Giddy Up, Buckaroos! Triple Creek Ranch Spring Events

Save the dates! Triple Creek Ranch is an award-winning luxury ranch resort in western Montana, approximately 75 miles south of Missoula. An all-inclusive mountain retreat for adults and children aged 16 and older. Our favorite ‘adult’ Dude Ranch offers Signature events January – June. In the spring, following the high spirits of winter holidays, the ranch settles down to a leisurely pace that affords opportunities to share their Signature Events, delving deeper into their indoor ranch passions. Food, Wine, Art, Fly fishing and Cowboy culture, explore the Triple Creek Ranch experience, with a long starter weekend and come back for summer riding!

The intrinsic beauty of Montana, the expertise of their event partners, and the camaraderie of kindred spirits all converge in the serene mountain ranch resort setting, creating unforgettable encounters. With a small number of exceptions for select activities, the unique programming during their Signature Event weekends commands no additional fee for participation. They provide keepsake chef aprons, art supplies, exquisitely talented professionals and an awful lot of fun.

Their vintner partners work hard throughout the year tending to vines, harvesting, pressing and devoting constant attention to the fermentation process. When they join Triple Creek for their signature Vintner Weekends, they get to relax and share the fruits of their labor with guests. Vintners join guests at play, enjoying various ranch activities. Wine tastings and pairings are enhanced by the knowledge imparted during informal seminars and impromptu conversation.

Wine tasters or puzzlers – rope your partner or round up a group of girlfriends to ride and sip!

Triple Creek Ranch has a robust schedule of Vintner Events lined up for 2019. These Signature events are infused with the distinct personalities of each vintner partner and offer guests an intimate experience with preeminent winemakers from the fertile valleys of Northern California and Oregon. They are an ideal combination of adventure and some serious wine appreciation in our serene mountain setting. Over the course of the weekend you’ll enjoy wine tastings with the visiting vintner, wine pairing dinners, special activities and seminars, plus outdoor and indoor activities ranging from fly-fishing and horseback riding to hiking and guided nature tours. Whether you are a budding wine connoisseur or a seasoned professional, Vintner weekends promise to please the palate of foodies and oenophiles alike.

  • January 18 to 21      Chloe Wine Collection and Complimentary Dog Sledding!
  • February 14 to 17     Rasa Vineyards Treat your Valentine!
  • March 14 to 17        Spottswoode Estate
  • May 16 to 19           Hill Family Estate
  • May 23 to 26           Chappellet Winery
May 30 to June 1      Ridge Vineyards

Stave Puzzles Save the Date April 25 – 29, 2019 Stave Puzzle Weekend!

Triple Creek Ranch is proud to be in partnership with Vermont based Stave Puzzles. For over 40 years, Stave Puzzles has been handcrafting wooden jigsaw puzzles, each custom piece meticulously hand cut from cherry wood. Irregular edges, special cutting features and whimsical silhouette puzzle pieces are trademarks of these notoriously clever works of art that provide endless hours of entertainment. As a Relais & Chateaux luxury resort partner with Stave, the Ranch displays their customized puzzle boards in the Activity Center and the Rooftop Lounge. Upon completion, each puzzle is replaced with a new challenge. These are no ordinary puzzles and be warned, just like their Sapphire Panning, Stave Puzzle solving is habit-forming!

Words of Wisdom – Fly Fishing

Properly Presented Dry Flys Will Catch Fish...after a few hours on Rock Creek with my fishing guide, Riley Fitting, he uttered the prophetic phrase. I was successful in catching two large trout and one baby trout, however it was due to his assistance…as in his shouting: Hook It!

I grew up fishing, my father had three daughters and it didn’t deter him from teaching us one of his favorite pastimes. Not as much fly fishing as baiting with a worm or lure and dropping in a lake or stream. I’ve only recently realized seeing fish in a creek or following the fly downstream is a challenge for my aging eyes. I spent a half day fly fishing at The Brando Island and neither Teihotu or I caught a fish, and I never even saw them in the gin clear sea.

Riley was beyond patient saying my enthusiasm and passion outweighed my rusty skills. Daddy always had a bin on board and you donated cash every time you farmed a fish – you let one get away – I mentioned it to Riley and added the penalty for hooking a branch in the brush behind us…he ended the day with a little extra cash! However, to my relief, he hooked a tree on one of his last casts, so I felt slightly redeemed.

I love the grace and motion of fly fishing and landing a fat trout is still a thrill; as is the sheer beauty of being one with nature and letting all worldly cares ebb and float away. The fly was soaked more than a few times, maybe Riley should have started our session with his mantra…in any event, it was a delightful reminder of my childhood and a few hours of serenity on the water. Thank you Riley, spend your cash well!

Riley Fitting The Art of Fly Fishing

Riley Fitting The Art of Fly Fishing

The Ranch at Rock Creek- Forbes Five Star Lodge