Aman Junkies – Cruise Indonesian Isles Like a King

If you follow my blog posts, you know I’m a dedicated Aman-junkie, is there any Aman visitor who hasn’t been converted to the Aman Tribe? Transfer the experience to sea and imagine an Aman Journey on an exceptional tailored cruiser.  There are two incomparable choices, charter one or invite your swells and the brood and charter both for a combined sailing Odyssey! Voyages include visits to coral reefs, manta ray habitats, Komodo dragon sanctuaries, and pearl farms.


Amanikan offers incredible adventures to some of Indonesia’s most fascinating landscapes both above and below the water. The Komodo Expedition takes you to the rugged islands of West Nusa Tenggara where the famous Komodo dragons reside and colorful coral reefs thrive just off the coasts, while the Raja Ampat expedition explores one of the most biologically diverse areas on Earth with thousands of untouched islands, crystal clear waters and underwater caves, cliffs and coral reefs.

Amanikan bedroom

Venture into the Indonesian archipelago and experience an adventure through one of the world’s most exceptional marine areas aboard an extraordinary Phinisi cruiser. Witness the Komodo dragon in its natural habitat and dive the pristine waters of the Flores Sea. The charm and intrigue of the Indonesian seas are magnificently brought to life by a 32-meter, custom-built coastal cruiser, Amanikan. With three above-deck cabins, an expansive foredeck with bar for outdoor dining, and world-class diving facilities, Amanikan is equipped for journeys throughout the archipelago, fusing romance with functionality. Combining the essence of historical cruisers with modern comforts, Amanikan boasts Aman Resorts’ renowned extraordinary service. Amanikan is a haven on the water taking guests on exceptional journeys in complete comfort. Three-cabin wooden cruiser that fuses traditional Indonesian boat building with the modern amenities and service standards expected at a world-class resort.

Raja Ampat Expedition

The boat, with three above-deck cabins, a foredeck with bar for outdoor dining and diving facilities, suits journeys of all kinds around the Indonesian archipelago. The master cabin spreads across the upper deck, with sweeping 270-degree views. Two additional cabins with vaulted ceilings are set on the main deck, allowing up to six passengers to travel in supreme comfort. Onboard facilities include air-conditioning, portable Bose docking stations, kayaks and fishing gear, as well as all snorkeling and diving equipment.

Celebrate a milestone with friends or family by chartering Amanikan with its sister boat, Amandira. The two ships can accommodate up to 16 passengers for sailing trips – making for unforgettable journeys across the majestic waterscapes of Indonesia. Amandira blends the bygone romance of the Spice Trade with cutting-edge contemporary amenities and Aman’s signature discreet hospitality. Satisfy a yearning for adventure on journeys to rarely seen wonders, sailing from the Amanwana resort in Moyo between Komodo and Raja Ampat. The 52-meter phinisi Amandira is a five-cabin private sanctuary built exclusively for the purpose of exploring Indonesia’s most captivating destinations. Five cabins, 14 crew. Amandira, a two-masted sailing ship measuring 52 meters from bow to stern, was handcrafted by the Konjo tribe and launched in 2015. A traditional Phinisi vessel, it combines the ancient romance of the spice trade with cutting-edge contemporary amenities, sailing the vibrant waters of Indonesia, from Amanwana to Komodo National Park and the Raja Ampat islands. The ship was customized to integrate modern technology in both the cabins and the engine, which supplements the sails when necessary. The ship can accommodate up to ten guests, with three spacious king bed cabins and two bunk bed cabins. The three king bed cabins each have a living area with a sofa, as well as a large bathroom with shower and twin vanities.


Amanikan Activities The extensive diving facilities onboard cater to deep dives as well as to family friendly snorkeling. Certified dive leaders ensure safety and new divers can receive PADI certification on the journey.

Amandira fore deck

Amanikan offers dedicated expeditions, such as the Komodo Expedition, which visits the World Heritage site famed for its prehistoric Komodo dragons and exquisite coral reefs. The Spice Island expedition explores the Banda Sea’s seven volcanic islands that were once home to a thriving spice trade, while the Raja Ampat Expedition heads to one of the most remote and biologically diverse collections of beautiful islands with thriving marine life.

Komodo Dragon

There are three voyages offered in 2020 and in 2021. Raja Ampat Expedition, Komodo Expedition and Amanwana – Labuan Bajo.

No matter which expedition you choose, it will be an unforgettable journey filled with surprises and exclusive experiences like trips to some of the world’s most renowned snorkeling and diving sites, picnics on deserted beaches, and visits to traditional Indonesian villages where time seems to have stopped centuries ago.

Raja Ampat, known as “the four kings”, sits at the intersection of the Indian and Pacific Oceans. Magnificent coral reefs abound throughout the archipelago and the islands boast a carpet of unique flora and fauna. Sail to pristine Komodo National Park, home to the world’s largest lizard, the komodo dragon. In addition to the multi-day Komodo expedition, there is also the option to experience the extraordinary natural diversity of the Raja Ampat Islands on a cruiser.

General Seasons: April – September Komodo National Park. October – Spice Islands & Banda Sea. November – March Raja Ampat

Is an Aman Sailing Odyssey on your 2020 radar, truly A Sanctuary at Sea.