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I’m certain there is a post somewhere on 20 ways to Organize and Display Travel Mementos. As a Maximalist, my years of collecting don’t leave much space at home for toting more Travel Mementos.

I recently donated a piano to create space for more art. I gained an entire wall to hang enlarged photos from my Journey’s, daily reminders of my best-loved experiences. The Moroccan afternoon under an Argan tree filled with goats dangling above my head, a baby goat in my arms, truly a Daliesque scene. Bhutanese women in a turnip field, their lavender garb matching the bushels of turnips.  

Local art which can be toted home flat in a suitcase or jewelry are desired pieces from my wanderings. No more shipping home trunks of local furniture or enormous Indian marble tables or brass elephants!

The Berber Boghadad Cross was found in the souks of Tangier. My driver client liason spotted two more for me in the souks of Agadir. The decorated enamel Berber crosses seem a bit more rare than the plain silver crosses, in any event they are very easy to transport!

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