Artful Packing Travel Pouches Poshpoche

As I prepared for my Bangkok and Bhutan expedition, I realized I needed a few more of these amazing packing pouches. Clients always ask how to you travel so often and maintain an organized suitcase.  Virgo girls crave and cultivate order and organization. This Virgo girl, generally over packs a carryon; my excuse, I need options. Steamy climates require spare outfits; chilly London, extra pashmina’s; a spontaneous cocktail with a hotel GM obliges a bit of glam. Then of course, last day, my one free day, an afternoon of retail research, fabulous Parisian or Turkish jackets, oodles of beaded shoes in India, at $6 a pair, imagine a dozen, same dilemma in the souks of Marrakech. Souk embroidered elegant babouche, is at least, flat as a pancake. Organized packing allows one to add a memorable treasure or two.

A few years ago, I enjoyed a packing breakthrough – this is actually two tales. Lost track of an old friend, Michele Lee Sun, who hosted one of my five 5-oh celebrations, she is also a passionate traveler. We would bump into each other, catch up and continue on. A trunk show invitation to see her travel pouches rekindled our friendship. Packing pouch is an unglamorous and understated description; these well-designed, well-made poshpoche’s are the ultimate solution to organized travel. I feel they are the best on the market partly due to their clear top and I’ve now given them five years of rugged travel testing.

Poche is the French word for pocket. Michele, her sister and their mom own the firm, and all are ardent and tres-sophisticated globetrotters.

Elegant design, beautiful details down to the zippers and lace trim. There are masculine shades sans lace; details include a soft clear plastic cover and under zipper compartments for separating soiled clothing. Imagine: casual clothes in one pouch, dressy in another; arrive hotel, plop poche into drawer and actually see each item while you are on the move. Receive a suite upgrade, moments after unpacking? Even the bellman can easily repack- toss the pouches into bag, zip and skip to the posh penthouse, voila!

My always on the go travel is the ultimate road test for Poshpoche, moving hotels several times in each city. This pOp poche shopping bag is a wonderful gift and is the ultimate shopping or camera gear poche; it rolls into a tiny ball tucked into its own pocket. Marvelous at check in for papers, jackets – everything that must be removed to pass through security.

Posh Poche designs luxury travel packing organizers that are both elegant AND practical. Travel Essentials – functional, beautiful, stylish and a must have for your next Journey.

Definitely an Upgrade!