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Travel in commercial airports is not kind to travelers, however, there are methods to avoid lines and crowds. Dodge the Terminal Trudge, our VIP or VVIP Airport Service can be reserved at a long list of global airports. CDG and several other airports offer the James Bond BMW Tarmac Transfer – I’ve enjoyed, and it’s thrilling!

David Lewis, a leading British neuropsychologist from Mind Lab, an independent London research consultancy, reports the impact or airport travel can be severe. The results of a survey done at Heathrow Airport were shocking. Dr Lewis, who coined the phrase “road rage” 25 years ago, found that a “growing frustration with the overall state of the airline industry was a major culprit of air rage.” 

CDG Tarmac Transfer Day 65 of Travel

How do mere mortals avoid airport stress? Our clients are addicted to VIP Airport Services all around the world.  If Covid taught us anything, avoiding throngs and teeming airports is at the top of the list. Airports are practically the only place left with mask rules.

Staying in an airport hotel for a few hours or overnight, our VIP team will deliver you to the hotel door and meet you again for your return to the gate or check in. A few clients have enjoyed this service recently in Spain and Dubai. Nothing more challenging than a 1 am arrival, collect your bags and navigate to another terminal to an airport hotel on your own.

VVIP SERVICESAirport Arrival, clients are greeted at the aircraft door, tarmac transfer by car to a private VIP Lounge. Passport and customs carried out by a dedicated security officer. Complimentary refreshments, baggage retrieval and deliver to your car or a separate baggage car. AVOID the terminal completely.

Airport Departure. – Greeter at curb to assist with check in and transfer to VIP private lounge. Guests are greeted at the VIP lounge’s private entrance. Assistance with baggage check-in, tarmac transfer by car to the aircraft.

VVIP Flight Connection. Clients are greeted at the aircraft, tarmac transfer by car to private VIP lounge. Passport and customs check carried out by a dedicated security officer. Tarmac transfer to next flight.

Meet & Greet Arrival. Clients are met at the aircraft, priority access to passport and customs, baggage retrieval and escort to car to destination.

Meet & Greet Departure. Curbside car pick up and luggage retrieval. Assistance with VAT if necessary. Baggage check-in, priority access to passport and custom check. Escort to airline VIP lounge or gate for pre-boarding.

Meet & Greet Connection. Clients are greeted at the aircraft and escorted to the gate of the connecting flights. Priority access to passport and customs checks. Escort to airline VIP lounge or gate for pre-boarding.

JFK arrival after 72 days of International Travel

Car services to and from airports can be added as well. Separate luggage cars can be added. Each airport has specific rules, we can add VVIP or VIP Services all around the world.

I’ve enjoyed the VVIP Rock Star Experience at CDG, cruising around the tarmac and avoiding the terminals is truly a VVIP Experience.

Highly Recommend.

Winter Blues

Cures for the Winter Blues: we recommend The Four Seasons Maldives – two scrumptious properties, plus a private island and a private yacht-

There aren’t enough superlatives to fully and accurately describe the staggering natural beauty of the Maldives. Nothing prepared me for the beauty of the Maldives, the diving and snorkeling are exceptional, fish to table meals, scrumptious spas, it’s a distance, but beyond worth it! I stayed for two weeks and could have easily lounged/snorkeled for an additional week!

Four Seasons Kuda Huraa Resort Maldives
Four Seasons Kuda Huraa Resort Maldives
Snorkel or dive- this little guy was was in barely 4 feet of water right in front of my beach villa, manta rays hover in deeper seas, turtles may come in close for a peek at your mask!
Ancient Bhutan Kingdom

Brilliant blue skies at dizzying altitudes in the ancient Kingdom of Bhutan, explored village by village with Amankora Resorts. Amankora has five lodges spread through the Kingdom and each lodge is a subtle suggestion of the white walled Dzongs. The Bhutanese architecture is very colorful and replicated in farmhouses, temples and local shops. Amankora has kept it clean and simple, why try to compete with the majesty of the Himalayas, the bedecked local homes and the elaborately painted Temples. See my glorious posts on Bhutan;

We are strong Four Seasons supporters all over the world but for warm water and sizzling sun think of the divine Four Seasons Punta Mita, villas, beach cabanas, tequila tasting, warm water – it’s got it all! The recently opened Four Seasons Cabo is an architectural stunner- if you like a desert environment, absolutely isolated experiences, swimmable beaches then this new resort will speak to you. Our clients seeking winter warmth have visited almost every Four Seasons beach resort: Costa Rica, Bora Bora, Nevis and even the beautiful Four Seasons Athens beach resort in summer. Oh and the multiple Hawaiian resorts: Lanai, Maui, Hualalai, and Oahu Ko Olina, so many choices!

Four Seasons Punta Mita

Farther afield: Fiji, many exceptional properties offering so many water activities, the kiddos will be worn out by the daily options! Exceptional deep sea fishing is also very popular in Fiji.

Laucula Island Resort, Fiji

New Zealand and Australia offer summer warmth when we are chilly. Argentina wine tasting, it’s hot there! Spin the globe, follow the sun!

Image result for new zealand

Ring us for Winter Warmth Solutions – Cures for the Winter Blues!