Istanbul Imperial Legacy – Sultans, Mosques, and Hidden Stories.

It became a bit of an inside joke in Istanbul when the Movers and Shakers of Sand Hill Road and Silicon Valley passed each other under the dome of the Blue Mosque.  We usually reserved Haig St. Sophia privately for our client families, which is an amazing experience. I lay on the floor and could imagine the hoofbeats of ancient horses galloping through. The President has deemed St Sophia be converted into a Mosque again, the floor is covered in carpet for prayer.

“We arrived by boat at the Four Seasons Hotel Istanbul at the Bosporus from the airport in Istanbul. Splendid traffic-beating ride and a look at the beautiful city skyline.” Reed Hastings & Patty Quillin 

Four Seasons Hotel Istanbul

The old airport was near the Marina, when all of our clients arrived, I insisted everyone cruise the Bosporus on a yacht charter to the Four Seasons Hotel. After a long 14-hour flight, avoid the traffic plagued streets, our clients were whisked to the marina for a yacht transfer, it is a brilliant memorable arrival! Avoided the traffic, breathe in the fresh air, and savor the skyline from a yacht which I feel every visitor must experience. The skyline is fascinating and stunning!

Istanbul is one of the most ancient cities in the world and the only city on the globe to be situated on two continents, straddling the Bosporus Strait in northwestern Turkey between the Sea of Marmara and the Black Sea.

All our clients who began with us 18 years ago have visited Istanbul; Americans are visiting again.  A magical destination, Istanbul has a wealth of attractions from architecture, shopping, and delicious healthy dining. An ancient city with an unparalleled cultural heritage, truly a timeless charm. Since my last visit, many new five star hotels have opened in Istanbul. Six Senses is plopped on the upper Bosphorus, Raffles and the Fairmont have planted roots and The Mandarin has established a water side location.

A showcase of ancient culture and Western History.

Follow Me – up the grand Bosporus Strait to berth at the Four Seasons Aqua Restaurant for dinner under an inky black sky.

Highly Recommend!