Four Seasons Resort Maui

Popped into the Four Seasons Resort Maui for a few days of needed R&R. Following a wedding party in Maui, I was happy to arrive mid afternoon and despite my room not quite ready, I was thrilled to plop at the Fountain Pool cabana. No fees for poolside cabana, a lovely surprise in these days of hotels billing for every service. My years of growing up on a Southern California beach has resulted in bi-yearly sun spot evaluations and biopsies – I was always too fair to be in the sun, but who knew we shouldn’t have slathered ourselves with coco butter or baby oil to bake all day in the searing sun?

I digress…within a minute, several pool staff hovered, Ms. Books, this is a better plug for your laptop, let me help you.

Ms. Books please see the pool spa menu; do you need a foot massage with your cocktail? I need a detox cocktail after a wedding week; do you have an instantaneous cure? Yes, a smoothie will begin the process.

Oh, I think my book is in my bags with the bellman…no worries; guest services will retrieve your book and deliver to your cabana.

Later, as I schlepped my carry-on through the lobby to my room, a bellman stopped me and inquired, do you need assistance to your room? Obviously, the detox process hadn’t quite resuscitated me yet.

Next morning, after my beach walk, I found my cute little reading glasses sitting on a lens polishing cloth on my nightstand, smudge free. A new day with clear vision of the world.

Short list of attention to detail and amazing service practiced at Four Seasons Resorts.

Pools, Beach, Sun, View and No Crowds.

There are three beautiful salt-water pools, palm trees, lush gardens, sea views, and the closest to the lapping waves private lounge areas nearly on the sand.

Serenity Pool for adults offers A List Cabanas for a fee, however these are virtually poolside suites, a cozy private space with sofas, flat screen televisions, and a refrigerator…slide the louvered doors shut and you could snooze all day and not be noticed! Dive into the Serenity Pool and swim to soothing underwater music, swim up to the in pool bar for a tropical Mai Tai served within a pineapple – certainly the fruit zeros out the rum if you are on a detox program! Did I mention the roving attendant passing Popsicle’s?

Prefer sand in your toes to piscine? Mosey lower on the property to the carved out lounger grotto’s practically on the beach, service of course is instant. In need of a private beach massage, look no further than the Massage palapas stationed at the end of the lounge area.

Loungers Steps from the Sea and Sand

At some point you need to depart to you suite. Enjoy the fabulous art collection, contemporary Hawaiian artwork including murals of vintage Hawaiian quilt patterns. Concierge can supply a walking guide, talk a tour and explore.

Various room and suite locations in the wings to choose from, if you need absolute quiet, we will reserve center garden/sea view suites. My massive suite with two luxurious lanai’s, yes, two, lanai’s was splendid. Obviously one lanai for breakfast surf views and the other to enjoy afternoon sunset views with cocktails, that pesky detox.

Refurbishing the suites is in process on all floors. One positive improvement I have noticed is hotels are placing attractive plug blocks near beds, so you don’t have to shove furniture away from walls to charge a phone or work on your laptop in bed. You think I am on vacation all the time while staying at these five star resorts? My little standard coffee maker was equipped with pouches of Kona coffee – honestly, I abhor those pod coffee machines- one dribbly cup at a time, and until I have enjoyed my coffee, I can barely find the hidden button to power it up, let alone the right combination of buttons for a LARGE cup – and then the large cups don’t fit under the spigot…

Bathrooms – oh, acres of marble and as a member of the Tribe of the Tub girl, if I can almost drown in the tub, it is the perfect depth and length! Easily a tub for two if one is inclined.

Proper lighting, a separate large shower and my favorite Molton Brown amenities.

As mentioned in my Four Seasons Lanai post, the abundance of locations to sit and ponder, read a paper, public spaces with sofas and a view are many and in all corners of the resort. I realize not everyone can spring for a suite with several lanais and you may want to escape your travel companion, the resort has abundant locations to do just that- escape!

Dragging the kiddos to the resort? Video room, video games, billiards, kiddie club will give them a day away from the parents with the well known Four Seasons Kids Clubs.

Dining options, hard to resist Spago right on property. If you desire a  romantic celebration or a special family dinner reserve the Ultimate Dining experience – a truly memorable evening. Your exclusive server will escort you to a breathtaking ocean-front location overlooking Wailea Beach, where you’ll savor a leisurely paced multi-course dinner customized for you by award-winning chefs, accompanied with wines, craft cocktails or specialty beers paired by the sommelier or expert mixologist.

As mentioned many private areas to read a paper, there are also several locations to stop for refreshment besides the pool bars and restaurants. Lobby Lounge with panoramic ocean views and evening hula dancers welcome the sunset to the sounds of local Hawaiian music.

Find sun-soaked tranquility at an enchanted enclave nestled on the magnificent golden-sand crescent of Maui’s southwest coast. Surrounded by lush tropical gardens and the dramatic peak of Haleakala as your backdrop, relax in Maui’s largest resort suites and guest rooms, which also boast the island’s largest hotel bathrooms.

My detox plan may have been jettisoned, however I found the Four Seasons Maui to be the perfect oasis to recover from a long wedding week. Can’t wait to return! R&R or drop in for a week or two of sailing, SUP, golf, hiking and surfing.

Four Seasons Resort Maui – The Perfect Oasis.



The Beverly Hills Hotel

My recent stay at the landmark Beverly Hills Hotel located on Sunset Boulevard provides an exclusive glimpse behind the doors of the famed bungalows. Generally, these luxurious suites are sold out and toting a camera around the grounds is tantamount to committing a petty crime. Guards patrol, although they may appear as guests. I feel like a spy here, although without my hotel colleagues leading and lurking with me, I am honestly oblivious to the stars and deal makers tucked away in the posh bungalows or nibbling at the Polo Lounge, seated discretely in the secret alcoves – as some always sit at their table. I’ve always waited to see the Pink Phone delivered to a table.

The bungalows, concealed in the dense garden utopia, have several impenetrable layers of gated terraces before you reach an entrance. Strolling amid the sumptuous gardens, truly a botanical paradise, a massive door cracks open and a handsome, exotic gentleman with a deep olive-complexion peers out and quickly slams the door, barely a peek at the young woman in the shadows. The kitchen terrace door is ajar; several chefs are feverishly sautéing, tangy aromas waft over the bougainvillea clad walls. A mere glimpse of a clandestine afternoon, use your imagination.

I took a peek at Bungalow Five where Elizabeth Taylor enjoyed six of her eight honeymoons! Sumptuous and elegant with a large living room with fireplace and a beautiful private pool and terrace – a mini home away from home with full staff at beck and call. Academy award worthy soaking tub, schedule at least an afternoon immersed in bubbles.

Years of narrative legends are stored in the vaults, most will tell you a side street is the main entrance – no bungalow visitor of importance ever strolls the iconic red carpet hotel entrance.

At the Polo Lounge, one can be certain of apprehensive glances if you photograph lunch – diners appear discernibly skittish. Respectful of their anxiety, I usually avoid using my camera during lunch. VIP’s are accommodated at private tables secreted in the deep nooks of the garden grotto, casually dining in the ubiquitous Beverly Hills sunshine. Had I not asked, who is here? I wouldn’t have recognized one of the TV BH Housewives or the heavyset, pockmarked gentleman wearing the look at me orange straw chapeau – apparently, he is a regular thug character in filmdom. Nancy Reagan’s funeral on Friday was marked by a silver framed photograph of her and a bouquet of white roses displayed on her table, the Reserved sign prevented diners from occupying her prime real estate booth.

Despite the hullabaloo over the recent refurbishing, the Polo Lounge, looks exactly the same as ever, the timeless piano player tinkles the ivories, the LWL are always at the center round table, bearing smartly wrapped gift bags, in a perpetual celebration of life. The lobby bar hosts small tables with phones, it’s timeless, as are many of the diners.

I love the slice of life, the intrigue of the unknown, dining service is old-school classy, lunch and dinner menus are scrumptious. Highly recommend the filet and frites for a late night supper. Breakfast frittata is the dealmaker standard order. There is a certain casual elegance, a je ne sais quoi, never knowing whom you might see hiding behind the palm fronds. Excellent cuisine in a distinctive setting, get thee to the Polo Lounge. Nothing like it to the north. Say yes to the Chocolate Souffle!

The service is impeccable and if you need a change of pace, take the hotel car to the Dorchester sister property, the Hotel Bel-Air. Highly recommend and can’t wait to return!Did I mention the underwater music – synchronize your strokes.

And no, Warren was nowhere to be seen, next time!