Dali Devotees Depart to Le Meurice

Immerse yourself in the spirit of Dalí at the Parisian hotel he loved, with tickets to the Dalí exhibition at the Pompidou Centre followed by delectable cocktails ensconced at the glorious hotel bar. A must visit for Dalí devotees during the exhibition in Paris which is open November 25 until March 25, 2013. A major exhibition of the greatest surrealist artist, this collection will share known and many unknown works of the prolific sculptor, painter and artist.

Dali was one of the Le Meurice Hotel’s most outrageous guests, he spent at least one month per year at the Hotel and on occasion extend his stay for up to six months. His behavior could also be surrealistic: once he demanded that a herd of sheep be brought to his room, and upon their arrival, Dalí took out his pistol and shot at them. Luckily, the gun was filled with blank bullets. Another time, he requested a horse. Yet another time, he asked the staff to capture flies for him in the Tuileries Garden, paying them five francs per fly. Dalí was a regular at the Hotel Le Meurice.

The five star hotel is offering a five star special, a three-night offer (from €2,820 for two) includes not only breakfast, lunch at Le Dali restaurant and two cocktails – Gala and Dali – at Bar 228, the location for Dali’s meeting with the Count of Barcelona.

One outrageous guest inspired another, Philippe Starck’s surreal lobby and the Le Dali lobby restaurant, which contains a monumental canvas ceiling painted by Ara, the daughter of Philippe. The ceiling canvas includes many references to Dali, set the stage for an enchanting evening, surreal and luxurious, a hallmark of the Le Meurice lobby restaurant. Elegant walls of mirrors, gold, black and ochre, and dim lighting create an enchanting ambience of seduction and high style.




Follow the Herd? Africa Migration

Migration Safari – Lodges and Luxury Tents are Teeming!

The annual movement of wildebeest and other grazing herbivores across the Serengeti-Mara ecosystem is one of the greatest spectacles in the natural world. The horizon fills with 1.5 million wildebeest, 200,000 zebra, 18,000 eland and 500,000 Thompson’s gazelle, relentlessly tracked by Africa’s great predators. The Migration is rarely the same in terms of precise timing and direction – it is Mother Nature, after all!

The African wild animal migration is one of the most exciting periods to visit. During the year, the herds move most of the time, however, they move most in May – July and November. These times are hard to predict where they will be, so are not necessarily ideal if you stay in one location. Following the herd is not a euphemism on the savannah. Another popular time is from August to October when the animals are in the far northern Serengeti of Tanzania and the Masai Mara in Kenya, and is known for the crossings of the Mara River.

In August you can predict with more accuracy where they will be. All these times are “summer” but are distinctly different as far as which itinerary we would recommend. Mixing up a five star lodge and a luxury portable tent safari is the most efficient method of following the herd during this period. However you need to be adventurous, keen on different experiences…..

A Day in the Life of A Safari Guest

  • As your plane descends towards the sun-baked airstrip, a beaming member of my land team is ready and waiting to welcome you with chilled drinks before you are whisked off on a scenic game drive en route to your lodge or camp.
  • The lodge staff is waiting at the entrance to greet you with refreshing drinks and fragrant towels. Your personal butler escorts you to your bush suite, where your luggage is already waiting, as you unwind and drink the views of the surrounding bush.
  • Mouth watering aromas waft on the still air as lunch is served on the private deck of your suite, on the wide veranda of the main guest area or at the poolside.
  • Choose between a blissful nap on your downy bed or chilling out at the pool.
  • After a sumptuous high tea, embark on a thrilling afternoon-into-evening game drive. Chances are excellent that you will encounter a great variety of exciting animals and birds. Your professional, highly trained ranger and tracker will interpret the wonders of the wilderness, making your experience effortlessly enlightening and unforgettable.
  • As the golden orb of the sun sinks towards the horizon, you stop in a scenic bush setting. As if by magic, a table with snacks and drinks appear, with the noises of the African bush as a primeval soundtrack. A traditional Sundowner is a nightly occurrence in the bush.
  • After a dramatic spot-lit night drive where you thrill to predators hunting and other nocturnal animal activity, you return to the lodge, where iced drinks and snacks await you in the fire- and lantern-lit boma under a bright canopy of stars.
  • Alternatively, you may experience a real surprise on your night game drive. Rounding a turn in the bush, you come across an enchanting scene: dozens of lanterns festoon the trees, and huge fire-bowls illuminate damask-clad tables twinkling with crystal and silver. An alfresco feast of scrumptious Pan-African cuisine is served by smiling chefs in crisp white, followed by cigars, cognac and stargazing.
  • As you drift into a deep sleep, you contemplate the delights that the next day will bring: an early morning wake- up tap on your door, fragrant coffee and muffins before setting off on a game drive as the pre-dawn sky reveals tints of cerise, gradually turning to azure blue as the new day welcomes the warmth of the rising sun. The bush is alive with wildlife, early risers browsing, lion stretching and yawning as their fluffy cubs frolic nearby. A mid-drive stop produces welcome hot drinks, chilled fresh juice and snacks: merely a prelude to the delicious breakfast that awaits your return to the lodge.
  • Later, you may decide on a fascinating bush walk, where your ranger will share intriguing insights into the fauna and flora of the area. Or you may simply opt to relax in a quiet corner, where warm, friendly land teams will ensure that your every desire is anticipated and exceeded.

 Safari is the Ultimate Journey many months of the year!