Resort at Pedregal – Cabo Chronicles

One vast advantage of working with your son who loves Mexico, he will head south of the border at any invitation! As much as I love the culture and cuisine, I’m no longer a sun worshiper, and I had just returned from two weeks in Europe.

Resort at Pedregal, Cabo San Lucas

A recent Hidden Doorways fam trip took Benjamin to The Resort at Pedregal in Cabo, he’s stayed at most of the five-star properties, so this was a new adventure.  I always love his excitement in seeing new properties and quick WhatsApp messages from the moment he arrives – plus he is a techie, and notices if one can stream music & videos from a smart phone via the tv or sound system. Me, not so much! He is also an amazing cook; thus, he appreciates meeting chefs, discussing ingredients and taking cooking classes to expand his culinary skills.

Hidden Doorways sent a questionnaire following his visit: What are your overall impressions and experience of the accommodations? Loved my room, it was well-organized and very comfortable, it made me feel at home. The plunge pool on the veranda was fantastic. The view of the ocean and desert landscape were in perfect juxtaposition. I appreciated the subtle colonial Mexican touches, an authentic sense of place.

Resort at Pedregal, Cabo San Lucas

What was your best and/or worst experience at either of the restaurants, bars and eateries onsite? Arrival dinner in the private dining room with multi-course meal and wine pairings was fantastic. And Pedregal has one of the best breakfast buffets I have experienced. I also loved the champagne bar. (Well, he is my child, after all!).

What was your best and/or worst experience of the activities (not Spa related) onsite? Whale shark swim was a bucket list item for me although not onsite. I would have enjoyed taking a cooking class or the surf fishing lessons.

Resort at Pedregal, Cabo San Lucas Swim with Whale Sharks

I visited Pedregal a few years ago and the arrival truly sets the stage for the visit – an amazing tunnel blasted from a mountain of solid rock leads to the open air front entrance. Six hundred feet of tunnel lit by torches dramatically leads you to an untouched beach. Although uniquely secluded, it’s just a 10-minute walk into the lively village of Cabo San Lucas.

The WOW factor continues with the accommodations, restaurants and spa. Even entry level rooms are ocean front with a heated infinity plunge pool dangling off a balcony. Small by many resort standards, 105 rooms, intimacy is continued with three guest pools, four restaurants and a fabulous spa.

Resort at Pedregal, Cabo San Lucas Suite

Luna Y Mar Spa is one of the most decadent spas I’ve ever visited, the ten treatment rooms encircle an outdoor spa pool. Luna y Mar, created by Sylvia Sepelli, an illustrious spa designer, are the Spanish words for moon and sea. Under the direction of Alan Navarrete, Luna y Mar offers a distinctive approach to wellness and beauty, with inspiration coming from three central themes: the moon, the sea, and Mexican folk healing. Yoga is offered as well. Fitness center, tennis, complimentary classes every day.

Resort at Pedregal, Cabo San Lucas

My favorite restaurant is the cliffside El Farallon – the dramatic setting is sustained in its surroundings – tucked into a mammoth craggy cliff on the edge of the crashing sea, it’s a vivid sunset location enhanced by a fresh fish market restaurant. Inspired dining reflecting the diverse country using the freshest ingredients. Under palapa roofs, choose your fish from a crushed ice bar and chef prepares, refined ocean to table!

Enjoy an elevated tasting experience before dinner at the Champagne Terrace. Carved into the cliffs, the terrace overlooks the beach and ocean, the perfect setting for enjoying more than 15 different champagnes ranging from Blanc de Blancs to Rosé and vintage bubblies.

Resort at Pedregal, Cabo San Lucas

Do look at their extensive collection of off property activities – these are rare offerings by a resort: 4 x4 jeep trips to lost jungle villages, panga boats for surfing, swimming with the whale sharks, stand up paddle lessons, snorkelers can navigate through dazzling schools of Horse Mackerel, silvery Sardines and effervescent Sea Lions. Give back tourism: nestled in a desert oasis lies the Nano-community of La Candelaria with a population of 76. During a rare peek into this town, volunteers spend the morning aiding in the upkeep of the Agustin Melgar Primary School with activities like painting, followed by lunch with the school children.

Forbes Five Star status is earned and The Resort at Pedregal deserves the hard to achieve award! We highly recommend!

Resort at Pedregal, Cabo San Lucas. Guac o’Clock Afternoon snacks!

Sail Away With Me Lindblad-National Geographic

Tahiti to the Marquesas French Polynesia Adventure
French Post-Impressionist Gauguin painted some of his most famous work here, Melville penned his first book, Typee, after an island visit, a highly romanticized account of his life among Polynesians. Gauguin spent his last days in the islands and died in 1903 at Hiva ‘Oa. He is buried at Calvary Cemetery, the main cemetery in Atuona, Hiva ‘Oa, French Polynesia. It is located on a hillside on the eastern edge of town, overlooking the anchorage on Atuona Bay. The cemetery is also the final resting place of Belgian singer and poet Jacques Brel. They both rest facing Taaoa’s Bay under the sweet fragrance of frangipani trees.

“Aha Oe Feii?” (“What? Are You Jealous?”). 1892 Gauguin

Lindblad-National Geographic Orion is a state-of-the-art expedition ship, designed to safely explore the remote regions of the planet. Orion carries 102 guests in 53 cabins, nine of them with balconies. She is equipped with a full complement of cool tools to explore the environment, including kayaks, Zodiacs, an ROV, and the capacity to accommodate scuba divers. Her size and nimbleness offer the perfect combination of safety and the ability to reach out-of-the-way islands and other places where large cruise ships cannot go.

Lindblad-National Geographic Orion

Barefoot casual luxury is the operating phrase on this 10-day cruise from Tahiti to remote islands. Revel in idyllic islands and the allure of the high seas. We will follow in the path of early Polynesian navigators on this epic voyage. From the aquamarine atolls of the Tuamotu Islands to the lush volcanic peaks of the mysterious Marquesas, visiting some of the most remote and compelling sites in the far reaches of French Polynesia.
Expedition Highlights
• Venture into the lush tropical forest and discover ancient Polynesian sacred sites on the verdant island of Hiva Oa.
• Snorkel or dive in the Tuamotus and see abundant fish and thriving coral reef ecosystems.
• Learn stand-up paddle boarding in gorgeous turquoise lagoons.
• Watch on deck as National Geographic Orion navigates into dramatic Hanavave Bay.

The Expedition Team includes, dive-masters, guest speakers, naturalists, expert photo instructors, naturalists, cultural specialists, in total 16 learned professionals to teach and inspire guests. One of the team members is Tua Pittman, a Cultural Specialist. Internationally acclaimed as a traditional master navigator, Tua has navigated canoes across the great oceans of our planet from the coastlines of Asia through to the shores of the Americas for more than 30 years, without the use of modern instruments. This Cook Islander, also of New Zealand Maori and Tahitian bloodlines, uses an ancient navigational system based upon careful observation of celestial bodies—sun, moon, and stars—as well as using ocean swells, flight patterns of birds, and other natural markers. I’m certain he can explain the midnight skies and point out the Southern Cross.

Lindblad-National Geographic Polynesia Expedition

In preparation, I’m re-reading Melville’s ‘Typee’, his tale of deserting Acushnet, a whaling ship in 1846 when landing at the Marquesas Islands. He believed he had found a South Sea paradise in the mysterious chain of islands, after he and his fellow seaman,Toby, abandoned ship and roamed the deep green valleys. Welcomed by the locals, he then began to suspect his new islander friends were cannibals and he might end up as the entrée in an upcoming feast. As a particularly witty friend advised: don’t accept an island dinner invitation as you may be dinner.

Infinite shades of azure. Secluded atolls.The sultry perfume of Tiare Tahiti (gardenia). To this day French Polynesia and the South Pacific conjure up the romantic notions brought back by the legendary European explorers who discovered it hundreds of years ago. Lindblad-National Geographic has been exploring the “Pearl of the Pacific” since the 1980s and this South Pacific cruise experience is key to helping you truly “get lost” in this tropical paradise.

Lindblad-National Geographic Orion

The Marquesas are so remote that some are untouched since the era of European explorers. A land of dewy and majestic 1,000-foot waterfalls cascade down volcanic cliffs and craggy peaks disappear into the brilliant white clouds hovering above the turquoise seas.

Paradise indeed, Epic Lindblad-National Geographic Journeys deliver comfort, beguiling scenery and deep knowledge on exhilarating authentic adventures. Linblad perfected escapades and the National Geographic alliance is the perfect collaboration of world-renowned scientists, naturalists, and researchers while sailing on a high comfort expedition ship.

I understand first bell is at 7.30 am, exploits are on the horizon every day, this isn’t a snooze escape!

Lindblad National Geographic nurse shark Polynesia Expedition