Four Seasons Los Cabos at Costa Palmas the Meaning of Five Star Experiences

Chapter Two – Clairvoyant Staff. Some may tire of my perpetual praise of Four Seasons properties – I am not a FS Junkie- There are cities where I reserve other brands exclusively!

At Four Seasons Punta Mita, I’m convinced every staff member has memorized my face and my client bookings – everyone recognizes me and recites my clients and their preferred suites or villas, truly impressive!

I was unaware that Easter had such a long celebration period – the plane was full of kiddos, we had premium economy seats – if Alaska offered a first-class plane only, every flight would sell out. I had flexible dates – but premium economy was the best we could achieve – three ladies of a certain age with metal knees….Oye. Not enough canned Champers – who knew Champagne came in a can? I’m certain one row up, they deCANted it! It is always served in a glass up front!

Alaska Air Premium Economy Champers- in a CAN!

I am obsessed with stories related to Travel Experiences. After a too short week here in Paradise, I could fill a novella on amazing experiences!

My goal was to explore the new residences and Villas – much has transpired in the two years since my last visit. GM, Borja emailed me on the plane: You are almost here, we can’t wait to see you! My response: Kiddos galore on plane, we need icy Margaritas on arrival, por favor!

I have an outside team now offering VIP arrival and departure services. Mexico airports are infamously amusing with the push the button random chance game…push button – greenlight means you pass thorough with no bag inspection. Red light – drop bags on conveyor for Xray. VIP airport services are addictive once you’ve enjoyed – met at the wing and an airport expert navigates you out to a driver. Mexico is not quite CDG in VIP level, but having the team manage our luggage and get us past many of the stops was excellent – did I mention the kiddos on the plane? Parched & peckish travelers.

We were greeted by Borja and a small legion of the Four Seasons Welcome Committee! Gwen, instead of the Mezcal arrival drink, Ricardo, our Tequila Master, will accompany you to your residence for a Tequila & Mezcal Immersion and Tasting, we can check you in there as well.  Muchas Gracias!

The Arrival Always Sets The Stage for The Stay!

Please meet Poli, your dedicated butler, he’s here for all your needs. Poli delivers us to my glorious residence in style – bags follow.

Ricardo, the Four Seasons Tequila Master, is an on-property expert – the tasting setting in my residence included nine glasses for tasting, three styles each sipper! Casa Dragones Tequila Blanco, Código 1530 Anejo Tequila and the familiar artisan hand painted cobalt bottle Clase Azul Reposado.

One of our three doesn’t drink and within moments of tasting, I noticed her slipping into the sofa cushions – long travel day – not much food…out for the count! In the hazy review, I was surprised to learn Tequila and Mezcal were very popular during the early 1900s during Prohibition. U.S. laws prohibiting the making and selling alcohol, translated to tequila smuggled into the U.S. over the border. Prohibition also encouraged the opening of over 150 bars in the border town of Tijuana.

And yes, we can arrange for Ricardo to entertain, teach, and serve his favorites in your Residence or suite! Two toddled off to Milos for dinner – and guess who appeared to mix our Margaritas? Ricardo! Every night at cocktail hour, he appeared at each restaurant to prepare our Margaritas! We would look up from a menu and there’s Ricardo! He & Poli are a tight team!

My two bedroom Residence included the peripatetic Poli, our dedicated Concierge butler. Besides being funny and telepathic, knowing our whereabouts at every moment, he gently reminded us of our scheduled activities. I walked out the door for my tennis lesson and a buggy awaited me, soft nudge at the beach – buggy headed to you for spa appointment, dinner etc.! One of our travelers initially didn’t venture out as often and he gently reached out to her for food orders, check ins. Senor Poli, at our beck and call.  And yes again, we can arrange for Poli as your VIP Butler Concierge. We’re certain Poli inserted Air tags into our beach bags, he would randomly turn up to check on us. Hotel Whisper training is a Four Seasons hallmark!

Bikes – big beach cruisers are scattered all over the property – if there isn’t a paper name tag, it’s yours for casual cruising. Black bikes for boys, white bikes for girls – high handlebars and coaster brakes, no gears. Drop the bike wherever you want, no rules!

We’re convinced a staff member called Poli when one of us took a spill on the beach cruiser, no names, and no injuries! Within moments three medics arrived in a buggy – at first, we couldn’t figure out who they were when they pulled up to us while we were sipping water on a shop terrace… Red bags with red medic cross- Oh, are you here for us? Yes- we had a report of a bike collision. I can hear the call to Poli: Women of a certain age bike riding in linen dresses and beach bags take a spill… send Medics! We declined care as they arrived without Margaritas! VIP Service at every level. This was a first for me!

Red bags with medic cross- Oh, are you here for us? Yes- we had a report of a bike collision.

Boats Catamaran and Kayaks. The sandy beach and gentle surf are safe here, the Sea of Cortez will not carry you out to sea like most of the rip tide beaches in Cabo. Kayaks, a catamaran, sand bikes, all methods of surf accessories are stacked every morning for complimentary guest use.

Tennis – Professional courts with lights and several pros with a selection of rackets, play at your own level. Highly Recommend Bruno! I took lessons with him on my last visit, he & Jonny are so much fun and will whip you around the court in competitive play or match your level. Overhead smash need a tune up, try a new racket, sign up early Bruno is in demand. He’s fun and his Argentinian accent commanding: Go Gwen, come on come on, encouragement is inspiring! After I departed, Bruno connected with my local tennis shop and instructed Julian on a new racket for me, Five Star Service! 

Tee Time! There are more than a few reasons why the course at Four Seasons Costa Palmas is highly ranked. Designed to Delight, the world-class 18-hole championship golf course featuring desert and ocean views, dunescapes and fairways that unravel down hillsides. A masterpiece designed by Robert Trent Jones II that sets the golf experience apart in Baja´s East Cape.

Water Taxi – this is a new service. Right below my residence, the yacht slips also house an electric Water taxi to shuttle guests to the new Nancy Silverton restaurant Mozza Baja. Every ten minutes the little taxi escorts guests across the harbor to dine or dance in the new night club!

Water Taxi

Ruben, Cabana Beach Butler – the best! Wander the pools and find Ruben – if your favorite pool, like mine is the hard-to-find small pool near the residences. Entice him to be stationed there…another mind reader! He knows your orders, he sets up beach or pool loungers, saves loungers for you in the desired location, he knows what time you want to snack, he encourages you to drink water and hydrate! He remembers salt or no salt, up or on the rocks, lime, or lemon! Gracias Ruben, we will be back! When he gave us the secret Beach Butler Button we vowed not to depart! Hotel Whisperer Extraordinaire!

Nightclub at Costa Palmas Marina Village Chiki. Inspired by La Casa Azul in Mexico City, especially its architectural configurations, the nightclub’s interiors are eclectic in style yet retain a uniquely Mexican feel that plays to a fresh generation of cultural enthusiasts and modern-day travelers. The speakeasy aesthetic offers a variety of seating experiences, including intimate booths designed for relaxing before or after hitting the dance floor, and outdoor seating in a central courtyard area. And everywhere, there are murals and mosaics that bring walls to life in a deeply rooted Mexican way.

A brilliant color palette of reds, oranges, and greens lends drama and excitement while colored lighting help create a cantina vibe throughout the dining and bar areas.

Five Star Service, my friend who stayed in my Residence, surprised at every afternoon delectable delivery of drinks and snacks exclaimed: Is this your typical travel? Si SI, and it’s the same for our clients who are always treated as VIP at Four Seasons Los Cabos at Costa Palmas.

Gracias Borja and the exceptional team who delighted us every day! Hotel Whisperers.

Highly Recommend!

Four Seasons Los Cabos at Costa Palmas – Luxury Resort with Clairvoyant Staff!

Recent visit to the still divine Four Seasons Los Cabos at Costa Palmas. When travelers reserve beach resorts, I assume most travelers need to escape hectic lives and are pursuing a calm soothing location. One can always add heart jarring sea activities i.e., jet skis, kite surfing, and on land, quad bikes, or galloping ponies for beach rides.

Sunrise from my residence Terrace Four Seasons Los Cabos at Costa Palmas

Most of the Cabo Corridor does not provide an oasis of calm – many resorts are lined up along the busy 2 lane highway, most with non-swimmable beaches. We do have a handful of favorites along the corridor. I still crave the quiet, endless horizon of the sparkling sapphire Sea of Cortez. It’s like being on the edge of the earth.  

The resort arrival is subtle, the meandering property is accessed by a sandy road noted by the iconic Four Seasons image on a rust-colored sign, an enormous spread of native cactus and tall palms punctuate the curving dusty road to the resort. The edges of the 18-hole Robert Trent Jones II designed golf course appear before you reach the soaring sleek roofline of the arrival pavilion. Accented with reflecting pools of still and trickling water, broad expanses of shadowed walkways, the arrival foyer sets the stage with an alluring view of small pools and exquisite manicured native gardens, the view ends at the sapphire sea. A low-lying architectural footprint blends into the sanctuary setting. From the sea, the resort must appear as a pale white mirage.

One new discovery for our VIP guests, the property has an extensive nursery where expert gardeners tend to the resort landscapes, including some that only flower every 100 years. One can enjoy a private dinner here in the rambling garden nursery.

The traveler who will enjoy the unspoiled desert and Sea of Cortez paradise an hour from the bustling Cabo San Lucas area may not feel a complete sense of isolation. There’s extensive progress with the addition of chic private villas, multi-storied residences with sizable infinity pools on the terraces overlooking the Marina. The presidential Villa offers the ultimate luxury lifestyle, the beach location is heavenly! Just a hop away, there are two exceptional private six-bedroom Villas right on the beach, grassy knolls and secluded – no paparazzi invasion, ever.  My recent visit confirms the resort has preserved its Zen vibe.

The numbers: Resort features 141 guest rooms including 23 suites, all with views of the Sea of Cortez; five dining options including world-renowned Estiatorio Milos on the beach; a massive gym, Kids Club, outdoor sports; four pools, including an expansive kiddy pool, Jacuzzi pools, a lap pool behind the state-of-the-art gym, tennis courts with excellent pros, basketball court and golf! Small kiddy fountain is just outside the Kids Club.

The prime Oceanfront Six-Bedroom Villa is a six-bedroom, six full bathrooms and includes one powder room in addition to one staff bedroom and bathroom with a configuration of five king beds and two queen beds. The villa boasts the very best of beachfront living with a chef’s kitchen, thoughtful design elements, and a heated pool and whirlpool, in addition to full access to Four Seasons and Costa Palmas amenities. 

Residences: Ranging from two to three and four bedrooms the Ocean View Residences combine extensive indoor and outdoor living space with three-bedroom, four-bathroom unit with an endless view of the Sea of Cortez. The residence features private marina access, a terrace pool, and an outdoor dining area. Full kitchen if you are inclined, dining area inside and on the cozy terraces.

My two-bedroom residence was the perfect landing space for me and my friends.

Sunrise coffee delivered at precisely 7.15 am every morning, served on my terrace for a quiet easing into each day. There are some who know it isn’t wise to speak to me pre-coffee!

Our private Concierge/butler, Poli, was essential to all our needs! We were convinced he placed tracking chips in our beach bags – Ms. Gwen, do you need a ride from your tennis lesson?  We tried pulling his leg with false locations, but everyone on property knew us and alerted Poli, in the event we were too tired or too hot to walk back home! Always an alert- mind readers, how can we help?!

The little Marina has expanded, a few yachts are berthed, fishing boats cruise in at dawn to take guests straight to sea, a distinct advantage to driving at the crack of dawn to the busy Cabo Marina. World class sailing and fishing at your doorstep. With direct access to Cabo Pulmo, considered to be one of the best diving and snorkeling sites in the world, to sunset cruises, Four Seasons is the only luxury resort with a private marina access. The raw beauty of this sweeping coastline covering over 75 miles mesmerized Jacques Cousteau who described it as the ‘world’s aquarium’ and John Steinbeck who spent a six-week expedition on the Sea of Cortez chronicled in his Sea of Cortez: A Leisurely Journal of Travel and Research.

A new yummy restaurant, Mozza, owned by famed Nancy Silverton, is a short water taxi voyage of 5 minutes across the harbor. The captain departs the dock every ten minutes ferrying hotel guests. I loved my two dinners here and it was fun to ferry over for sunset cocktails in the Duffy electric water taxi with canvas surrey top.

The pure East Cape area lacks hordes of travelers; by nature, this wild undeveloped vast desert, home to Cabo Pulmo National Park is dotted with a landscape of ancient Cardón cactus, empty swimmable beaches on the sparkling Sea of Cortez with remarkable diving, wind sports and tournament worth fishing.  Many of the sleepy fishing villages are known only to avid fishermen.

I adore the remoteness; with miles of pristine white sand, the Sea of Cortez vista is enhanced by the enveloping backdrop of the Sierra de la Laguna Mountain range with a few small islands off in the distance. Where else do you feel the edge of the earth drops from sight from your beach lounger? It was the perfect combination of endless days of chaise reading, tennis lessons with Bruno, limitless beach walks and drowsy napping. In the winter and spring, a breeze blows most days, keeping you cool and creating a few whitecaps in the sea. Part of the draw is the exclusiveness, surrounded by acres of undulating sand sprouting the oldest cactus in the world.

There is a wraparound kiddy pool, a very separate adult’s pool and in a more remote corner of the resort, a small private pool and jacuzzi with overhead shade trellis. Very convenient to the residences, Ruben was our dedicated Cabana helper. He looked for us each day either farther out on the beach loungers under a massive white umbrella, or at the mini pool, kindly shifting the umbrella every hour or so to keep me out of the sun. When he had to mosey about property, he gave me a big black Beach Butler Button to call him back to our loungers!  Maintaining our essential hydration with gallons of water, a Margarita or two, lunch and frozen watermelon pops or wedges of pineapple sprinkled with Tajin. Five-star service translates to mind reading and Ruben is an expert mind reader!

Five restaurant choices translate to dining on property for a week without driving or waiting in lines. The options include world-renowned Estiatorio Milos on the beach. Recognized as one of the finest Mediterranean seafood restaurants in the world, Estiatorio Milos was founded by acclaimed chef Costas Spiliadis who has made it an unparalleled culinary destination in Montreal, New York, Athens, Las Vegas, Miami, and London. International flair meets local ingredients at this chic beachside restaurant and bar.

Keep it casual at Casa de Brasa, the poolside Baja brasserie, serving fresh favorites such as grilled shrimp tacos, chopped salads and guacamole made to order. Choose from craft beers, classic margaritas, and frozen cocktails. Lounge dining is delivered fresh from Casa de Brasa.

Limón, a farm-to-table al fresco dining venue featuring produce harvested from Costa Palmas on-site orchards and farm is situated amid a small lemon orchard. Massive grills roast catch of the day, organic grass-fed steaks and ribs. Lovely dining setting accented with swaying paper lanterns and strings of white lights above the umbrellas.

Ceviche Bar – Taste the freshest local ceviche’s, tossed with your choice of chili vinegars and herbs from our garden. Or try the tostadas, topped with sailfish, jicama, and jalapeño.

Ginger’s – Sit and stay or grab and go from this all-day eclectic café. From local coffee to Baja beer, handmade gelato to superfood smoothies, Ginger’s has something for the whole family. Healthy snacks, and a kid magnet with ping pong tables outside, it’s a meeting place!

It’s comfortable to spend your entire sojourn at the resort. The Four Seasons is partnered with Aventura, an activity team at Costa Palmas, with a roster of escapades that reveal the East Cape’s adventurous side. Hike to a natural water slide in Sol de Mayo, try your sand racing skills in a sunrise Polaris RZR excursion, fly over Sahara sized dunes, golf all day or snooze- whatever tickles your fancy, the resort provides activities for the restless or the fatigued!

Four Seasons Los Cabos Resort at Costa Palmas is near enough for a long weekend escape, the generous footprint makes one feel you have paradise all to yourself!

Highly Recommend!

Four Seasons Los Cabos at Costa Palmas

Up your golf or improve your overhead smash with the excellent tennis pros or drag a satchel of books and plop and gaze at the sapphire seas.

More on experiences in my next post!  Our Preferred Partner status provides additional amenities for our clients, call me!

Four Seasons Los Cabos at Costa Palmas