New Year, New Maps

Three hundred and sixty-five days have passed by, I felt the flurry of calendar pages fluttering all too quickly. A year filled with thousands of hours of discoveries, books, films, museums, delectable dining, and countless memories? We hope!

Time to map out a new passageway, prepare a list of must see, must do. Fire our passions, we are the authors of our yearly map… what will inspire you, nourish your mind and your dreams? Volunteer in a foreign country, meet enchanting locals in an out of the way village, sail the blue Seas sans a plan or destination? Hike your path through the dolomites or the rocky hills of Portugal? Run with the bulls? Get out of your comfort zone?

Make a map of a place or a Journey, is it an imaginary place that inspires you, is it a restful frequently visited location? Do your biking proficiencies need to be challenged on a dusty trail through a quiet vineyard or around narrow tree lined roads in Italy or France?

The Map is a platform for our abstracted lives, where will your map lead you this year?

We are excited to design a new map for the year, after 15 years of explorations, I’m looking forward to discovering new lands: shimmering tropical fish filled warm seas interrupted by dazzling atolls; maybe exploring the land of gauchos and glaciers; discovering new stories in old architecture, peeling back layers of history.

Need inspiration? We have a marvelous collection of stunning Italian Villas, one in particular, in Portofino with an elevator built into the rock, taking you down the cliff into town. Located in the hills of Portofino, high above the coast, the villa has breath-taking views both of the sea on one side and the lights of the port at night on the other.

It offers total privacy yet, thanks to a private lift built in the hill, is just a five-minute walk to the center of town and its many bars, restaurants and shops. La Dolce Vida!

A second Villa built in the 17th century by a Cardinal from the Veneto, it is now a much loved, multi-generational family holiday home. The position is sensational; just a short stroll from the centro storicoof Asolo, yet offering total privacy with uninterrupted views and the feeling of being on a remote country estate. The villa is surrounded by acres of olive groves, mature gardens, with several lawns bordered by antique roses that attract garden lovers from across the globe. A swimming pool is discreetly hidden away above the property with views soaring across the valley below and up to the ancient Rocca castle that overlooks the town.

perchè no?

Diving or Sailing more your passion? Sail the exotic spice Islands aboard a traditional wooden sailing vessel. Journey throughout the Komodo Archipelago. An introduction to this unique experience: jagged silhouettes of sun drenched hills slipping into countless turquoise bays rimmed with pink sand beaches form the dramatic backdrop for the day’s adventures. The Komodo islands are blessed with hundreds of secluded beaches, transparent crystal-clear waters, and stunning coral reefs for some of the best diving in the world.

MSV Silolona Spice Islands – Komodo Dragons


Spin the globe, color in the boundaries of the map…we are ready to inspire, indulge and curate more adventures for you and your family! Memories are for the making.

Thank you for another year of amazing voyages, we so appreciate your continued trust and your many referrals!