Classic Yachts – Extraordinary Setting

Two stunning offerings for your consideration: One Classic Motor Sail Yacht offering once in a life-time journeys throughout Indonesia and SE Asia from Papua and Raja Ampat, the holy grail of divers in the East, to the Spice Islands of Banda and further West to Thailand and Myanmar and the Andaman Islands of India each year, following clear skies and calm seas.

Yacht CharterThe Komodo-Flores region is a perennial favorite noted for diving, spectacular pink sand beaches, and as the native habitat of the Komodo dragon. This magnificent area has been a long kept secret for many years, but in 2012 Komodo National Park was officially voted one of The Seven Wonders of the World. The dedicated, professional crew is widely acclaimed as “best crew ever” by the frequent return guests of both of these extraordinary ships. Her dedicated crew of 12 will lead guests to little known corners of this magnificent archipelago to experience history, culture and the traditions of its people. Dive or snorkel the best reefs in the world or simply relax on miles of teak deck, sail with fair winds shaded by the magnificent, lofty rust-colored sails billowing in the wind. During the summer, she will cruise in the Flores Archipelago. Composed of a narrow rugged island grouping strung with a chain of dramatic volcanoes, the landscape within the Flores Archipelago is beautiful in an untamed way.  Each island has it’s own traditional culture, specific hand-woven textiles and even language, yet all of the people in this area still live a very traditional life of farming and fishing.

The Portuguese were the first outsiders to arrive in the early 1500’s on the search for spices and left a strong imprint of Christianity upon the islands in this area. They gave the archipelago, the name Cabo das Flores or the Cape of Flowers as the beauty of the underwater coral gardens lining the bays astounded them. This region is world renowned for diving and snorkeling due to the beauty and diversity of the corals and fishes.

Although these islands are among Indonesian’s most beautiful, very few visitors cruise these waters. Enjoy secluded bays, beaches, and scenic anchorages virtually to yourself, and be one of the few to visit the various villages. On this fully crewed charter, anchor underneath a still active puffing volcano, hike into a village to see traditional Ikat textile weaving from cotton boll to finished piece; hand spun, woven and dyed with natural dyes made from local materials. Wander long isolated beaches, littered with beautiful shells, and swim over extensive and extraordinary coral gardens. Hike up the side of an active volcano; later, relax with a fishing rod in hand as the fishing is outstanding. This is a charter location off the beaten track, unspoiled by the modern world and well worth exploring. Accommodates 6 guests.

Yacht Two. We invite you to set sail on a truly modern classic sailing vessel, which was built to the demanding high standards of German Lloyds register of shipping. A powerful hand crafted traditional wooden sailing vessel, this magnificent ship melds the best of the traditional spice island sailing vessels with all of the modern amenities and safety features one would expect in a vessel of her quality. No expense has been spared to ensure that discerning travelers accustomed to understated elegance and exquisite cuisine, discover and admire the majestic scenery, underwater wonders and fascinating artistic expression found along the fabled spice routes of South East Asia. Onboard a traditional teak 2-masted sailing ship, you will explore the little known, yet fascinatingly diverse, island cultures east of Bali. From Komodo dragons, “ikat” textiles, volcanic crater lakes to war dances, explore in-depth, the ancient cultures rimming the Savu Sea. Each dawn will reveal a new island landscape and a different culture, perhaps a gently smoldering volcano, the craggy peaks of Komodo or a sleepy native harbor bustling with traditional fishing craft and local inter- island schooners.

The private yacht sails in Indonesia from April to November every year, before re-positioning up to the West Coast of Malaysia Thailand and Myanmar, from December to March. In deciding when you want to sail, you can choose a quiet beach and dive trip in the Andaman Sea and in Komodo National Park or one of the most memorable cultural trips visiting the tribes of Irian Jaya (Papua), attending the Asmat Auction for their art, visiting the remote and rich Spice Islands and discovering the trade posts and beautiful islands visited during the height of the Spice Trade.

For beach and sailing, cultural trips or astonishing diving in Komodo National Park or Raja Ampat, Indonesia’s Eastern Islands are yours to discover.

Yacht includes five spacious cabin suites; a teak lounge and dining area surrounded by large windows, on deck dining area, and well equipped dive area. Accommodates ten guests.

Most of the islands are blessed with deserted white sand beaches, transparent turquoise waters, and stunning coral reefs waiting to be explored. Each day you will have the opportunity to snorkel, swim, relax or hike.