Morocco Culture & Trekking – Delight of Discovery

A recent client compliment from their Moroccan Journey reminded me of my own exotic adventure too many years ago and has rekindled setting a date for a visit next year.

“Gwen – Thanks for arranging our incredible trip in Morocco.  The hotel you proposed in Marrakech, in the heart of the Medina (the older city), was perfect for us. We were in the middle of everything, from snake charmers to the bustling shops, but able to escape to the calm of the hotel rooftop to see it all from distance. Also, the guide for our trek days in the Atlas Mountains was amazing. A local of the Berber community, he seemed to know every trail, mule driver and village.  Fantastic.”  John R.

These clients stayed in the cultural mix of the medina, the old walled city, which we feel adds to the experience, as you can walk everywhere. Then whisked out to the high Atlas Mountains for trekking and a luxurious stay in a hotel Berber Tent, where you can soak up the views on your private deck equipped with sun loungers and space for outdoor dining, some suites have their own Jacuzzi. After a day of mule trekking through Berber villages, a jacuzzi is the perfect reward!

Marrakech Morocco

Morocco is a land of legends and fascination, despite its closeness to the European continent, its soul lies in the cradle of its North African coastal home. A historically independent nation, it has always been a multi-cultural historic crossroad for trade, ideas and migratory people.

Snake charmer on the famed square.

Shaded respite in the gardens of a private cooking school.

An awe inspiring country with a strong sense of culture. Open air vendors will tempt you with their colorful wares, snake charmers do exist on the famed Jamaa el Fna  Square, in the medina quarter. Marrakech’s Marjorelle Garden is a must visit, designed in 1920 by famed French painter Jacques Majorelle. Historic museums, surfing on the coast and trekking in the great Atlas Mountains are only a few of the exotic and authentic offerings.

Local woman making breakfast bread.

Moroccan cuisine has gained massive followers among food connoisseurs. Staples of most meals include lamb, fish and fowl, including pigeon, which is considered a delicacy when baked in pastry, the b’stillah is a national favorite. Vegetables including tomatoes, eggplants and onions are typically served with the well known and loved couscous. Bread, or Khob, as in many Middle Eastern and North African countries is considered a deep cultural symbol as well as a daily staple. Crusty, round flattish loaves are often baked on a girdle over an open flame or earthen ovens.  Mint tea is served everywhere in dainty tulip glasses. An ancient Moroccan proverb:  “manage with bread and butter until God sends honey”.

Morocco  is an enchanting exotic location and has been a favorite of our clients for many many years- we can add authentic tents in the desert, camels to climb the dunes…let your imagination be boundless!

Can we tempt you to discover the rich emblematic and colorful nation in Spring or Fall?