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In this traumatic and stressful time, it was inevitable to be personally connected to a heartbreak, a friend who owns a travel firm has lost two of her clients, until this pandemic personally touches you, it may not feel as real.

Bonded to televisions and social media for news or Netflix binging, we send you our heartfelt message: be safe, be well. There will be time to explore and celebrate life again but hunkering down maintaining your health is paramount for the universe. Have you noticed the brilliant blue sky on our robin egg blue sky days? The gemstone blue in the midst of the colossal cumulous clouds? The air feels fresher, brighter and cleaner, the roads and skies are practically empty, a little prezzie to the universe. A silver lining.

Barely a few months ago, one of my last escapades was to Hotel Bel Air as a guest of Aman for their yearly road show – a gathering of Aman hotel GM’s sharing their amazing lodges. I’m profoundly guilty of the depiction: Aman-junkie. If you haven’t stayed at an Aman property, add to the top of your must stay list! Distinctive hotels in exceptionally unique locations; the settings are spectacular; arrival welcome ceremony sets the stage for an unparalleled visit. A visit to Amanbagh in India left me in awe, an individual blessing by a small army of Sari clad staff, etherial flute music, gifts of local craftsmen, oh and always a fragrant chilled cloth to dab away the travails of travels, accompanied by a refreshing chilled infusion – based on indigenous fruit. 

Amanbagh Welcome Ceremony
Amanbagh Arrival Ceremony

Beverly Hills, we were traditionally welcomed as well, the Aman Road Show arrival didn’t disappoint. Greeted with mounds of brilliant flower petals, our path guided by petals trailing to the dimmed lounges; linger to listen to a woman melodiously performing a sound bath, exotic vibrations setting the stage for the event. Smoky aromatic burning sage scented the air in the darkened space, I was approached by a few of the wellness experts to share a healing ceremony. Getting comfy on a stool, the wellness director offered to gently perform Auricular Acupuncture, a diagnostic and treatment system based on normalizing the body’s dysfunction through stimulation of definite points on the ear. He gently pierced the outside of my ears with small seeds, to be left in place until falling out. Ear acupuncture, is a technique similar to reflexology. My next few days at Hotel Bel Air were very relaxing, perhaps a combination of ear acupuncture and the perfect hotel environment!

On to Wellness! Aman has perfected Individual Wellness Immersions at many of their resorts. From the hammams of Morocco to the hot springs of Japan, Aman Wellness offers a journey of reawakening. Across the globe, they integrate local spa rituals with indigenous ingredients, a profoundly therapeutic touch, and a gentle sense of joy and discovery. They believe that reconnecting with your and the purity of Nature offers a means to rediscover the universe inside the Self.

Amanbagh Pool Suite

Amanbagh. Escape to a secret garden estate in India’s rugged Aravalli Hills and reconnect within the rose-pink, Mughal-inspired sanctuary that is Amanbagh. Drawing on India’s remarkable wellness heritage, Amanbagh’s Ayurvedic Immersions offer a unique experience of this 5,000-year-old system of preventive medicine. I stayed and relished a pleasing afternoon in the Wellness Spa. After my massage, we wandered slowly in our robes, returning to our suites when the British GM greeted us and invited us for tea – we protested our attire, and he said no, come to the garden for tea with us – you are perfectly fine! So, we sat, in our fluffy white robes and sipped tea and munched traditional cookies with the GM and his utterly charming wife.

Memories are made at Aman.

Amanpuri - Luxury Resort & Hotel in Phuket, Thailand - Aman

Amanpuri. Inspired by its serene tropical setting on the shores of Thailand’s Andaman Sea, Amanpuri invites you to experience one of its multi-day Original or Intensive Individual Wellness Immersions. Designed to promote profound change with the support of a diverse wellness team and a dedicated wellness chef, these carefully calibrated programs aim to steer you onto a new path making full use of the resort’s extensive wellness facilities. Whether you seek to shift unwanted weight and its emotional root causes, deep cleanse your entire system or manage stress, Amanpuri’s Immersion experiences ensure palpable results and a deep sense of inner peace and happiness. Amanpuri’s Wellness Centre provides a range of adaptable wellbeing programs tailored from start to finish to meet personal goals. Offering condensed one- and two-day sessions, as well as Original and Intensive Immersions lasting three nights or more, the Centre’s scope ranges from medically led therapies to holistic treatments designed to alleviate stress and lift the spirit.

Amanyara. Throughout the year, Amanyara welcomes some of the world’s most accomplished experts for an exclusive series of specialized wellness programs. The calendar of visiting specialists includes revered practitioners in health, fitness and holistic wellbeing traditions from all over the globe – ranging from masters of Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture to world-leading sports therapists and monks. Movement, mindfulness and spa therapies amid year-round sunshine of Turks and Caicos. Traditional Chinese Medicine takes a holistic approach to wellbeing, working on preventing illness by addressing every individual’s unique patterns of disharmony – the areas of imbalance that could lead to ill health. ​Conducted by a certified TCM practitioner, Amanyara’s Traditional Medicine Immune Support Retreat will begin with an in-depth TCM consultation and be tailored to each individual’s specific needs. Personalized retreat programs will include TCM therapies, complementary spa treatments, a comprehensive nutrition plan, herbal supplements, breathing and medication classes and private cardiovascular exercise sessions.

Amanyara - Luxury Turks & Caicos Resort - Aman

Amanera. Inspired by the shamanic healing traditions of the Taíno Indians, the jungle-cocooned clifftop spa at Amanera combines the Caribbean’s plants and herbs with enriching natural blends from the Aman Skincare range. Amanera’s holistic approach to fitness and wellbeing encompasses a menu of massages, facials, scrubs and wraps, as well as transformative signature Spa Journeys to bring about lasting change. Unique to Hispaniola, larimar is a rare blue gemstone believed to encourage physical and emotional healing, closely linked to the phases of the moon. Amanera’s signature lunar journey therapies pair the chakra-balancing influence of larimar with a palo santo smudging ceremony, a traditional Dominican ritual featuring the aromatic smoke of the sacred wood. Join us in learning how the forces of the moon govern and empower the human physical and emotional healing. Embodying the ancient Taíno methods of medicinal herbal wisdom, guests will discover the abundant flora and fauna surrounding Amanera through various outdoor excursions. Activities include sunrise yoga and meditation, a cacao eco tour, boat trips to bird sanctuaries or mangroves and jungle hikes embracing nature and its healing, restorative qualities. 

Amanera - Playa Grande, Dominican Republic

A beach, jungle and adventure paradise, with kite surfing, horse riding and mountain exploration. Adjacent to world-renowned 18-hole championship golf course, with 10 holes on ocean cliffs. Nature-immersed Caribbean retreat Backed by verdant jungle with all-encompassing ocean views, Amanera commands a dramatic location on the Dominican Republic’s pristine north coast. Perched above the gold sands of legendary Playa Grande Beach alongside the island’s most exclusive golf course.

Amanjiwo. Java Indonesia Located just two kilometers from the UNESCO site of Borobudur – the ninth-century Buddhist temple and the world’s biggest Buddhist monument – Amanjiwo is a timeless sanctuary in central Java. Named ‘Peaceful Soul’ for the serenity, privacy and beauty of its setting, the resort provides the ideal location in which to focus on wellbeing.


Amanoi. The first of their kind in Asia, Amanoi’s two Wellness Villas combine the comforts of the resort’s villa accommodation with the unparalleled convenience of private spa facilities.  Wellness Villas are nestled in the tranquil setting of the Núi Chúa National Park in Vietnam and are surrounded with lush greenery and peaceful white sand beaches. Each includes a double treatment room, steam room and outdoor pool, as well as a hammam or Russian banya, making them the ultimate wellness option for Immersion guests. Surrounded by Nui Chua National Park on the shores of Vinh Hy Bay, Amanoi invites you to experience one of its Individual Wellness Immersions, a spa retreat designed to promote profound change.


Amanemu. Pilgrimage and Purification, 3- to 14-night programs. The region around Amanemu is historically one of pilgrimage and purification, from the shrines of Ise to the Kumano Kodo pilgrim paths and the sacred surrounding forests. Peppered with natural hot springs, the area has a centuries-old association with onsen bathing, a ritual traditionally enjoyed from the sanctuary of a ryokan retreat. All of this informs Amanemu’s Wellness Immersions, drawing on specialized Japanese therapies to steer you gently on a new path.


Amanzoe. Personalized pathways to a better self. Signature programs starting from three nights. Taking place in one of the great healing centers of the ancient world, Amanzoe’s Individual Wellness Programs are comprehensive wellbeing programs, expertly tailored to the wellbeing needs and health goals of every guest. Lasting three nights or more, both cleansing and weight-management pathways balance movement, nutrition and mental and spiritual elements to deliver meaningful, lasting change in body and mind.

Designed to holistically strengthen and support your immune system, these impeccably curated programs aim to boost your overall wellbeing by taking a multifaceted approach to the prevention of disease.


Amanpuri. Wellness programs designed for you. Starting from 3-5-night programs, each resort offers an experience tailored to your individual goals. Designed to promote profound change, these carefully calibrated programs aim to gently steer you on a new path. Targeted and tailored down to the finest detail, the Immersions have a journey-like nature and are named to reflect their goals. Mindfulness & Stress Management is exclusively an Original Immersion, while Weight Management & Transformation and Detox & Cleansing are offered as both Original and Intensive Immersions. Recovery & Sport Rehabilitation and Rejuvenation & Optimal Wellbeing are exclusively offered as Intensive Immersions.

Deciding on a wellness path can be overwhelming, as often every option appeals. Aman’s Wellness Concierges connect with you before your arrival to guide you through the different wellness choices available and assist in choosing the experience best suited to your needs. A broad choice of locations: Amanpuri, Amanbaugh, Amanyara, Amanoi, Amanemu, and one of my favorites outside of Athens Amanzoe.

Reinvigorate your immune system with Aman, perhaps this would be a perfect family Journey after hunkering down during these jittery times.

Please let us know if we can help you make an Aman decision. Be Well, be Safe.