Camel Caravans of Ancient Morocco.

In their halcyon days, camel caravans consisted of thousands of camels travelling from North Africa, across the desert to the savannah region in the south.

Skoura- Sunset Tea with a Poet

My Moroccan Camel Caravan is by luxury vehicle with my trusted driver, Mustapha. I may transport as many bags as these desert caravans, and the purpose is similar.

Camel caravans were used for travel, trade, and information exchange. They were crucial in helping establish the Silk Road, an extensive trade network linking China to Europe and northern Africa via the Middle East.

My upcoming Camel Caravan will also be used for travel and information exchange in the form of visiting new city hotels and Sahara camps, exploring riads in the Marrakech medina, staying at a new property in the Atlas Mountains. Supporting the trade industry in search of handmade baskets, woven textiles, and brass lamps.

Crisscrossing the Country from the Atlantic near Casablanca, across the Sahara in search of the ultimate luxury desert camp, to the oldest Moroccan Imperial city of Fez, days in Marrakech, the Sous Valley in southwestern Morocco, and trailing the Atlantic Coast in Southern Morocco.

Marrakech Camel and hand crafted box