Scientists report that grateful people are typically happier people. A grateful attitude reduces negativity and typically makes us more optimistic – that’s a significant reason to make acts of gratitude a daily habit.

Wild Turkey in the Fields at CordeValle

I’m extremely grateful to have such a charming collection of dear adventuresome clients, travelers who trust me to make their travel decisions and suggestions. Snippets of recent notes we’ve received from grateful clients.

One of my most intrepid, generous and dearest clients recently texted this as she was wrapping up a three-week, three city Journey with eight close friends: EVERYTHING HAS BEEN FANTASTIC and EVERYONE IS HAVING A WONDERFUL TIME….and your VIP WINGS people are amazing….BRAVO TO YOU AND EVERYTHING YOU’VE DONE FOR US !!!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU! Caps and explanation points are hers! This client travels well, there are no taxis, always a driver for every meal and outing for the group, private luggage car on Eurostar to avoid dragging heavy bags up and down the train station ramps, VIP greeters at arrival and departures, private visits to museums and castles, a high level of luxe comfort; herding cats with eight travelers, but it was perfectly executed, partly due to our extraordinary ground ambassadors.

From a group of six friends on their first East African safari:
Gwen, I just wanted to reach out and thank you again for such a fantastic Safari. Having your African firm owner along was amazing, in every sense of the word. His insight, organization, conversation, and laughter were pieces of this experience that I wasn’t expecting, and it brought our trip to a whole new level. Gwen, what you and your team put together for us relative to schedule and accommodations was just perfect! All of the logistics went so smoothly – from the airport arrival and departure (great service) to our drivers, the flights, the pilots and the beautiful rooms. In a nutshell, I would do it all again tomorrow – just the way we did it.  We have never had a more perfect trip! Gwen, we look forward to planning our next adventure with you – such a great job!

Family safari: We are an adventurous family of five who love to travel to places off the beaten path. This last summer, Gwen and her team set us up with the trip of a lifetime. We asked for memorable and came home with 10,000 photos and a lifetime of memories…

Gwen, our recent trip to Berlin and Poland was unique, educational and unparalleled.  Like our other trips, the hotels were uber comfortable. Equally important, you pulled it off again with regard to our guides…they appealed to both my son and I on a very deep intellectual an emotional level. Bravo Gwen.

I’m eternally thankful to our spirited, adventurous and grateful clients!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Megeve France. Dawn Balloon Sailing.