Traditional Hot Stone Soak Amankora Gangtey

Traditional greetings are de rigueur at all Amankora arrivals – whether it be lodge, spa appointment, potato shed dinner or a wooden soaking tub in a field! 

An 85 year old Bhutanese man heats the hot stones for the soaking tub

Amankora Gangtey Hot Stone Bath is situated in a candlelit stone hut on a hill, a ten minute walk from the lodge on a dusty path. Led by a pack of exuberant dogs, a short trek through a winter potato and turnip patch; one is first aware of the hut by smoke billowing up from an open fire, it turns out, a fire tended by an 85 year old man who is roasting large stones for heating the tub. An age old practice in Bhutan, hot stone bath.

A unique opportunity to soak in a handmade wooden tub out in the open and enjoy a traditional Bhutanese healing experience. The sliding bamboo doors afford full privacy, yet are open to the dramatic views of the Phobjikha Valley and a soothing breeze. In the distance, you may hear the honking of the rare Black-Necked Cranes who roost in Gangtey in the fall and winter months. 

Benefits from the bath are derived from the minerals in the heated stones and the healing effects of the local Khempa herb floating in the tub. Sit back and unwind in the bath for as long as you like and watch the sunset slip behind the Himalayas.

Sip a cup of hot apple cider or wine, snack on popcorn and wonder what Amankora Gangtey will offer for your pleasure tomorrow!  

Healing minerals are imparted by the hot stones Candlelit Hot Stone Tub at Amankora Gangtey Views to soak by Amankora Gangtey!