Amanera – Hotel Whisperer

Ooh, ask and you receive or beg and you receive…I’ve previously mentioned that a convivial hotel GM, someone who was truly born with the hospitality gene, provides significant enhancement to a property. Everyone always has one horrible incident to share – lost luggage, no hot water in a room. My experience tells me that I never forget the little extra’s a GM does for me or my clients. When I was in Cabo during the hurricane, Marc Rodriguez sent a care package of snacks and tequila to get us through the night – he, who was managing a hotel filled with guests and staff prepare for a hurricane. Little touches, lasting memories.

During my all to short stay at the sublime Amanera, a small jar of the most delectable coconut cookies appeared next to the coffee pot every day – it was a tiny, tiny jar of petite bites – how could 4 of these little bites contain ANY calories or sugar? With strong black coffee, I must confess, they are the ultimate breakfast tasting menu!  When I asked chef a few times for the recipe and was met with a decisive No, we all laughed and assumed I would never achieve a recipe…

Addictive Coconut Cookies Amanera

Enter Hotel Whisperer – Rocco Bova…he possess the Hospitality Gene! Happy brekkie! Gracias or Grazie to Rocco and his team!

Werner Küchler, Parisian Crooner – Travel Tales

Wednesday November 23. Dinner Le Relais Plaza at The Plaza Athenee, Paris.

Le Relais Plaza, Paris

I was introduced to Werner Küchler, the director of the Le Relais Plaza restaurant, who oversaw our meal and took great care of us during dinner – we discussed Wednesday Jazz evenings at Le Relais. I mentioned I would be home, he offered his hand and said Madame, follow me to the bar. Madame, what type of music do you prefer and in what language? Romantic and in French..voila, a petite concert…slice of life…

You must travel, you must leave your comfort zone and explore…great treasures await, especially in Paris! Merci, Werner, for an enchanting evening with you!

Click for brief video of my splendid evening!

Werner Plaza Athenee