Spring In Paris – Fine Dining Oh La la

We can reserve! It is well worth the begging to dine at Spring, located on a one way alley on Rue Bailleul, even if your driver needs to back in reverse down the petite alley; easier yet – walk from Le Meurice. Menu is at the whim of the market and American chef Danny Rose.

Two dining floors, open kitchen on the upper level allows you to watch the four cooks manage a multiple course menu in the kitchen of the charming 17th century building. Downstairs, not in the cellar, where you can start with cocktails, the lower level tables offer a bit more privacy in a vaulted stone room.

My six course meal served at a tiny bar in the lower level was  very impressive: delicate salted radishes, mouth size crab bites combined with dry cherry and toasted buckwheat and grapefruit nibbles, asparagus with oyster roe beurre blanc, accompanied by breaded and steamed oysters, a delightful contrast. Filet of sole and fingerlings roasted over smoked wood, perched on a bed of fava beans floating in a foamy cockles emulsion, roasted free range pigeon with a bite of morel infused foie gras. Followed by the always yummy French cheese tasting and triple sorbet treats for dessert. Each course is just enough of a yummy serving, not too much food, it was all DIVINE! The small bar seating was perfect as the wait staff became my confidants and shared interesting wines as well. Make friends in new places, always helpful!

Run to Spring!



I must say, all through London and Paris, I was encouraged to dine on in season asparagus and pigeon. Initially, at Alain Ducasse at The Dorchester, how can one refuse a very charming French waiter: Pigeon, oh of course, you must enjoy it! They are free range, grain fed, very healthy!  One chef told me the feathers were plucked to prevent flying – the anti foie gras California government would cluck over this travesty.
I indulged and am now on the eternal hunt for gourmet pigeon, although I am certain it will not be a city pigeon.