Royal Rambagh Palace Hotel- Oh So Elegant!

A friend commented on my New Year card filled with little snapshots of India, you make India look so romantic and luxurious! Of course, if you travel exclusively with us, you will find India very lavish and plush!

The captivating cities and villages pleasantly surprised me. Folklore, history, legends of the exotic land has interested travelers for hundreds of years. Oh my, in how many cities do you pass by as many camel carts as often as you pass a bus in the states? Exotic decorated camels, part of the working life in India, travelers can enjoy a camel safari, highly recommend.

Beautifully garbed women in brilliant hued sari’s in the fields, on the back of motorbikes, elegance rarely seen anywhere else in the world.

Rajasthan is one of the most colorful and exotic states in India and its capital Jaipur is enchanting. Enjoy life as the Maharaja and experience an elephant excursion up the ramps to the brilliant Amber Fort. An architectural marvel, gorgeous mirrored ceilings, glistening jewels; the richness of the Royals is abundantly displayed in the mosaics on the walls, the fabulous rugs and tapestries, sensory overload.

I stayed as a royal might at the Rambagh Palace, a Taj Hotel property. Inspired by Mughal and Rajasthan styles of architecture, it is a glorious hotel Palace. In 1925, Rambagh Palace became the permanent residence of the Maharaja of Jaipur. The pride of the palace was the sprawling garden featured in Peter Coat’s ‘Most Beautiful Gardens of the World’.

Elegance abounds from the moment you enter the grand gates, whisked to the front steps in a vintage car, showered by floating rose petals and welcomed by the elegant turbaned doorman, his huge bush like Rajasthani mustache perfectly groomed. The hotel grounds feel like a private park, although it sits in the middle of Jaipur. The peacocks, vibrant green parrots, brilliant magenta bougainvillea blossoms gracefully climbing the garden walls. Enjoy the acres of gardens, a spa, a small Gem Palace boutique, marvelous bookstore and even a palmist on the verandah.
My Palace suite, with its dining room and lovely terrace was a respite from the energy and vitality of India. One evening the hotel chef personally delivered dinner to my room with five wait staff. Another evening, I was surprised to find a beautiful petal floral arrangement in my suite alcove; I adored arriving to my room each evening to the luxurious bubble bath topped by hundreds of rose petals. Royal treatment flourishes at the Palace; one could become accustomed to living at the Rambagh Palace.

Remind me to tell you about dining with the Maharajah of Jaipur – let me know when you would like to sip cocktails with him in Jaipur, a fascinating and charming gentleman!