Bhutan – The Happiest Country – What You Need Now!

The National Memorial Chorten is a Tibetan style stupa also known as “jangchub chorten” is one of the cities tallest structures, an iconic landmark near the center of Thimphu. The memorial chorten is visible from almost all corners of Thimphu and it is one of the most interesting sights in Thimphu. The Chorten, held in great religious fervor, is circumambulated only in a clockwise direction, while reciting prayers and gently whirling the large red prayer wheels. This prayer pattern is the rule for any religious structures in Bhutan. It’s a stunning vision of pristine white against the backdrop of the brilliant sapphire sky.

National Memorial Chorten, Bhutan.

The Chorten attracts many elderly Bhutanese on a daily basis who slowly circle the chorten, whirl the large red prayer wheels and pray at the shrine. Long beaded rosaries in their gnarled hands, they may spend the entire day here praying and socializing with the predominately elder locals. At the many prayer wheels, you might see ancient looking women and men sitting beneath the prayer wheels fingering their beads, praying, counting the repetition on the beads. They may be visiting or staying with their adult children and are dropped off for the day- a ritualistic life of praying for themselves and others. They may sit there all day on a cushion, in layers of clothing for warmth, it’s also a social outing as most of the people sitting and praying appear quite elderly. Although when asked their age, many are in their early to mid 60’s. they amble clockwise around the prayer wheel complex, gently pushing the worn wooden handles in a clockwise turn, making their rounds all day long, praying and counting their prayers on their beads or rosaries. 

Thousands of people circumambulate this stupa every day. Mornings and evenings are particularly crowded. Young and old come here from dawn till dusk to pray and cleanse the sin they might have accumulated through various ways by way of bodily action and speech.

One of the elderly ladies saying her prayers at the National Memorial Chorten, Bhutan
National Memorial Chorten, prayer wheel. Bhutan
National Memorial Chorten, local elders pray and visit. Bhutan

It was built in 1974 as a memorial to the third king, Jigme Dorji Wangchuck (1928–72). The whitewashed chorten, with its sun-catching golden finial, is decorated with richly painted annexes facing the cardinal directions, and features elaborate mandalas, statues and a shrine dedicated to the popular King. The main patron was the Druk Gyalpo’s mother, Phuntsho Choden. While the interior of the chorten is decorated with richly carved annexes facing the four directions, and contain mandalas, statues and a shrine dedicated to the third king.The ground floor of the chorten is consecrated to the teachings of Vajrakilya. It has four shrines, each with different pictures of the king; with the eastern shrine housing a Buddha image.

National Memorial Chorten, local elders pray and visit. Bhutan

How to Become a Member of a Posh London Club – The Twenty Two

For virtually decades, the posh clubs of London have remained closed off to the public and especially to travelers —virtual sanctuaries of exclusion. Our Very Proper Man in London who belongs to several fine clubs has opened the doors to me a few times – I am always in awe – the clubs are posh and marvelous people watching haunts.

A unique culture which is changing with the recent opening of the sexy and stunning The Twenty Two. My walk though stopped me in my tracks at every corner – the owner, Iranian investor and former owner of Blakes, Navid Mirtorabi and the Newcastle United co-owner Jamie Reuben have created an exclusive nest in which VIP’s and travelers can mingle. It’s a petite 31-room hotel and a private members club in Mayfair.

Even the small rooms are oozing with charm and gorgeous finishes

Location: The massive limestone townhouse fits in on a perfectly manicured park square that was once the home of the U.S. Embassy and Oscar Wilde. In the 1920’s the Bentley Boys took adjacent flats where their day-long parties became something of social legend. So common was the sight of their large, green sports cars parked outside their flats, for many years the location was described as “Bentley Corner”. It seems perfectly natural The Twenty Two has reintroduced the glamour of Bentley Corner.

The Heritage Suite

Stunning residential homes rest amid the tree lined block, it’s posh, dignified, and luxuriously Edwardian. Grosvenor Square has always enticed the powerful and wealthy, it is the centerpiece of the Mayfair property of the Duke of Westminster, and takes its name from the surname “Grosvenor”.

The Audley Suite

The new hotel and club are a splendid gem combining Edwardian grandeur with double height ceilings, wide baseboards, deep thick carpets and walls upholstered in silk, thick layers of velvet drapes cloak the windows. Triple pane glass assures absolute quiet. It’s lushly plush!

For hotel guests this inclusion to a private club provides a traveler with all the amenities of a posh club without membership fees, and if one is tied up all day with meetings, head back to The Twenty Two the utmost in convenience of dining, tipples and if inclined, join in events in the Music Room or dance in the Vault Bar. The perfect marriage of hotel and private Club. Staff is implementing great programming around the brand pillars of wellness, art and film to ensure a constant dialogue among the members and a global community.

Deluxe Room

The dining emphasizes contemporary British and Mediterranean food and features local suppliers. Open daily from 7am-11pm, The Restaurant at The Twenty Two offers an all-day menu of British classics with a Mediterranean twist, overseen by Executive Chef Alan Christie. Christie has developed a seasonal menu, with dishes including chargrilled grass-fed ribeye, and local Devonshire crab salad.

The Dining Room

A plethora of room types provide choices for every type of traveler. All are decorated in luxurious finishes, I would be happy in any of these yummy rooms – many of the rooms and suites have very high windows which provide an abundance of daylight even on a gloomy London day.

The Twenty Two has opened to Rave Reviews!