Amangani Grill – Chef Rick Sordahl

Amangani was listed in 2013 as the #1 hotel in the United States by US News & World Report, 2010 Conde Nast voted the Amangani property the number one Ski Resort in North America and its readers voted Amangani one of the best resorts in the world.

My recent visit was inspired by more than stellar ratings, the more I researched Jackson Hole, the more compelled I became to make a personal pilgrimage. The five star hotels, the wildlife and natural beauty of the Grand Tetons were more than I anticipated.

One showstopper in Jackson Hole, is chef Rick Sordahl at the Amangani Grill. The translation of Amangani is peaceful home, and Rick’s cooking is emblematic of the hotel culture.

Fabulous Filet

Enhanced by local beef ranches, in particular the family owned Snake River Farms, Rick has created a delectable menu of inspired dishes. Following my arrival Amangani lunch, I realized my restaurant research would be limited to the dining room of Amangani Grill. Why inconvenience myself and depart this Zen sanctuary of calmness and take the chance of a mediocre meal?

Recognized nationally by Zagat, earning a Top Ten Award in Las Vegas as Executive Chef for Anthem, Rick went on to receive the AAA Four Diamond and Mobil Four Star awards at his next position as Executive Chef for The Washington Duke Inn at Duke University in North Carolina. Pedigree yes, flair and sophisticated menus double yes!

With a guiding principle of sustainability, Rick’s menu incorporates beef and pork from native ranches and farms, and fresh fish is sourced from fisheries. The kitchen bakes bread every day, breakfast bread and afternoon bread. The winter sourdough was on its way out for summer bread.

I rarely dine on beef, and never imagined I would find steak comparable to Argentine steak, this notion has been dashed! Escape to Wyoming and Amangani or explore Snake River Ranch online; however, you then need chef and imaginative flourishes.

Snake River Farms Wagyu Filet served with thyme Foie gras mashed red potatoes, jumbo asparagus, makers mark vanilla bean reduction.

Blame the delightful server, Rowen for convincing me to enjoy the divine filet two consecutive nights! Accommodating a request for petite salad, the kitchen thrills.

Lunch menu is equally scrumptious! Anticipating an 8-hour travel transition, the waiter noted that the duck confit, would stick with me till breakfast the next day; excellent, no airport chow to burst the bubble of the Amangani Grill.

Duck Confit- Scrumptious!

Cobb Salad- tender grilled chicken