Dazzling Dorchester London

One of London’s most revered five-star hotels, opened in 1931, a Grande Dame in a list of London properties, the legendary Dorchester is still a glamorous destination. I’ve always loved the splendid entrance, gazing toward the vast corridor of the dazzling Promenade Restaurant. The lobby spells luxury from the moment you arrive! Towering leafy palms, tufted sumptuous banquettes, flowers designed by noted designer florist, Philip Hammond. The Dorchester ambience is timeless. And the Promenade is one of the best people watching locations in all of London, sip your tea, nosh on petite sandwiches or a sumptuous breakfast; gaze about, it’s an elegant playground of grand international sightseeing!

Promenade Restaurant at The Dorchester London

Did you know Prince Philip hosted his bachelor party at The Dorchester? History has been made here on many occasions. First impressions are important!

The Dorchester rooms and suites are old school elegant, everything is quite splendid and flawless! Steeped in history, many of the suites have views of Hyde Park, decorated in an opulent chintzy style as the period dictates. Many have been redecorated in restful prints and color tones, so there is the perfect room for every guest, whether you prefer old school flamboyance or a more modern look. Oh, the bathrooms, are quite divine, over-size soaking tubs, acres of marble and polished chrome, two sinks for sharing. I also had a small window that opened for fresh air. I felt like Royalty during my stay, granted, my gorgeous Dorchester suite was destined for a Queen! No matter the size of your room or suite, there are always comfy chairs or sofas, modern amenities include big screen televisions, wifi, everything you would expect for refined living!

Multiple distinctive restaurants for your pleasure. Of the highest culinary palates, Alain Ducasse at The Dorchester offers three Michelin Star French cuisine in an elegant dining room. If you haven’t been cosseted in its centerpiece, the ‘Table Lumière’, you’ve squandered a glammy evening! Cocooned by a luminescent curtain of 4,500 shimmering fiber optics, guests can enjoy the ambience and buzz of the restaurant while being screened from view of other diners. Of course, there is a special Lumière’ menu, extraordinary experience on all fronts! The Grill is a traditional style restaurant featuring yummy local dishes ranging from grill favorites on the carving trolley to the restaurant’s signature blue lobster chowder. All topped off by an extensive sweet soufflé menu – a superb ending to a classic meal! The interiors were recently refurbished, the clubby space is a sparkling jewel of zinc, copper and glass. Do mosey downstairs to China Tang a space with beautiful décor evoking 1930’s Shanghai. Be transported back to the sumptuous, golden age of Art Deco splendor where a cocktail bar and traditional dim sum menu add to the ambience. China Tang bar is the perfect place to sit back and relax. The full Chinese and Cantonese restaurant menu is also available in the bar. Even if you don’t have time for dim sum, don’t leave the hotel without sipping a cocktail in the gorgeous bar. At China Tang, the menus don’t compromise on classical Chinese and Cantonese recipes. there are some delicious dishes, including the Peking duck. Presentation is an art, the roasted duck is presented whole and a glistening mahogany brown, long neck and head in place, tucked away gracefully under the breast. Be prepared for proficient server flair and a mini-theatrical experience as they slice and roll into delicate pancakes. Peking duck is served over three exquisite courses, each more imaginative and delicious than the last.

China Tang at The Dorchester London
China Tang at The Dorchester London

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Five-star accommodations, dining and oh, such exceptional service tops the multiple reasons to live like Royalty at The Dorchester in London!

Is this not the most elegant Royal bed you’ve ever seen? I stayed in this suite and didn’t want to depart! The Dorchester, London

Upgrade your life, our clients are exceptionally spoiled by my Dorchester peeps. Diamond Club Amenities as our guests.

Jannes Soerensen – Hotel Whisperer

Some of my clients have happily stayed at The Beaumont in London. My recent stay, which will be profiled in upcoming posts, was absolutely delightful. Located in the chic Mayfair neighborhood, this stylish and remarkably decorated art deco masterpiece seems to be just about perfect. Jeremy King and Chris Corbin’s hotel opened in 2014, it’s only 73 rooms and its grand style captures an elegance and hospitality of a pre-war Mayfair hotel.

From the moment I dragged myself in from an overnight flight, ask me about Virgin Atlantic beds – I think Emirates has ruined me for all subsequent sleepers. I digress, each and every staff member I encountered addressed me by name. In my case, I’m not sure how they performed this magic, as I was never asked for a passport or a credit card.The Beaumont

The magic continued each and every day, I bumped into the dear GM, Jannes Soerensen on a few occasions and enthusiastically gushed about some random item – how did they know I love warm mint tea in the afternoon, it just appeared after my spa appointment.

My London wizard, Sebastian, explained why I couldn’t use the hair dryer in the bathroom, after I complained that I had to stretch the cord into my guest bathroom to look in a mirror – electrocution at 220 volts is instantaneous – thus no three prong plugs in the bath – I must have forgotten this fact…I laughed at this with Jannes – and he asked why didn’t you use your pull up vanity? Hmm, wobbly on arrival, I think I missed that feature. Later that afternoon when I popped into my room, said vanity was propped open for my convenience.

Cub Room..guests only. Morning papers with tea or coffee, afternoon prandial…cozy and comfortable

One evening, as I sipped a Rye Manhattan in the snuggly guest only Cub Room, a little snack I had raved about was served with my cocktail…in the dimly lit room, I didn’t see Jannes with a guest, but he popped by to see if I needed anything…

Hotel Whisperer…Jannes, he must have received training at MI6.

The Beaumont Hotel – highly recommend for more reasons than the infamous Hotel Whisperer. More to come on the beautiful authentic decor, the building of this landmark property designed around a lovely story, hammam massage treatment, vintage car with driver for guest outings, yummy dining…stay tuned.