Legacy Travel – Wander with our Travel Tribe

Eighteen years ago, when I founded Lifestyle Management, my primary goal was to curate bespoke Journeys focused on creating lasting memories and experiences. Legacy Travel.

Travel is all about making a dream come true, whether it is the dream of adventure, relaxation, or education. We’ve been creating lasting memories for our exclusive clients and their families all this time. In the last week, a few clients shared their compliments, I am glowing!

We designed a summer Scotland excursion for a lovely East Coast client who traveled with her not quite as athletic dad. Fife Arms was the perfect starting point with our exceptional guide and raconteur, Simon, a local land steward for over 20 years. Accessing the Balmoral Royal grounds, he designed the perfect relaxed hiking day suitable for Dad and with a peek and picnic on Royal grounds for the daughter, a Royal loving and very able hiker! On to Edinburgh, with our exclusive guides tailoring the touring to please two diverse travelers. She designed a beautiful photo collage of their Scotland Journey for her dad for Christmas!

History Buff Kids Scampering in Normandy at Château Gaillard

Two exceptionally diverse trips, the second Journey was for a fun and intrepid local family of four, whose kids have seen much of the world with their parents. Despite being slayed by flu in London, they carried on to Stonehenge, private history, and art tours and onward to France to explore D-Day battlefields and an outing to Versailles. From the parents: ‘We’ve been watching movies recently featuring London and Paris, and our boys love that they can recognize the sites that we toured, with your help. Such wonderful trips with you this year, and we’re looking forward to many more! Amar, Prabha, Ishaan, and Akaash.’

My Mantra from day one was to create Legacy Travel, putting the ultimate touch on Journeys designing distinctive experiences of a lifetime, unique authentic wanderings.

Travel creates a teaching environment, we learn, we are challenged; I find travel the absolute essential antidote to everyday routines. Fresh vistas, foreign languages, interesting foods, curious customs, and people in indigenous dress – seeing places I’ve never seen before. A pleasing adventure of searching new locales for client travel, the pursuit never gets old.

It’s a new year, will you linger longer, prioritize family time, volunteer in a foreign country, fill your passport pages?

Beyond grateful for our delightful Travel Tribe! Our greatest compliment is very happy clients.

Amanera – Hotel Whisperer

Ooh, ask and you receive or beg and you receive…I’ve previously mentioned that a convivial hotel GM, someone who was truly born with the hospitality gene, provides significant enhancement to a property. Everyone always has one horrible incident to share – lost luggage, no hot water in a room. My experience tells me that I never forget the little extra’s a GM does for me or my clients. When I was in Cabo during the hurricane, Marc Rodriguez sent a care package of snacks and tequila to get us through the night – he, who was managing a hotel filled with guests and staff prepare for a hurricane. Little touches, lasting memories.

During my all to short stay at the sublime Amanera, a small jar of the most delectable coconut cookies appeared next to the coffee pot every day – it was a tiny, tiny jar of petite bites – how could 4 of these little bites contain ANY calories or sugar? With strong black coffee, I must confess, they are the ultimate breakfast tasting menu!  When I asked chef a few times for the recipe and was met with a decisive No, we all laughed and assumed I would never achieve a recipe…

Addictive Coconut Cookies Amanera

Enter Hotel Whisperer – Rocco Bova…he possess the Hospitality Gene! Happy brekkie! Gracias or Grazie to Rocco and his team!