Client Compliments – Slice of Sicily and Mesmerizing Morocco

Thrilled to receive compliments from clients, and even more thrilled when it is a first time client! Our long time clients are usually completely uninvolved in Journey planning, they understand we know what they love and we execute it down to reserving all meals. They trust us!

Monreale Cathedral Sicily

Recent quote from new clients: “Gwen, thank you for arranging a fantastic trip to Morocco and Sicily! From our fabulous riad in Marrakech to the Kasbah Tamadot in the Atlas Mountains to our Palermo villa with its butler and house manager catering to our every whim, the accommodations and meals were unique and spectacular. We hiked the Atlas mountains with our Berber guide, stopping in his village to eat homemade bread and honey. While driving in Sicily, Paolo educated us about Sicilian culture and agriculture.

Our Palermo guide, Marcella, was a delight. She was informative and passionate about the art/architecture/history/landscape she showed us. Perhaps the most memorable experience of the whole trip was the private visit to Monreale Cathedral. We have been to many cities and cathedrals and this was without a doubt one of the most beautiful experiences we’ve ever had. Marcella arranged for us to enter the cathedral when it was unlit, and then had the lights turned on very slowly, so that the effect was like a sunrise – all accompanied by music from an organist who was arranged for our experience. It was breathtaking! Thanks for an unforgettable adventure. ”
Nicole Lederer and Larry Orr, Palo Alto

Kasbah Tamadot Atlas Mountains Morocco

Nicole and Larry were very involved in planning, to the point, I decided we should include a conference call with one of my team providers. Sadly, I can’t visit each and every delightful global location each year, thus I have personally interviewed and hand selected my ‘partner experts,’ who specialize in working with our high level, sophisticated and bright travelers. It’s vital to know the correct answer to every question, and I hadn’t mule trekked in the Atlas mountains of late. Trekking in the Atlas Mountains has been very popular this year with our clients.

I loved Nicole and Larry’s enthusiasm and exuberance and how they so understood each others unique ‘travel musts’, truly a couple who have survived travel together, which is a fine art!  Larry sent me some of his amazing  photographs after they returned home.

Grateful to have a client take the time to send a note!