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Sultry Summer Days Havana

Sultry Summer Days Havana

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Sultry Summer Days Havana

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Sultry Summer Days Puglia

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Hola Cuba!

Good Things Come to Those Who Wait! Although my teams in Europe could always arrange Cuban hotels and guiding, the political situation didn’t offer us a legal avenue to arrange trips for our clients.

I’m thrilled to share one of my favorite firms whom I have worked with for 12 years is now offering private trips to Cuba. Always seeking the best partnerships to manage our clients on the ground, I am now completely confident to offer private Cuba to our clients.

I will repeat the maxim: good things come for those who wait. The Cuban infrastructure wasn’t prepared for the onslaught of the tourists now, thus we encourage you to plan 6 months in advance for a trip to Cuba.

We would describe these visits as People to People Journeys, always encouraging our clients to meet locals and absorb customs and culture in every visit to a foreign land.

The few five star hotels are located in the major cities, however we also have access to quite a few private homes in Havana and other rural areas.

Flights for the moment are out of Miami, however that could change within a year.

A brief look at the possibilities for a visit to Cuba:

In addition to the more common requests for activities like baseball and the ballet, their team is in the process of launching a family multi sport trip and a more off the beaten path trips that go out into the provinces.

Music & Dance

Alberto Faya: professor of music takes us through history of Cuban music with a group of his private performers

Cuban Jazz (out and about or private orchestra) + salsa (demo or lessons) + Afro-Cuban

Afro-Cuban drumming lessons with Cuban masters

Cuban Flamenco troops: similar to Spanish but Caribbean/ Cuban rhythms

Compas: unique merging of Spanish dances with the Afro-Cuban rhythms and contemporary dance through new aesthetic codes, in which the female dancers not only dance, but also use percussion, using any element at hand: drumsticks, castanets, heels, wood slipper, claves, chequers, and percussive chairs.

Ballet (National) and also rehearsals and also ProDanza (Laura Alonso who is the daughter of very famous Alicia Alonso)

Afro-Cuban National Dance company

Contemporary and Modern dance (watch rehearsals)


Tango (performance or lessons)

Salsa (performance or lessons), Rumba, or Son


Customized art tour to see a wide variety of artists from emerging to very established/ famous/ at top galleries around the world.

Many of the galleries have no signage and you need appointments and personal connections.

Some of the galleries are actually extensions of people’s homes (eg: I went to super famous photographers basement studio)

Wide range of artists from emerging artists, to women’s collectives, photographers, established artists (for serious collectors), painters, sculptors, and more. Havana is one of Latin America’s epicenters for art. We have specialized art curators that we work with that can take us around to all of the private galleries.

Active & Nature

Mountain biking in Vinales: tons of levels options and incredibly scenic. Go through the local villages and then through the valleys of magotes, which are limestone mountains.


Snorkeling to see super awesome coral reefs (did you know Cuba is an archipelago of 4,000 islands?)

Meet with local farmers in the beautiful Vinales valley

Birding in Zapata peninsula

Meet with scientists and conservationists

Hiking in Topes de Collantes (close to Trinidad)

This is one of Cuba’s largest National Parks with one of the biggest waterfalls

Academic & Religion

Professors, economists, authors/ writers, journalists, architects, visit to the local synagogue, talk with a Santeria expert (this is the Afro-Cuban religion).

Why wait?