and cosmopolitan attractions. A seamless Four Seasons experience is yours throughout the Journey, with stays at Four Seasons hotels and resorts—and, in two more remote locations, accommodations carefully curated by our team with the Four Seasons. Enjoy instinctual Four Seasons service from their team of dedicated professionals, including the Director of Guest Experience, Onboard Concierge and Executive Chef who accompany you throughout your trip. This is an exclusive Journey of discovery with the Four Seasons, a carefree trip around the world.

Welcome Aboard the Four Seasons Private Jet

Experience the luxurious design and exceptional attention to detail you’ve enjoyed at Four Seasons properties at 40,000 feet when you travel the world aboard their custom-fitted Private Jet. Designed by the same team who conceive the style and character of their hotels and resorts, the distinctive Boeing 757 ensures that you fly in comfort and style and arrive rejuvenated and ready for new adventures at every destination.

Service – Rely on the expertise of Four Seasons as you are personally escorted from one world-class destination to the next. The smooth start-to-finish service ensures that every detail is seen to at every step along the way. Enjoy the luxury of Four Seasons hotels and resorts that embrace the natural beauty and authentic character of each destination. As you touch down in each new country, door-to-door luggage service transports your bags directly from the Private Jet to your hotel room and back again. The Executive Chef communicates with the culinary teams at each stop to ensure that everyone is aware of dietary restrictions and preferences. For extra peace of mind, a Journey physician travels with you to meet any needs along the way. Local experts and on-the-ground guides are ready to share insider experiences, and property concierges have recommendations to help you explore each new destination according to your personal travel style. Discover distinctive restaurants and recreation amenities and opt to indulge in unique local spa treatments as Four Seasons delights and surprises at every turn.

Seattle February 15 – 16, 2020

In Walt Whitman’s epic poem Song of The Road, he expresses that the open road is a place where people come together and connect in a significant way – what better gift to your VV Favorite Valentine? Begin a day early, February 14, in Seattle and continue onward with this heart stopping Journey!

Explore – Embark on your around-the-world adventure on the shores of the Puget Sound. Gather for dinner with your fellow travelers and your Journey’s dedicated support team at Chihuly Garden and Glass, where local artist Dale Chihuly’s vibrant glass creations glow against the backdrop of the city’s iconic Space Needle. If you have arrived early, opt to go behind the scenes to meet the producers and vendors of Pike Place Market on a private tour, or head to the Boeing factory for a one-of-a kind opportunity to view jets being assembled on the production line before they take to the sky. Or choose to get a birds-eye view of Seattle from a seaplane, soaring high above the evergreen forests and waterways that surround the city. The next day, you board the Private Jet for the flight to Kyoto.

Stay – With views over the Puget Sound toward the snowcapped Olympic Mountains, Four Seasons Hotel Seattle is a luxurious urban oasis in the middle of the city. Enjoy sophisticated Pacific Northwest cuisine prepared with the freshest local ingredients at Goldfinch Tavern, an Ethan Stowell restaurant, and easy access to Seattle’s iconic Pike Place Market, located just a block away.

Kyoto – February 17 – 20, 2020

The imperial legacy of Kyoto lives on in exquisite temples and gardens alongside innovative contemporary art and a flourishing culinary scene.

Explore –  Four Seasons is your key to experiencing Kyoto’s distinct mix of traditional Japanese culture and modern influences. Unlock the centuries-old magic of Kyoto, filled with 17 UNESCO World Heritage sites as well as an untold number of hidden treasures. Practice meditation with a Zen master, and immerse yourself in the spirit of feudal Japan during a private lesson in the art of samurai sword combat. For a modern contrast, join the Four Seasons chefs on an exploration of the city’s culinary culture at the Nishiki Market, nicknamed “Kyoto’s Kitchen” by locals. Visit the ceramics collection at the Robert Yellin Yakimono Gallery, which showcases both antique and contemporary pieces. Venture into the Arashiyama Bamboo Grove, where rickshaws take guests down a winding path through the dense forest of towering stalks of bamboo. Their Michelin-starred sushi chef will give you an expert overview of Japanese cuisine, followed by a hands-on lesson in preparing a traditional meal.

Stay – Intimate and contemporary, Four Seasons Hotel Kyoto is located in the city’s most scenic district. At the heart of this brand-new hotel is an 800-year-old pond garden that will immerse you in the serenity and beauty of ancient Japan. Pamper yourself at one of the largest and most luxurious spa facilities in Kyoto, take in the views from the waterside terrace, or sip a cup of freshly brewed matcha in the lovely Tea House. Our clients love this beautiful authentic property.

Hoi An February 20 – 22, 2020

Ancient temples, colonial architecture, verdant rice paddies and pristine beaches give Vietnam’s central coast a timeless flavor that entices and soothes. Hoi An Ancient Town is an exceptionally well-preserved example of a South-East Asian trading port dating from the 15th to the 19th century.

Explore – For over 1000 years, foreign traders have been arriving in Hoi An, accessing it from the South China Sea via the Thu Bon River. With the passage of time, it became one of Asia’s most vital trading ports, initially under the backing of the Champa kingdom and later under their conquerors, the Vietnamese. During its halcyon days, between the 16th and 19th centuries, traders from Japan, Europe and China came seeking silk, precious metals, gems and tea. Step back in time in Hoi An’s Old Town, a 15th-century UNESCO World Heritage site along the Thu Bon River. Stroll through winding streets lined with traditional wooden shops, assembly halls and the former homes of wealthy merchants who plied their trade in this booming port city. Savor a food tour that reflects the melting pot of Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese and European cultures found here. Enjoy a scenic bike ride through the lush countryside surrounding Hoi An. Witness an evening lantern ceremony inspired by the full moon festival. Get fitted for a hand-crafted silk dress or custom-tailored suit created by one of Hoi An’s artisans, who have preserved their craft over generations. Your options for cultural immersion are balanced with opportunities to relax. Unwind on Ha My Beach, a stunning 20-mile stretch of white sand, or tee off on a premier links style course designed by Colin Montgomerie.

Stay – Long regarded as Vietnam’s premier beach resort, Four Seasons Resort the Nam Hai, Hoi An, Vietnam is a welcome addition to the Four Seasons family. Set on a private half-mile stretch of pristine beach, this tropical garden hideaway features newly refreshed villas and three pools that cascade to the beach. Guests enjoy an authentic connection to the region through on-site activities such as a cooking academy, a spa attuned to the rhythms of nature and exhilarating water sports. Beautifully perched over a lotus pond, the Spa is guided by the renowned Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh’s teachings, fostering not only wellness but also compassion.

Maldives February 22 – 25, 2020

There aren’t enough superlatives to fully and accurately describe the staggering natural beauty of the Maldives. From the air, nothing prepared me for the extraordinary glimpse of the turquoise seas, the oval halo of atolls and islands, in the middle of the vast Indian Ocean, crystal clear seas in a thousand shades of indigo, accented by white sugar sandy beaches…it is breathtaking! Color is fundamental to our experience of the world around us, you may have seen glossy photos or films, but the wonder of the Maldives is awe inspiring, nothing prepares you for the beauty. White-sand beaches, crystal-clear waters and island breezes set the tone for three days of relaxation and exploration in the Maldives.

Explore – The Maldives is an idyllic escape that soothes and invigorates the senses. Upon arrival in Malé, take a quick speedboat ride to tiny Kuda Huraa, a private coral island. Leave a trailing foamy white wake behind as you are whisked a mere 30 minutes to the very elegant paradise of Four Seasons Kuda Huraa Resort. One barely has a minute to sip a glass of bubbly or refresh with the scented towel! Rarefied Luxury awaits!

An array of options, including world-class diving, water sports and cooking classes. Swim or snorkel among delicate corals, home to more than 700 species of vibrant tropical fish. Opt for a nighttime snorkeling excursion to explore a different side of the underwater world that emerges after dusk or watch the acrobatic antics of spinner dolphins on a leisurely cruise around the island. Get a first-hand look at local island life at a nearby village, where you can spot fishermen at work and sample authentic Maldivian fare. Recharge at the Island Spa, a haven of tranquility situated on its own tropical island and discover the magic of their award-winning open-air lunar treatment underneath the night sky. Take a surf lesson at our Surf School, opt for a deep-sea fishing excursion or simply pass the time in your luxurious, private bungalow. Celebrate your visit with a festive beach dinner. Award-winning treatments; Island Spa; Surf lesson.

Stay – Four Seasons Resort Maldives at Kuda Huraa enchants with traditional thatched roofs and white-stone walls, plus an award-winning spa on a picturesque tropical island surrounded by crystal waters. The resort feels like a small chic village, it hums along with impeccable service and very friendly staff, multiple restaurants for dining pleasure.  There are only 96 thatched villas scattered around the gorgeously landscaped island and chic bungalows built on stilts languidly rising from the lagoon, the view is enticing. This recently refurbished property features two stunning pools— a free-form serenity pool on a secluded beach and a freshwater infinity pool surrounded by a large sundeck—as well as pools at each overwater villa. I would recommend a week visit on another Journey!

Serengeti February 25 – 28, 2020

Embark on a safari in the Serengeti, the vast African grasslands where the world ’s largest and most diverse concentration of game roams under a seemingly infinite sky. If you’ve Journeyed with us, you know I’ve visited enchanting Africa eight times, nothing compares to long days in the bush surrounded by wild animals.

Explore – Your Journey through the world’s most pristine landscapes continues in the Serengeti, where the beauty of the land and its wild inhabitants surround you. Your safari begins the moment you arrive, with a game drive to the lodge. For an even higher view, opt for a morning hot air balloon safari and watch the savannah come to life as the sun fills the sky, before a champagne breakfast in the bush. Embark on a walking safari through the bush led a resident naturalist and accompanied by Masai guides. Your Four Seasons home base offers equally exciting and intimate views of the animals from elevated wooden walkways. After the day’s adventures, relax in the lodge’s infinity pool that overlooks a watering hole, where elephants sometimes gather. As the sun sets over the savanna, relax with a yogi-led meditation session on a hilltop, before heading into the park for a torch-lit, barbecue feast.

Stay – Deep within Serengeti National Park, Africa’s finest game reserve, Four Seasons Safari Lodge Serengeti is an oasis of comfort with intimate access to wildlife. Explore the Lodge’s unique Discovery Center for a learning experience about the people, history and wildlife of the Serengeti. Then retreat to your luxurious guest room or try a regionally inspired massage at the elegant Spa that incorporates traditional techniques and local oils.

Marrakech February 28 – March 2, 2020

With bustling markets and expansive views, the Red City of Marrakech is Morocco’s exotic imperial capital and the gateway to the Atlas Mountains.

Explore – The sights, sounds and favors of Marrakech are best experienced in Jemaa el Fna square. Ride a horse-drawn carriage to this vibrant plaza, where snake charmers, acrobats and magicians entertain in the streets. Explore local food and spice markets with a specialist in traditional Moroccan cooking. Drive to the foothills of the rugged Atlas Mountains and then ride mules or walk to a Berber village to share tea with a local family, before enjoying a Moroccan lunch. Immerse yourself in the lush blue-and-green paradise of the Majorelle Gardens, built in the 1920s by painter Jacques Majorelle and lovingly restored by Yves Saint Laurent. On a private shopping expedition with a local guide, seek out the best spots to shop for Berber carpets, leather goods, jewelry and luxurious fabrics.

Stay – With Moorish gardens and restful swimming pools, Four Seasons Resort Marrakech offers a peaceful oasis amid the magic of southern Morocco’s cultural capital. Wake up to the canopy of the resort’s garden from your private guest room, which has a marble bathroom and a secluded balcony. From homemade Italian pastas to multi-course Moroccan feasts, delight in the fusion of Mediterranean and African cuisine at your resort’s restaurants.

Le Jardin Majorelle, amazing tropical garden in Marrakech, Morocco.

Budapest March 2 –5, 2020

Discover why Budapest is often called Central Europe’s most beautiful city as you explore its historical treasures, vibrant art scene and bohemian-influenced café culture.

Explore – Your Journey through Budapest’s rich history begins in Heroes’ Square, home to St. Stephen’s Basilica and its stunning stained-glass windows. Get a different perspective on both Buda and Pest as you take a private ride on a 100-year-old tramcar along the river. Browse the trendy boutiques and modern art galleries on Király utca, or relax in the thermal pools at Széchenyi Baths, a historic spa built more than 100 years ago. Venture into the Etyek-Buda region, the center
of winemaking in Hungary for centuries and sample the crisp whites and sparkling wines the area is known for at a family-run vineyard. Learn the secrets of making strudel, a faky sweet-filled pastry that originated in the Hapsburg era, before feasting on your creations. Take a private tour of the neo-Renaissance State Opera House, the center of Hungary’s rich operatic tradition, and enjoy a performance in this renowned venue. Sail down the Danube on an evening cruise, gliding past the iconic Parliament Building and Buda Castle, which are beautifully lit up at night.

Stay – A unique art nouveau landmark
built in 1906 and recently restored to its original splendor, Four Seasons Hotel Gresham Palace Budapest is rich in historical elegance and ultra- modern comforts. Centrally located at the end of the renowned Chain Bridge, the hotel features panoramic views of the Danube and the hills of Buda. Enjoy the vibrant ambiance
of Kollazs, a casual European brasserie, or sip a fine Hungarian wine under the magnificent glass cupola at the Bar and Lobby Lounge.

St. Petersburg March 5 – 8, 2020

With world-class museums, beautifully preserved architecture and richartistic traditions, St. Petersburg is a window into Russia’s lavish imperial past.

Explore – Enjoy exclusive access to the treasures of Russia’s cultural capital, including priority access at the opulent Catherine Palace to visit its legendary Amber Room, beautifully decorated with gilded carvings, gold-trimmed mirrors and ornate amber mosaics. See the city’s most iconic structure, the Church of Our Saviour on Spilled Blood, and marvel at its vibrant onion-domed towers and intricate mosaics reflected in the nearby canal. Enjoy private access to the more than 3,000 works of art housed at the State Hermitage Museum, a stunning baroque-style palace on the banks of the Neva River. Take a private tour of the Fabergé Museum to see this exclusive collection that includes nine of the famed Imperial eggs. See the world’s finest ballet dancers in training during a private tour of the Vaganova Ballet Academy, a unique opportunity to watch the students rehearse and meet them offstage. On your final night, enjoy an exclusive gala dinner at one of St. Petersburg’s regal palaces.

Stay – Housed in a 19th-century Russian royal residence, Four Seasons Hotel Lion Palace St. Petersburg is the
city’s premier five-star luxury hotel. Restored to its imperial glory, this architectural treasure in the historic Admiralteysky District offers easy access to the Hermitage Museum, Nevsky Prospekt and the Mariinsky Theatre. Enjoy a Russian-style tea in one of the palace’s original courtyards and revitalize in a traditional Russian steam room at the luxurious Spa.

Paris March 8 – 9, 2020

Incomparable and unforgettable, the winding streets of Paris have it all, including 2,000 years of history, art and architecture, high fashion and fine dining.

Explore – Just steps away from the fabled Champs-Élysées, the Four Seasons Hotel George V is in the heart of Paris, where Old World architecture and art stand side-by-side with contemporary fashion and modern gastronomy. As your exciting Journey draws to a close, reflect on your trip over a celebratory farewell dinner at the three-Michelin starred restaurant Le Cinq. The gastronomic experience of a lifetime awaits at this Paris institution, where Chef Christian Le Squer expertly pairs classic ingredients with ambitious, new techniques. Enjoy a good night’s rest before returning on your independent fight home. Choose to extend your stay and explore the City of Light. Explore some of the city’s smallest, unknown museums, many of which are former private homes filled with art and furniture. On an exclusive wine tasting, sample some of the 50,000 bottles housed in La Cave, your hotel’s legendary wine cellar. Cap off your Journey with a signature treatment at the newly opened Le Spa, which boasts a 56-foot mosaic-lined swimming pool.

Stay – Four Seasons Hotel George V, an elegant art deco landmark built in 1928, redefines luxury in the city. Guest rooms offers commanding views of all of Paris from private terraces and are furnished with lovingly restored 18th-century pieces. Enjoy world-class dining at the hotel’s Michelin-starred restaurants, or head to the elegant lounge for afternoon tea or a cocktail.

An Exclusive Journey of International Intrigue Aboard Four Seasons Private Jet

February 15 – March 9, 2020

Fees: Per person price, double occupancy $147,000.00

Space available, please let us know if you are interested!




Louis Vuitton Foundation – Jean-Michael Basquiat

Just around the corner – Autumn in Paris is enchanting, one of the most beautiful seasons to visit. An additional reason to visit, Louis Vuitton Foundation presents Jean-Michael Basquiat.
Upcoming Exhibition – From October 3, 2018 to January 14, 2019.

I was in Paris for the blockbuster “Icons of Modern Art. The Shchukin Collection” at the Vuitton Museum, it was perfectly orchestrated, so I expect the same for this important exhibition.

The work of Jean-Michel Basquiat, one of the most important painters of the twentieth century, unfolds in four levels of the building of Frank Gehry.

From the website: “The exhibition covers, from 1980 to 1988, the entire career of the painter focusing on more than 120 decisive works. Like the Heads of 1981-1982, for the first time gathered here, or the presentation of several collaborations between Basquiat and Warhol , the exhibition includes previously unseen ensembles in Europe, essential works such as Obnoxious Liberals (1982) , In Italian (1983) or Riding with Death (1988), and paintings rarely seen since their first presentations during the artist’s lifetime, such as Offensive Orange (1982), Untitled (Boxer) (1982), and Untitled (Yellow Tar and Feathers) (1982)© Estate of Jean-Michel Basquiat Licensed by Artestar, New York © Louis Vuitton Foundation / Marc Domage

Right out of childhood, Jean-Michel Basquiat leave school and make New York street his first workshop. Soon, his painting will be a success both wanted and suffered. The exhibition affirms its dimension as a major artist having radically renewed the practice of drawing and the concept of art. His copy-and-paste practice paved the way for the fusion of the most diverse disciplines and ideas. He created new spaces for reflection and anticipated, in doing so, our Internet and post-Internet society and our current forms of communication and thought. The sharpness of his eyes, his attendance at museums, reading many books gave him a real culture. But his gaze is oriented: the absence of black artists appears with painful evidence; the artist then imposes himself to make exist, with parity.

The death of Basquiat in 1988 interrupts a very prolific work, done in just a decade, with more than a thousand paintings and more drawings. The exhibition unfolds on nearly 2500m2. It is organized chronologically, but also by sets of works defining themes and dictating reconciliations. For Dieter Buchhart, “The exhibition follows its creation, from its first drawings and monumental works to screen prints, collages and later assemblages, highlighting its inimitable touch, its use of words, phrases and enumerations and its recourse to concrete hip hop poetry. To the existence of the African-American man threatened by racism, exclusion, oppression and capitalism, he opposes his warriors and heroes. ”

We can, of course offer VIP Private Visit- however, these limited options will reserve quickly!
The proposed route is chronological

Ground floor (gallery 2)
The exhibition opens with the exceptional set of three large Heads dating from 1981-1983. Follows, around the theme of the street – conceived as a workshop, source of inspiration, living body – the presentation of a set of works, mostly from 1981-1982, which echo in their compositions the energy, the intensity of the urban environment and its language. Let’s mention here Crowns (Peso Neto) . This first moment of the exhibition ends with the great characters painted by the artist, the “prophets” and the striking portrait of a black policeman (Irony of Negro Policeman) .

Ground Floor (Gallery 4)
This second stage of the exhibition is marked by a set of thirty head designs made mostly in 1982 by the artist. This hanging works as a huge composition of faces occupying the entire field of view of the viewer; he emphasizes the importance of drawing in Basquiat.
Further on, the graphic energy of the dozen works presented on the same floor expresses all the rage, the contestation, the revolt of Basquiat. It is symbolized by great African-American figures – boxers or fighters – who are also his personal heroes: Untitled (Sugar Ray Robinson) (1982), St. Louis Joe Surrounded by Snakes (1982), Cassius Clay (1982) … The introduction of letters, numbers, signs and texts in the background shows the complexity of the compositions, as in Santo # 1 (1982), Self-Portrait with Suzanne (1982), Untitled (1982), Portrait of the Artist as a Young Derelict (1982).

Level 1 (Gallery 5)
“Heroes and Warriors” open this sequence. A front figure of black boxer, Untiled (Boxer) (1982), iconic masterpiece, makes the link with the previous section. The heroic characters are adorned with halos, crowns, or crowns of thorns … The emancipating figure of Samson appears in Obnoxious Liberals (1982). The journey continues with paintings linking a long history and archetypes with the direct environment of the artist, in compositions fed with stories and fragmentary writings, such as Price of Gasoline in the Third World(1982) or Slave Auction (1982), which deals directly with the slave trade. Another key board, In Italian (1983) testifies to the colorist talent of Basquiat.
The last time of the gallery 5 is organized around the music and especially the figure of jazz saxophonist Charlie Parker, one of Basquiat’s heroes. Five works return to a legendary figure he considers an alter ego: CPRKR (1982), Horn Players (1983), Charles the First (1982), Discography (One) (1983), Now’s the Time (1985).

Level 1 (gallery 6)
The room brings together six canvases in which writing plays a central role, including Museum Security (Broadway Meltdown) (1983) and Hollywood Africans in Front of the Chinese Theater with Footprints of Movie Stars (1983) representing the painter surrounded by friends.

Level 1 (gallery 7)
At a distance, the space of the gallery 7 makes it possible to group together a series of four works – Lye (1983), Flash in Naples (1983), Napoleonic Stereotype (1983) – composed from a similar motif: a grid on which come to pose the figures, borrowed from the history, the history of the art or the immediate context of the artist.

Level 2 (gallery 9)
Two major ensembles are proposed in this room.
The first group around the monumental Grillo , 1984, a related group, including Gold Griot . There are references to an African culture reinterpreted and conveyed by the diaspora, where the black figure prevails, omnipresent.
The second set is devoted to the relationship between Jean-Michel Basquiat and Andy Warhol . Portrait made in 1982 by Basquiat, Dos Cabezas,1982, inaugurates this mutual fascination and introduces a set of works made with four hands from 1984. Warhol and Basquiat collaborate freely mixing drawing and screen printing. Mind energy (1984), OP-OP (1984) and Eiffel Tower (1985) are included here.

Level 2 (galleries 10 and 11)
The last rooms are organized into two sections, one centered on large formats from 1985-1987, mixing acrylic, pastel bold and collages. Graphic processes that seem to be borrowed from the musical techniques of sampling create a dense surface, exploded compositions, suggesting a multiplicity of readings. The other section, titled Unbreakable (Unbreakable), takes the title of a 1987 work, brings together some of the artist’s latest productions, including the impressive Riding with Death (1988). The painting bears witness to the artist’s complex pictorial heritage, which combines references to Renaissance art, icon painting and the most radical currents of the twentieth century. feeling of disarticulation in a furious and desperate race to nothingness.”

The Jean-Michel Basquiat exhibition was made possible thanks to the collaboration of the Louis Vuitton Foundation and the Brant Foundation.