il Sandalo Italia – Palm Beach, Capri, Sardinia

Retail Therapy abounds in Palm Beach. Shoes, jewelry, snappy pastel attire is offered on every flower bedecked corner. Specifically prowl the boutiques, all the chic shops are represented on Worth Avenue. The individual boutiques are far more interesting. il Sandalo is an exceptional example of style and old world craftsmanship.

Colors and more colors, jewels and more jewels accessorized sandals are popping up for the upcoming season by the Tesorone brothers who own il Sandalo. The il Sandalo brand is recognized around the world as the premier in custom handmade women’s sandals. In their Palm Beach store, I was thrilled to have a sweet pair of pale pink leather sandals made for me in one hour!

Certainly, sandals were the first footwear ever made possibly due to their simplicity. All ancient civilizations have come across at least one sandal version.

True to Italian shoemaking traditions and following in the footsteps of their father Luciano, Fabio and Pier Paulo, two young Neapolitan entrepreneurs with a passion for the design of sandals, felt the varied needs of the high fashion sandal market. In 1985, the company found fame in Italy and France with their award winning designs for originality and high quality workmanship within their collections. Hand-crafted leather, fabric and materials are carefully cut and stitched by expert craftsmen utilizing only the finest leather soles and heels, the sandals are assembled with unique accessories such as glittering laminates and genuine coral.

The Isle of Capri

Thanks to the creativity in design and highly skilled shoemakers, many small shoemaker-shop-owners brought forth a burgeoning industry as sandals became the attraction of many tourists visiting the Isle of Capri in the 1960’s. The jet set world of celebrities such as Sophia Loren and Jackie Kennedy were fascinated with the sandal designs in the region inspiring a global obsession. Today, these small shop-owners continue to thrive, as the public continues to travel to Capri in search of unique sandals.
Capri is a divine Journey, but Palm Beach is just on right coast. Stop in and select multiple colors and styles created while you stroll Worth Avenue.