Four Seasons Kuda Huraa Reefscape

My glorious 2 week stay at Four Seasons Maldives at both resorts was a dream Journey. Randy Shimabuku, the GM of Four Seasons Kudaa Huraa, had me scheduled every hour of my week stay. I would bump into him on property, he would inquire, how is it going?! My reply: I’m exhausted – you have me scheduled in activities from 7 am and I have dinner with you or someone from each department every night! There was a method to his madness, I became an expert on the resort and I can advise my clients on activities and which property would suit them. Actually, I would recommend a stay at both for various reasons.

A growing update on my Coral Cage at Kuda Huraa! In January, 2018, during my glorious 2 week visit to the Maldives, I built and sponsored a Coral Cage. In an effort to propagate coral in the Maldives, the coral cages offers hope for the world’s threatened reefs. Metal cages submerged in the Indian Ocean will help regenerate battered reefs and improve protection of vulnerable coastlines from rising sea levels.

My last morning at Kuda Hura was spent building the small coral frame cage, wiring a few pieces of coral on the frame which was dropped into the seas near the Four Seasons.

This coral frame has been sponsored by Gwen Books – Lifestyle Management the label reads “Gwen Books – Lifestyle Management” It was transplanted to the Water Villa area on Jan 24 2018 with the species Acropora digitifera, Acropora intermedia, Acropora muricata, framce. Frame #KH2062 at Kuda Huraa.

Coral Cage as of this week!

You too can sponsor a frame to stimulate coral growth, the reefscape team sends photos periodically to share the coral growth.

Sponsor a Coral Cage and make a plan to visit and see the progress, do good while confined! Link for sponsoring a cage:

Ultimately, I would advise you to visit the Four Seasons Maldives, nothing prepared me for the beauty of the indigo seas.

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Winter Blues

Cures for the Winter Blues: we recommend The Four Seasons Maldives – two scrumptious properties, plus a private island and a private yacht-

There aren’t enough superlatives to fully and accurately describe the staggering natural beauty of the Maldives. Nothing prepared me for the beauty of the Maldives, the diving and snorkeling are exceptional, fish to table meals, scrumptious spas, it’s a distance, but beyond worth it! I stayed for two weeks and could have easily lounged/snorkeled for an additional week!

Four Seasons Kuda Huraa Resort Maldives
Four Seasons Kuda Huraa Resort Maldives
Snorkel or dive- this little guy was was in barely 4 feet of water right in front of my beach villa, manta rays hover in deeper seas, turtles may come in close for a peek at your mask!
Ancient Bhutan Kingdom

Brilliant blue skies at dizzying altitudes in the ancient Kingdom of Bhutan, explored village by village with Amankora Resorts. Amankora has five lodges spread through the Kingdom and each lodge is a subtle suggestion of the white walled Dzongs. The Bhutanese architecture is very colorful and replicated in farmhouses, temples and local shops. Amankora has kept it clean and simple, why try to compete with the majesty of the Himalayas, the bedecked local homes and the elaborately painted Temples. See my glorious posts on Bhutan;

We are strong Four Seasons supporters all over the world but for warm water and sizzling sun think of the divine Four Seasons Punta Mita, villas, beach cabanas, tequila tasting, warm water – it’s got it all! The recently opened Four Seasons Cabo is an architectural stunner- if you like a desert environment, absolutely isolated experiences, swimmable beaches then this new resort will speak to you. Our clients seeking winter warmth have visited almost every Four Seasons beach resort: Costa Rica, Bora Bora, Nevis and even the beautiful Four Seasons Athens beach resort in summer. Oh and the multiple Hawaiian resorts: Lanai, Maui, Hualalai, and Oahu Ko Olina, so many choices!

Four Seasons Punta Mita

Farther afield: Fiji, many exceptional properties offering so many water activities, the kiddos will be worn out by the daily options! Exceptional deep sea fishing is also very popular in Fiji.

Laucula Island Resort, Fiji

New Zealand and Australia offer summer warmth when we are chilly. Argentina wine tasting, it’s hot there! Spin the globe, follow the sun!

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Ring us for Winter Warmth Solutions – Cures for the Winter Blues!