The Reblochon of Savoy Farm Visit Megève

Stay at the Four Seasons Megève –  visit the Cheese farm, milk the cows, make Cheese, eat Cheese!

Reblochon of Savoy – AOC 1958 – AOP The Reblochon of Savoy is produced in Haute Savoie. Its name, the Rebloche, appeared in the 13th century, comes from a fraud that practiced the farmers not to pay too much rent. The second treats were thus subtracted from the general farmers. Much richer, this milk was better suited to the production of cheese. Before buying, check the color of the tablet. Because there are two kinds of Reblochon. The farmer Reblochon has a green pellet attached to his cheese. It is made with milk from a single farm just after milking. Only 133 farms produce them. Reblochon cheese is made in a cheese dairy with milk from several farms.

The Reblochon of Savoy Farm Visit

The Reblochon of Savoy Farm Visit

4:30 pm Farmhouse Reblochon is made twice a day on the farm with the milk of the only herd on the farm. An entirely manual process. Milking takes place twice a day and lasts for 30 minutes, the milk is conveyed into the production tank by a milk line.

The Reblochon of Savoy Farm Visit

5:45 pm At the end of milking, the renett is added to the warm milk. After 40 minutes, the milk has been rendered into a semi-solid mass called the curd.

6:30 pm Using a slicing-curd, the farmer will cut the curd into small pieces the size of a grain of rice to a grain of corn.The Reblochon mussels are arranged and formed and covered with a linen cloth to allow a more homogenous dripping and to prepare the beautiful Reblochons crust.

7:30 pm A weight is then placed to each Reblochon, to aid in the shape and help them drip through the night.

5:30 am The Reblochon will be unmolded and placed in a salt water brine.

74 chemin des Poses, 74920 Combloux

The Reblochon of Savoy Farm Visit

Financiers au Praliné Four Seasons Megève

So what’s a girl to do when she arrives parched & peckish? I haven’t even attempted to recreate this scrumptious Financiers au Praliné, delivered several times by the lovely Louise, at Four Seasons Megève. Each time  I passed through my room, I enjoyed a bite, if I had a few bites, staff assumed I needed more and indulged my sweet tooth, a fresh Praliné would be delivered, despite my protests. Louise even suggested she make a picnic box for my departure, including, of course Financiers au Praliné. When I arrived for the dawn Balloon sail, you can imagine I became the best friend of all the ballooners – with my exceptional breakfast box packed by Louise!

Always best enjoyed with a glass of Bubbly Rose, as suggested by Louise!