Rich Table – San Francisco

On a dining odyssey, paid a second visit to State Bird a few weeks ago with a gaggle of clients and our visiting VIP London handler extraordinaire, Sebastian. He was beyond thrilled with his dining experience, too bad he missed Rich Table!  Both restaurants are nominated this year for the James Beard Award and both are equally scrumptious, although very different in nature.

Original menu, modern food, creative and beautifully presented – I enjoyed a catbird seat with a close view of the chefs’ artfully laying asparagus spears with a long handled pair of tweezers. Precise, yes, and each chef tasted every sauce and dish before waiters whisked it away! I like the interiors, seating ranges from high tables with kitchen views and a small table for six in a private alcove. Again, diners waited on the sidewalk and rushed the open bar for an unreserved seat.

Chefs and Owners Evan and Sarah Rich were working the kitchen and and Co-Owner, Wine Director Maz Naba, tended our table and shared history and dining recommendations. I love the personal touch at these small dining temples.

My rainbow trout with teeny tiny perfectly square chopped roots, floated in a small pond of almond milk..sounds odd, but expertly prepared! I peered at other tables and passing plates – chicken breast with mandarinquats peas and cipollini onions was popular Sunday evening!Roasted beet salad dotted with puffed rice and goat cheese creme fraiche was enjoyed by
a friend who is a beet expert…I pass on the beets, just don’t get beets. Freshly baked bread served with slabs of pure white butter dotted with sea salt was irresistible!

Do run to Rich Table.

You will be pleased to hear I will be taking a food photography class soon- blame the grainy photos on low lighting!

This amuse bouche, I still can’t fathom: Dirty Hippie interesting textures, definitely grainy and  earthy..the name wasn’t appetizing. Perhaps too many afternoons enjoyed at Golden Gate Park concerts during a certain era.