Pony Tales Estancia Vik

What memory might you cherish from a recent Journey? Some of my site inspection trips have days and evenings that blur; I sometimes awaken in the dark and am not sure where I am. A moment during a fabulous beach lunch at a VIK property in Uruguay, they have three outstanding retreats within miles of each other – honestly, as I gazed out at the brilliant crashing Atlantic sea, I quietly pondered at which property are we savoring this luscious lunch?

Days or weeks pass and my notes and thousands of photos sharpen my focus as I begin to write about the memorable arrivals, the enchanted moments, the grand gestures that make a hotel property, a city, or a personal guide so very special – guaranteeing that despite my oft frantic schedule, these interesting locales will thrill our clients. It may sound like I luxuriate in a five star life, however the scheduling is often challenging!

One unforgettable afternoon was a sundown horseback ride amid the waving pampas grass. We were giddy from the hours of travel, chatting among ourselves, horses nudging for the lead – suddenly from across the river, several ponies galloped toward us whinnying and neighing an enthusiastic greeting. We were beside ourselves in surprise with these enchanting wild guests.Estancia Vik UruguayImagine an endless horizon with billowing marshmallow clouds hanging in the indigo sky – casual conversations while astride spirited ponies and like a scene from the Wild West, horses fly across the pampas to join our procession through the fields and back to the barn. I asked later if this was a planned event and mentioned that the horses should be taught to appear on cue and greet guests.

Magical Moments, Indeed!

An unforgettable moment; truly worth the long flights and dizzying days to discover a new destination. Travel broadens your perspective and widens your horizons and you might meet a few wild ponies along the path.Estancia Vik UruguayEstancia Vik Sunset