The Brando – The Art of the Welcome

I am passionate about The Arrival to a Property. Some might say, I am obsessed  with the arrival; I truly expect a guest should be welcomed as a friend is to your home. It sets the stage for the remainder of the trip. I like to think of our Journeys as a play and the arrival is the opening act – what transpires should unfold with a perfect first act. The Brando IslandHotel management never knows if a traveler may have missed their flight  and has barely sipped an espresso before catching the 9.30 am Tahiti to Tetiaroa flight.. In the case of my escape to The Brando, my plane did break, which meant I spent an unplanned nine hours on the ground in Los Angeles forcing me onto a midnight flight – landing weary and prepared to be pleased by paradise.

No matter the circumstances, I feel the welcome sets the stage and tone for a visit. The VIP arrival at the Brando Resort surpassed my expectations. The island of Tetiaroa was chosen by Tahitian Royalty as their summer home; I felt like a royal as I was warmly greeted by Polynesian performers and a handsome tribal chief – evocations of the island’s ancient history. I like the fact that on arrival, we are presented with a hint of the historic Polynesian Island roots. I learned later of the passing of legends in storytelling in song, dance and poetry.

We were offered chilled towels and a gloriously fragrant lei as we traveled ever so quietly by golf buggy to a villa – off we go! The quiet jungle is an intimation of your days as they unfold in blissful serenity, lacking urban intrusions- background noise consists of gently rolling surf and the fluttering of pandanus and coconut fronds.

Paradise Indeed!The Brando Resort The stage was set for idyllic days of continuously positive guest experiences.


Welcome Team- Chilled Towel and the fragrant Tahitian Gardenia

I learned that the delicate white Tahitian Gardenia is the country’s national flower. A beautiful icon at the resort; worn by staff, behind one ear and placed on your pillow every evening – I found it induced sleep. Subtle touches – all add up to a wonderful visit.

Welcome Me!

Welcome Me!

Add to the ambient noise- melting ice in a bucket of Champers and frothy cocktails!

I’ve Arrived!