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Consider me a certified member of the Tribe of the Spa Girl; I’m always prepared to perform site inspections at a spa! My two weeks in the Maldives was a glorious escape and I enjoyed a few miraculous spa sessions, you might be aware of the stresses of tropical Island life. In my case, the generous and enthusiastic GM of the Four Seasons Kudaa Hura filled my dance card beginning at 7 am for Sunrise Yoga until dinners long after the moon rise; I became an activity expert but certainly deserved a spa break!

Four Seasons Kuda Huraa Island Spa, Maldives

The Four Seasons Island Spa is reached by a traditional wooden dhoni; let the languid Journey begin, ply across the lagoon and board the private spa island, walk along the wooden pier to reception and a spa shop. There are also steam rooms or you can indulge in a flower bath pre-treatment. There are seven private open air salons on individual piers – thus your concentration is only broken by the gentle lapping of waves and cool breezes wafting through the floor to ceiling windows. It was abundantly clear I was exhausted, Maxime Lureau, the amusing and witty spa director, suggested I enjoy the exclusive signature Kuda Huraa Healing Water treatment…we decided 120 minutes might render me comatose, so I opted for 60 minutes. Commence with a refreshing outdoor shower, dried by the gentle breeze.

Four Seasons Kuda Huraa Island Spa – Restorative Ginger Tea

Four Seasons Kuda Huraa Island Spa

Every Journey at the Four Seasons is important and the Island spa greeting begins with a chilled fragrance infused towel, ginger tea and dried fruit. On departure, chatting with Maxime, I was presented with cool tea and fruit, the attention to detail is evident in even the smallest touches…when I focused my camera, Maxime halted the shot and said let me find a more suitable background dish…details do matter!

Four Seasons Kuda Huraa Island Spa Rain shower, dried by the breeze!

Described as a return to tranquility, the massage is performed while lying face up on cushions of warm water, imagine skooshy warm water bed. The body therapy massage description proclaims to leave you in a complete state of tranquility with your spirit floating; I can confirm the marketing promise, I fell asleep during the massage on the soothing slightly swaying water cushions and awoke restored and game for more activities!

I would recommend a visit each day, look into the program of daily treatments including a Marine Detox, a Gigartina Cocoon Wrap, private yoga can also be enjoyed in the spa studios followed by a Thai Balance massage and for your final day, perhaps a sea of life facial. The signature product is the American brand Osea – rich in seaweed, these organic vegan products smell incredible and feel fresh and tingly on the skin. Leave the oil on for a few hours, happy to oblige!

Venture to the private Island Spa in the evening to enjoy the Night Spa under a blanket of stars on a private beach. Just you, the heartbeat of the pulsing sea and a million sparkling stars. Refresh, rebalance and rejuvenate with wellbeing classes and pioneering OSEA treatments that draw on the healing properties of the ocean – from sea oxygen and sea salt to wild-harvested seaweed and nutrient-rich sea algae.

Bliss can be achieved at Four Seasons Kuda Huraa Island Spa in the Maldives!

Four Seasons Kuda Huraa Island Spa With a view of the horizon





Four Seaons Maldives with Love

Red Tomatoes appear red because that’s the very wavelength their skin does not absorb. A ‘red‘ tomato lies to tell the truth.

Lunch at BLU Four Seasons Maldives Landaa Giraavaru

Fishie Friend Four Seasons Kuda Huraa

Four Seasons Kuda Huraa

Pink, a delicate color that means sweet, nice, playful, cute, romantic, charming, feminine, and tenderness, is associated with bubble gum, flowers, babies, little girls, cotton candy, and sweetness. The color pink is the color of universal love of oneself and of others.

AYURVEDA Spa Four Seasons Maldives Landaa Giraavaru

Bed Art Four Seasons Landaa Giraavaru

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