Behind Closed Doors – Poilâne Bread from Paris

Many many years ago, I visited a local townhouse that was for sale – thinking my charming cottage was filled with endless to do lists of repairs. The owner was nonchalantly noshing on a beautiful bread round, he offered me a bite. I thanked him and marveled at the magnitude of the loaf and delicious flavor. He casually commented, it was just delivered by FedEx from Paris!

I forgot the townhouse, but I NEVER forgot that bread and the notion that behind unassuming ordinary doors, some clever people have their bread delivered from Paris! Don’t judge a book by its cover comes to mind.

I added Poilâne Bread to my Paris list of must visits and eventually met and interviewed the young owner, Apollonia Poilâne. You can read the tragic tale with a happy ending: My Daily Bread.

Multiple Poilâne bakeries in Paris, 8 rue du Cherche-Midi in the artsy Saint-Germain-des-Prés district is one of my favorite locations. I use their linen lined bread proofing baskets to serve bread.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had yummy Poilâne bread FedExd to my cottage and to my friends. With the forthcoming pandemic holidays ahead, I encourage you to make it a bit more magnificent and memorable with Bread from Paris! I’ve already placed my order for the decorated Thanksgiving sourdough, it’s enormous and serves a crowd or hoard it and nibble with a scrumptious cheese and a flute of bubbly.

We all deserve to be a bit spoiled during Covid.