Six Senses Laamu Atoll Maldives – A Day in the Life

The remarkable brand of Six Senses Resorts is noteworthy for many things, including their deep  sustainability goals and their casually chic village resorts which exude charm and playfulness. My brief visit to Six Senses Laamu didn’t disappoint, I arrived at sunset to my overwater bungalow, the calming tranquil seas and an endless view of the horizon instantly calmed my day of travel jitters.

View from my Overwater Bungalow Six Senses Laamu Atoll Maldives

Imagine, a book, a hat, and a chilled Coconut Drink spouting a straw! Six Senses Laamu Atoll Maldives

More coming soon on my cocoon spa morning, my local village visit, treehouse dining and the beautiful suites…but a few photos introducing their whimsy – on arrival, when a linen shoe bag is provided, their message ‘barefoot luxury’ is not to be taken lightly!

Six Senses Laamu Atoll Maldives Mind the Road, Drive on the Left!

Al fresco movies in the deep darkness under the brilliant stars, dinner in a massive tree top chalet that shames the Swiss Family Robinson home, eagle rays gliding past your ocean villa, oh, did I mention your personalized bike for cycling the sandy paths?

Six Senses Laamu Atoll Maldives Al fresco Evening Theatre under the stars!

Not your typical Outdoor Movie Theatre Six Senses Laamu Atoll Maldives

Dedicated Ice Cream Chef! Six Senses Laamu Atoll Maldives

Six Senses Laamu is the only resort in the Laamu Atoll, deep in the Indian Ocean. An inter-island plane trip from Malé International Airport and a short boat ride brings you to a place where spinner dolphins twist and twirl above the turquoise seas. It’s fun and light hearted, you should come here to chill. The atmosphere is calm, staff is friendly and fun, and where else might you find a dedicated Ice cream chef hosting a free ice cream café?

Six Senses Lamuu Atoll Maldives

Six Senses Laamu Atoll Maldives

If free ice cream doesn’t make you happy, nothing will!





Gone Swimmin’!

What’s hot and exclusive in the Indian Ocean? Dispatch soon as I am off to the legendary Maldives for site inspections! I know it sounds dreadful, but who better to seek out the best scuba, snorkel, SUP, surfing, beach walking and golf? Scattered across the Indian Ocean, the 26 atolls and over 1100 islands, are like sparkling gems sprinkled across the crystal-clear turquoise sea.

Swim with Dolphin’s and speedy sea turtles, if scuba diving isn’t your thing, snorkeling is a great option. The reefs and lagoons are so pure and pristine in the Maldives that you don’t have to go deep to see a lot! Palm fringed roof tops, the fragrance of hibiscus wafting in the breeze in your overwater bungalow or tucked in to a beachfront Villa amid a verdant jungle or on the edge of the sandy shores.

Don’t you need a sunset like this right now?

Sea Turtles munch on lunch around the reef, schools of colorful fish will envelope you as you float and bob with the gentle rolling tides, become a human aquarium in the gin clear seas.

I plan to visit small villages and discover local arts and crafts and there are mosques to be explored. Whether you are hoping to realize a dream of snorkeling with majestic manta rays, embarking on a surfing safari, pursuing a perfect family getaway, dreaming of a private and unforgettable honeymoon, or just simply desire a true luxury island experience, the Maldives Islands are a picture-perfect choice.

Full report posted soon.

A gracious thank you to the Four Seasons Resorts at Kuda Huraa, Landaa Giraavaru and Four Seasons Private Island. And the Six Senses Laamu Luxury Resort for their generous invitations to indulge in their magical world at sea in the Maldives.


Six Senses OverWater Villa, why leave?

If I don’t castaway, postcards in a bottle soon!